Niche Dating Growing in Popularity

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Mark Brooks of Online Personals Watch did a guest post at TechCrunch about how the niche dating sites market share is growing fast while the top 5 sites for the most part are losing ground. The top 5 dating sites in market share, according to Hitwise are:

  1. Singlesnet
  2. Plentyoffish
  3. True
  4. Yahoo Personals
  5. Match

These top 5 sites lost 7% of their overall market share when comparing Match 2008, with a year ago.

Dating, Which Gender Spends More?

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  • Views: 2,906 posted a news item about the costs of dating in Britain. In it they refer to the NS&I Quarterly Savings Survey in which men believe they pay on average 60% more than women on dating in a year. In total British men expect to pay about £12 billion on dating this year with woman only spending £4.5 billion. This translates to about £50 per date for men and close to £30 for woman.

Across the pond, I think these statistics hold true here in North America. Most dating men I know spend about $100 on a typical date. This includes the cab ride, dinner and usually a movie afterwards. Of course, more and more woman are picking up the tab but in most cases it's still the mans job to pay (at least in my age group mid 30's). I wonder if this is different for the 20 somethings? Controversial Survey

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Oops, this one was left as a draft article for the last 4 days.

This Press Release on is about a poll done for (conducted by Gfx Roper Public Affairs) which involves controversial dating subjects. Gfx concluded after the survey that America has an open mind when it comes to such relationship topics as premarital sex and same sex relationships. One statistic from the release states:

About eight in ten (79%) single Americans believe that gay people should have the right to find a meaningful relationship and (74%) of singles endorse the idea of gay marriage or civil unions

These numbers seem very high IMO, when you take all of America's view on this topic. Looking closer at the stat you notice that it says "single Americans". This also means younger Americans since the older you are the better chance you are married or seeing someone. Instead of Americas view point this is more of a young American view point.

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