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How many times have you turned to your girlfriends for advice when something goes wrong in your relationships?

Why not go directly to the source instead?

That’s what Catch Him And Keep Him by Christian Carter is for:a male perspective on what smart woman can do to meet and attract men.

Christian Carter teamed up with Eben Pagan, the man behind David DeAngelo’s famous Double Your Dating book for men, to bring women the same kind of relatable, effective dating advice that men have been getting for years. The book is a real trailblazer, with a unique approach to women’s love lives that’s unlike anything that came before.

Catch Him And Keep Him offers women unprecedented access to the inner workings of the male mind. Christian Carter doesn’t hold back – he gives you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, even when the truth is hard to hear.

He starts off with the inside scoop on men. What’s really going on inside their heads? How is it different from the way women think? What does gender have to do with it all, anyway? How about biology and evolution? What myths about men do you think are true? And how can you best prepare yourself for the journey of self-improvement and self-discovery that lies ahead?

Then he breaks down exactly what you need to do to be comfortable as a woman and have the kind of fulfilling relationships you want. (Hint:honesty is key.) The book talks about the most attractive mindset a woman can have, and common male personality types that you should either run for or run away from.

You know how you’ve always wished your feelings came with an instruction manual? Well, now they do. Part Two of Catch Him And Keep Him is dedicated to understand your emotions, the biggest mistakes women make with their emotions, how men and women handle emotions differently, and what you can do to bridge that gap.

After dealing with emotions, it’s time for action. Christian Carter lays out a detailed attraction plan that includes the personality types that attract men, what it takes to trigger a deeper level of attraction, and how to communicate in a relationship. It all ends with a glimpse into the future and advice on keeping a man attracted in a long-term relationship.

Catch Him And Keep Him is a great resource for any woman, no matter her age or her experience with men. Women who are just beginning to date will find the book just as helpful as women have been getting it wrong for years and are ready for a change.

Positives of Catch Him And Keep Him

  • Great for beginners and more experienced women alike
  • Created by the team behind “Double Your Dating,” a popular dating book for men
  • Simple, clear, direct language that’s easy to understand
  • Offers a straight-to-the-point male perspective on dating and relationships
  • Takes an empowering, self-improvement focused approach to dating and relationships

Negatives of Catch Him And Keep Him

  • Good as an overview and introduction to these topics, but not appropriate for more advanced readers who want more in-depth coverage of the subjects
  • No round-up of key points at the end of chapters or action steps to take after reading
  • Direct, no-holes-barred tone of the book may not be appealing to some readers

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How it Works

  • Purchase the book online (Optional:Bonus monthly interview series with relationship experts)
  • Enjoy a free 7 day trial – your card will not be charged until 7 days after purchase and you can cancel at any time during those 7 days
  • Read the ebook and study the wisdom of other dating experts and naturals in the optional subscription-based Monthly Interview Series
  • Start by changing your perspectives on men and on yourself
  • Begin incorporating the techniques learned from the material into your dating life

Topics Covered

  • Part 1:Finding The Hidden Secrets To Success With Men
    • Chapter 1:The Male Mind
      • The differences between the male and female minds
      • A man’s inner world and the traditional male role
      • How to change your mind set on men
      • The “Lover or Mother” dichotomy
      • Myths about men
      • The three kinds of Players
    • Chapter 2:The Road To Success
      • Christian Carter’s personal story
      • Self-improvement and internal states
      • How to be comfortable as a woman
    • Chapter 3:Men & Relationships
      • The importance of being honest about what you want
      • How to build a relationship that will last
      • Relationship-destroying patterns
  • Part 2:Feelings:Your Best Friend And Your Worst Enemy
    • Chapter 4:Understanding Emotions
      • The importance of “emotional fitness”
      • Learning to observe and honor your internal dialogue
      • The science of emotions
    • Chapter 5:Common Emotional Mistakes
      • Emotional do’s and don’ts
      • A man’s “emotional potential”
      • Explaining “relationship debt”
    • Chapter 6:Emotions & Gender
      • Bridging the emotional gender gap
      • How to set yourself apart from other women
      • Taking ownership of your emotions
  • Part 3:Actions Speak Louder Than Words – So What Are You Saying?
    • Chapter 7:Attracting Men 101
      • Personality traits that attract men
      • Natural attraction skills
      • Why beauty can be a curse
      • Two keys to attraction:uniqueness and unpredictability
      • How to challenge men
      • The two biggest turn offs
    • Chapter 8:Casual To Committed
      • Speaking the male language
      • The right timeframe for commitment
      • Set standards from the start
      • Communication strategies
    • Chapter 9:Long-Term Relationships
      • Why relationships fail
      • How to make a relationship last

Catch Him And Keep Him Costs

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  • Catch Him And Keep Him ebook
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    • $29.97 after free 7 day trial ($50 value)
  • Interview With Relationship Expert
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  • Other Products and Services
    • The website offers other dating products ranging in price from $99 to $240
    • A monthly Dating & Relationship Advice service which is series of high-quality audio interviews is available for $19.97 per month

Other Catch Him And Keep Him Information

  • Christian Carter also writes for
  • In addition to Catch Him And Keep Him, Christian Carter has developed many other programs on attraction, the male mind, online dating, communication, commitment, and more
  • Catch Him And Keep Him was produced in partnership with Eben Pagan, the man behind Double Your Dating
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