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Compatible Partners Reviews

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As of November 4, 2019, Compatible Partners has become part of eHarmony (see Story). You can check out our eHarmony review if you would like to find out more on how members interested in same sex partners are match based on compatibility. If you would like to find a list of similar dating services that are specifically for Gay and Lesbian singles, you can check out our Same Sex Dating category.

Below, we have left our original Compatible Partners review for your continued reading. This review received its last major update on January 23, 2015.

Compatible Partners was launched in 2009 and is designed for the gay and lesbian community. This dating service uses the same principals, communication processes, and compatibility matching system as its sister site, eHarmony. This doesn't mean it is the exact same site as eHarmony, as the matching system has been refined to take into account the unique characteristics of gay relationships.

If you are interested in a long-term, same-sex relationship, Compatible Partners is the only online dating site you should consider. There are other popular gay-only dating sites, but most are for singles interested in a casual relationship or hook-up.

Positives of Compatible Partners

  • It is free to review your matches with no obligation to join
  • Compatible Partners uses a detailed matching algorithm which takes into account not only your match preferences but also your personality profile to produce quality matches

Negatives of Compatible Partners

  • You cannot search for your own matches
  • More expensive than most other dating sites
  • Uses the matching algorithm from eHarmony which is based on heterosexual relationships. There have been some modifications, but research is still ongoing to discover the differences between heterosexual and gay relationships

At a Glance

United States, Canada
Member Numbers:
500,000 ?
Cost per Month:
From $19.95 / month
Membership Types:
Free - Basic

Average User Reviews & Ratings

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Compatible Partners Free Membership

  • Yes (Standard Membership)
  • Included:
    • Create a profile
      • Registration
        • Name, your gender, country and zip code, email and password
      • Relationship questionnaire
        • The “Compatible Partners” profile takes over an hour to complete and is very detailed with over 200 questions. We have only summarized the main topics here
        • Question types
          • Scale - answers which you rate from 1 (Not Important, Rarely, Absolutely Disagree or None) to 7 (Very Important, Almost Always, Absolutely Agree or Very Strong Interest)
          • Multiple choice - you can choose one or more answers
          • True or false
          • Text - usually only require 20 words or less
        • General information (15 questions)
          • Includes information about your physical attributes as well as your marital status, children, education, birthday, etc.
          • The importance of your match's age, education, income and ethnicity
        • Personal characteristics (six questions)
          • Includes information about your religious affiliations
          • The importance of your match's religion
          • You can specify your match's religious denomination if required
        • About you (19 questions)
          • questions in which you rate attributes about yourself. For example, do you get angry easily
        • Self-descriptions (56 questions)
          • Scale questions in which you rate how well each word describes you. For example, ambitious, cold, stable, frugal, loyal etc.
          • One question about choosing four descriptions your friends would use to describe you
        • Personal characteristics (34 questions)
          • Scale questions which you rate characteristics statements about yourself. For example, do you enjoy a good joke, or can I ask questions in search of information
        • About your feelings (20 questions)
          • Scale questions in which you rate emotions and how often you have felt them in the last month. For example, happy and sad
        • Relationship orientation and values (13 questions)
          • Scale questions which you rate statements about yourself. For example, I am looking for a long-term relationship
        • Important qualities (33 questions)
          • Scale questions in which you rate characteristics that are important in finding a partner. For example, your partner's friendliness
          • One question about the three things you are most thankful for
        • About your personality (19 questions)
          • True or false statements about yourself. For example, I dislike people.
        • Your personal interests (28 questions)
          • Scale questions which you rate different interests. For example, movies and art
          • Essay question about what interests you are passionate about
        • Living skills (15 questions)
          • Scale questions about skills used in life
          • Choose three life skills that you do best
        • Communication style (8 questions)
          • Scale questions about the style of communication you use in relationships.—which style suits you best
        • Matching information (12 questions)
          • Questions about smoking and drinking habits
          • The importance of your match's smoking and drinking habits is asked
          • Your location information and how far away your match can live. For example, from 30 miles away to other countries
          • The importance of your match's distance from you is asked
    • Add photos. You can upload or use regular mail to send photos
    • Your Match's
    • Personality profile
    • Icebreaker
  • Not included:
    • Cannot view photos of members
    • Cannot communicate (email or secure call)
    • Who has viewed you

