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CBS new late-night dating show called "Excused" started last week on Monday September 12th at 11pm. The thing that differentiates this show from other dating shows like "The Dating Game" or "Blind Date" (same creators) is that at the shows core there is an online dating site. The dating site is This year old service was launched by eHarmony (see Story) to help them compete against the more general oriented dating sites which typically younger singles use.

So how does the show Excused make use of the dating site? Every contestant on the show will have an online dating profile on This profile and references to the information on the profile will be used throughout the show to help match up the contestants. The twist here which and TV executives hope brings in a large audience is that viewers will be able to go online and view the contestants profiles as well. Just like any other profile, viewers (who become members) will then be able to send emails or instant messages to the contestant if they choose and even potentially date if the attraction is reciprocated.

For more on the story you can read Ad Age and for more details on one of the online dating sites mentioned, please check out our review of eHarmony.

Online Dating Innovators: Bob Murray

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Ever dreamt of becoming a romcom star like Meg Ryan, Kate Hudson, and Matthew McConaughey?

Bob Murray - a 34 year old commercial real estate investor from Milwaukee - didn't set out to become a leading man on the silver screen, but his search for The One might make him a film star anyway. After three long-term relationships that spanned 12 years, and a year of singlehood, Murray decided to embark upon an adventure that he hopes will lead to lasting love and a movie deal. Last month, he began a 17-day road trip that will take him through 8 cities - St. Louis, Kansas City, Dallas, Santa Fe, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and a TBD city in Oklahoma - during which he will go on prearranged dates with women he met online, all the while documenting his every move with the help of a small film crew.

And did I mention he'll be traveling by cab?

In addition to a production assistant, sound expert, and camera operators, Murray will be joined on his journey by Paula Heus, a cabdriver who will also dish out romantic advice as an unofficial life coach. "She's a real firecracker and not afraid to state her opinion about things," Murray told the Bellingham Herald. When his quest is over, Murray hopes to tour the film festival circuit with a documentary about his unusual search for love.

Heus' cab has hardly left the driveway, but already Murray's project has hit a few roadblocks. A planned stop in Amarillo, TX had to be abandoned after Murray was unable to get a response to his search for a date in the city, and a rule that dates could only be arranged two weeks in advance was made when scheduled meetups with two women fell through after they found boyfriends before Murray arrived in their cities.

Murray was also able to raise less than $5,000 of the $20,000 he hoped to earn to fund the trip, so he was forced to foot much of the bill himself and exchange equity in the film for further donations from his largest investors. In spite of these setbacks, however, Murray has been on his first date in Milwaukee, with an actress named Cynthia Kmak, and has plans for adventures along the lines of mountain climbing and skydiving in other cities.

You can follow his progress on Twitter, at, and Facebook, at

Tiger Woods Mistress gets cast in a Reality TV Dating Show

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Just when you thought TV couldn't get any worse, it does. There is a new dating TV reality show is in the works and waitress Jaimie Grubbs, a former mistress of Tiger Woods, will be part of the cast. She will team up with other celebrity mistresses who are looking for true love in this new show. The title of this reality show and other programming details has yet to be released.

For the full story read Canoe.

PerfectMatch to be Featured on Baggage TV Show

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The Game Show Network has a new dating TV show called Baggage and it is hosted by none other than Jerry Springer. The show first aired on April 19 and runs weeknights at 6:30pm / 5:30pm central time. is a featured partner of the GSN and will be featured on the show as well. So what is the half hour show Baggage about? It involves 3 contestants and one dater. Jerry Springer coaxes the dater to choose among the others who should reveal their hidden flaws, what people would consider relationship baggage and what most would keep hidden well into a relationship.

Here is Jerry explaining in his own words what his new show is all about:

Note: Unfortunately the source to the video and/or image which once was displayed here has since been removed by the authors for an unknown reason.

If you are a fan of the Jerry Springer show (which is in its 19th year by the way and one of the longest running TV shows) you should enjoy Jerry's new show Baggage. For more on this new dating show you can check out the Baggage website on the Game Show Network. For further details about the dating site featured on Baggage you can read our review.

Dancing with the Stars Couple Break Up

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Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy of Dancing with the Stars officially called off their engagement last weekend. The couple became an item during a season of the show in 2008 and became engaged 6 months later during New Year's Eve, in Las Vegas.

Funny how this news comes about 2 weeks before the premiere of the new season of Dancing with the Stars on ABC. I call that good timing!

Anyways, in this season of the show, Karina will be partnered with Aaron Carter and Maksim with Debi Mazar.

eHarmony Newlyweds Casting Call

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According to eHarmony's official blog, The Newlywed Game is looking for couples of all ages who may be interested in being on the show, which appears on The Game Show Network. Taping of this season of the show would happen in September and October of 2009.

This new iteration of The Newlywed Game is sponsored by eHarmony and is hosted by Carnie Wilson. The show allows couples to compete against each other by being asked questions on how well they know their spouse. This is the second season of the show with the first being aired back in April, 2009 (see Story).

For more information and for you and your spouse to be considered as contestants please email: to apply. The Game Show Network would like you to include the following information in your email:

  • Names and ages (you and your spouse).
  • Your City/State and phone number wwith area code.
  • Email Address.
  • Your Wedding Date, and a photo.
  • If you met on eHarmony.

All participants of the show must be 18 years of age or older and married 2 years or less by October 9th, 2009.

For more information on the dating site, read our eHarmony review.