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Ha, I noticed on the Online Dating Insider (a blog for people who work in the Dating Industry) that David has an article on's new Blog Widgets. These Blog Widgets are actually quizzes. The available quizzes include "How addicted are you to Online Dating?" and a "Hot or Not Calculator". Once you take a quiz they will give you the code to put on a blog if you have one. Dave only scored a 45% and he thought that was low since he spends a large amount of time using online dating sites. I took the test as well and I scored a 45%! I spend a fair bit of time using online dating sites but only from the point of reviewing the dating service and checking in from time to time to see any new features and what has changed. So in this regard, some of the questions I answered pertaining to how often I change my profile and photo, would have lowered my overall score.

You can see our Review here for more information on this dating service.

Dating Search via Facial Recognition

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  • Views: 1,819 did a piece on a facial recognition from ActiveSymbols called Eyealike. This technology is able to gather the properties of a face from a picture. Such facial traits would include hair color, location and spacing of eyes, and skin tone. Company President Greg Heuss hopes this technology would be used for online dating to allow singles to search for a match by just a picture alone. He also sees applications in homeland security and video copyright protection.

While I find this type of technology neat I feel its use is very limited in online dating. It's much easier and faster to get the member to fill out the physical attributes of his or her profile than to try and get them to upload a photo that meet the necessary requirements for the software to be able to gather the information. This technology works best when the photo is something like a passport photo, which is fine for the software but usually is not very flattering for someone trying to find a date.

Try out a beta version of Eyealike and find your Dream Date or Celeb Match. offers a Free Online Dating Toolbar

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  • Views: 5,025 has just released their first version of a dating toolbar. This interactive toolbar lets members find dates whenever they are connected to the internet. It allows singles to appear online at even when they are visiting other websites. When a member on attempts to contact you, your Toolbar will let you know right away. Features of the Toolbar includes:

  • Receive emails and Interest Alerts.
  • Send and receive instant messages.
  • Direct access to online chatting.
  • Search profiles.
  • Favorites list access.
  • Statistics on members online and the number of times your profile has been viewed.
  • Advice and news headlines from
  • Searching the web, provided by Yahoo.

Creating a toolbar for a dating service is an excellent idea. It allows members to be accessed instantly even when they are not actively using the site at the moment. This increases there chance of meeting someone new. Most singles when they use a dating service are probably online only an hour or two at any one time. They then are off doing other things on the computer like emailing friends and family or just surfing websites. Now this "other" internet time and not just when they have logged into can be used to be alerted to requests for instant messaging, etc.'s Toolbar is available to both free and paid members of For more information about this dating service, read our review of to use Fraudnet Technology

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What is Fraudnet Technology you ask, it is a patent-pending solution to provide a safer online dating environment for members. It has several goals, from increase detection of fraudulent credit cards to identify suspicious online behavior. These behaviors include such dating scams as people pretending to foster a relationship to lure singles into sending them money, providing credit card information and/or other personal data. is always looking to protect it's members from dating online scams that have run rampent on other dating services.

This is definitely a step in the right direction for dating sites in general. While I haven't heard of any complaints against regarding scam artists you can never be too careful online. Fraudnet and have just inked this deal so it's not in use yet but we expect it to go live within 6 months.

For more information read Fraudnet's Press Release.

FriendFinder Sites - New Instant Messenger V3.0

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FriendFinder has recently updated ther Instant Messenger tool to 3.0. This free tool has been enhanced to be more simple, fun and responsive. New features include sound effects and improved language support. As always you have the main features of Video Chat, Text Chat, Viewable Members Photo Gallery and the ability to trade photos. This new instant messenger is available on all online dating sites of the FriendFinder Network.

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