Relationship Types Allowed

  • Gay
  • Lesbian

Your Relationship Status

  • Single
  • Divorced
  • Widowed

Relationships You can Find

  • Dating
  • Long-Term

Compatible Partners Costs

  • Prices last confirmed January 23, 2015. Please check Compatible Partners for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or device used
  • Compatible Partners memberships (two types):
    • Basic plan:
      • Send and receive messages from other members
      • FastTrack the communication process by skipping the four guided communication steps
      • View members’ photos
      • Find out who has viewed your profile
      • Subscription prices in US dollars:
        • 1 month for $59.95
        • 3 months for $39.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $119.85, this is a 33% Savings
        • 6 months for $29.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $179.70, this is a 50% Savings
        • 12 months for $19.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $239.40, Best Value, save 67% off of the monthly rate.
    • Total Connect plan:
      • Includes all of the basic plan features
      • Includes RelyID (get you membership information verified)
      • Includes Secure Call (make anonymous voice calls to other members from your own phone)
      • Includes Premium Personality Profile (extended Personality Profile)
      • Subscription prices in US dollars:
        • 3 months for $44.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $134.85
        • 6 months for $33.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $203.70, this is a 24% Savings
        • 12 months for $23.95 a month. Billed in one installment of $287.40, this is a 47% Savings
  • Compatible Partners additional paid features
    • Profile Advisor
      • Professional profile writers help you write your profile so it can stand out in other members’ match results
      • Costs $99.95 and can be completed in some cases, in 3 days.
    • Premium Personality Profile
      • An extended version of your Personality Profile with 15 additional aspects of personality.
      • Costs $99.95 and can be completed in some cases, in three days
    • RelyID
      • Allows members to see that your name, address and age are verified. RelyID verifies this information by cross-checking the information that you enter with various consumer and business databases
      • Once verified, your profile will be marked with a RelyID Authentication Badge on your profile and in other members’ match results
      • Costs $5.95 for the entire subscription term
    • Secure Call
      • A private and secure way to talk one-on-one with your matches over the phone without revealing your phone number. This allows you can enjoy the safety and security of getting to know your matches without having to disclose your personal contact information. You can use your work, home or mobile number to make and receive calls at any time
      • Costs $5.95 per month and is free for the person you are calling
  • Pay with most major credit cards and debit cards
  • Accepts PayPal and Bill Me Later. These are secure and convenient global online payment systems
  • Compatible Partner memberships have automatic renewal. To turn this off, visit "My Settings" and then "Account Settings." From there you can click the "Cancel My Subscription" link and follow the instructions

Compatible Partners Viewing & Communication Features

  • Profile and photos
  • Who has viewed me
    • See who has viewed your profile
  • Icebreakers
    • Lets someone know you are interested
    • Allows you to send a quick message from nine prewritten messages
  • Secure Call
    • Allows you to talk to matches over the phone without letting them know your phone number and without long distance charges
    • You can specify up to three different phone numbers to be reached at
  • Guided Communication
    • There are four stages before you can reach Open Communication with a match
    • Stage 1
      • Read your Match's profile information
      • Indicate you would like to communicate. They must agree before you can go to stage 2
    • Stage 2
      • Send your first set of questions. You can choose five from a list of questions
    • Stage 3
      • Review and exchange your personal list of "Must Haves" and "Can't Stands"
    • Stage 4
      • Send your second set of questions. You can send three open-ended questions, either choose from a list or write your own
  • Open Communication
    • After you complete the Guided Communication process with a Match, you can then email them
  • FastTrack
    • you to skip the Guided Communication process and move directly to Open Communication
  • Nudges
    • Allows you to send a reminder to matches who have not responded to your most recent Guided Communication
  • My Matches
    • A list of Matches sent to you by Compatible Partners
    • Once you review your matches profiles you either start communicating or close your match
    • You can modify the number of matches you receive by visiting the "Match Settings" page. From there you can change a number of different preferences
  • Privacy tools and settings
    • Specify what emails you wish to receive
    • You are able to hide your photos from members until requested
    • You are able to hide certain information in your profile
  • You cannot perform searches
  • Compatible Partners sends you matches everyday based on your personality profile and their complex matching algorithm

Other Compatible Partners Information

  • Launched in March 2009
  • Owned by eHarmony, Inc.
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