Tinder Height Verification: Silly Prank Or Clever Commentary?

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Tinder's April Fools Prank about Height Verification

Every April Fools’ Day, brands vie to nab headlines by pulling off outrageous public pranks. This year’s notable gags include Google claiming to have invented a plant language translator, Spotify giving listeners disco-infused Discover Weekly playlists, and McDonald teasing eaters with milkshake-flavored dipping sauces. But the award for 2019’s most memorable prank goes to Tinder, which shook up the online dating world and inspired heated debate with a faux feature announcement.

A March 29 blog post introduced the world to the Height Verification Badge, a tool purportedly designed to stop “height fishing” and enforce honesty on the dating app. “Height-lying ends here,” proclaims the post. “To require everyone under 6’ to own up to their real height, we’re bringing truthfulness back into the world of online dating.” The post’s guide to using the feature directs users to input their real height and submit a screenshot of themselves standing next to a commercial building for comparison. Fake screenshots show an error message instructing a dissembling user named Tyler to enter his correct height.

Tinder Co-Founder Asks Court to Dismiss Match Group Suit

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Tinder Co-Founder Sean Rad asks the court to dismiss Match Group counter-lawsuit

Tinder Co-Founder Sean Rad is continuing his legal battle with Match Group by asking the court to dismiss the dating giant’s counter-lawsuit against him.

Rad, along with other former Tinder employees, filed a lawsuit against Tinder’s parent company last year, claiming that Match Group deliberately devalued their stock options to avoid paying billions of dollars in equity. Part of the evidence he cites is his email correspondence, which has become a sticky point for him and the lawsuit.

Tinder App Outage Reported by Users

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Problems logging into Tinder

Days following the longest outage ever reported by a social network when Facebook went down, users of popular dating app Tinder reported outages with the app, too.

Users were reporting problems with the app early beginning on March 20th, including not being able to see their matches or messages for hours. Newsweek was the first to report about the problem.

Tinder experienced outages earlier in March as well, with users reporting their dating profiles were suddenly wiped, or that they could no longer see their messages or matches.

Many took to Twitter to express their frustration and to ask Tinder execs what was going on, and how long they expected the outage to last. According to Newsweek, only some users were affected, and it did not seem to be widespread, but users who experienced problems were still unhappy.

Interracial Couple Emojis Are Coming, Thanks to Tinder

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Tinder Interracial Couple Emojis

The Unicode Consortium, otherwise known as the gatekeeper of emojis, has introduced interracial couple emojis to their growing lexicon of inclusive choices. The new emojis will debut later in 2019, in large part thanks to dating app Tinder.

According to Mashable, when the new emojis debut, you can choose from a mix of different skin color and gender combinations, including interracial same-sex couples, depending on your preference. The combinations provide a total of 71 new couple variations. Until now, the only couple or group emojis available has been the default yellow emojis.

Tinder advocated for interracial couple emojis back in early 2018 with its #representlove campaign. The company had already made efforts to be more inclusive by offering a range of gender and sexuality preferences people could include in their dating profiles, so the emoji campaign was another way to advocate for and appeal to its userbase. Tinder introduced a petition to Unicode after gathering 50,000 signatures, making a case to add the new emojis.

Tinder Introduces Spring Break Mode For College Vacation Flings

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Tinder Spring Break is here for a limited time.

Tinder isn’t shying away from its reputation as a hookup app - in fact, it’s leaning in.

Last year, the company launched an unapologetic ad campaign celebrating single culture with taglines including ‘Single Does What Single Wants,’ ‘Single Never Has To Go Home Early,’ and ‘Single Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.’ For Valentine’s Day 2019, the company collaborated with Homesick Candles to release a candle named “Single, Not Sorry” for Singles’ Awareness Day. Now, with college students across America eagerly awaiting their next vacation, Tinder has announced a ‘Spring Break’ mode.

For Better or Worse, Online Dating is Changing Our Culture

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Online Dating is Culture Changing

Online dating is a fast-growing trend thanks to apps like Tinder. But does our ease with swiping, messaging, and moving on have further implications in our culture, including changing the way we interact with one another?

According to website Mashable, studies on dating app behavior point to a distressing trend. On the one hand, online dating has helped to bridge people from different social circles who used to rely on friends and work colleagues to introduce them to future love interests. Now, we can login to a dating app and start swiping.

However, it’s become so easy to swipe that dating apps have become a game more than a way to connect. You see how many people you can match with by endlessly swiping right. You meet someone for drinks to see if they look as hot in person, but if you’re not blown away with chemistry, you can easily move on. There’s no effort needed, and this is becoming a problem for people who are looking for more serious relationships.