Tinder Launches ‘Single, Swipe, Repeat’ Podcast With Cosmopolitan Magazine

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Single, Swipe, Repeat Podcast
Image: Cosmopolitan

Single life is full of ups and downs, and while the dramatic moments are not always fun to live through, they make for great entertainment. Tinder has partnered with women’s lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan to create a branded podcast that digs into what dating is really like across the United States.

‘Single, Swipe, Repeat’ is a 12-episode audio show hosted by Faye Brennan, Sex & Relationships Director of Cosmopolitan. Brennan is joined each week by a celebrity guest host to break down the most memorable, hilarious, emotional, romantic and relatable dating stories shared by Tinder users throughout the country.

Experts Predict What Dating Will Look Like In 2019

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With 2018 in the rearview mirror, dating experts are sharing their predictions for the year that lies ahead. What trends can singles look forward to? How will the online dating industry progress in 2019? Here’s what experts think the new year has in store.

Singles Will Embrace ‘Old-Fashioned’ Dating

Dating is headed back to basics says emotional wellness expert Dr. Natasha Sharma. “People are ready to start ditching the shallow, so-many-choices approach to dating, and move back to more ‘older-fashioned’ ways and alternative ways of meeting people,” she told Global News.

Data from Zoosk backs up Sharma’s prediction. A survey found that online daters were considered more old-fashioned in 2018, and that users who described themselves as old-fashioned in their profiles received 16 percent more messages than those who didn’t. The survey also found a majority of singles still consider holding a door open for someone and paying for the first date to be romantic gestures.

Zoosk’s First Study Of The Year Reveals The State Of Romance In 2018

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Tick, tick, tick… the countdown to the end of February is almost over, the month with Valentine’s Day. Dating services are still in full swing and are still going strong.

Zoosk took the opportunity of the holiday to survey its members about what romance means in 2018. With so many singles now turning to technology to find someone special, dating looks more than a little different than it did in decades past. But are we less romantic as a result? Or is Cupid working his magic just the same as he always has?

After surveying 9,000 members and reviewing data from 750,000 profiles and 200,000 messages, Zoosk has confidently declared that romance is alive and thriving. The study reveals how modern singles express love, which romantic words will get you matches, and which gifts and gestures are sure bets for impressing dates.

Here are a few highlights:

3 Important (and Overlooked) Dating Tips

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Important Dating Tips

There’s a lot of dating advice out there. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with what you should and shouldn’t do when you’re online dating, messaging, or just sorting through your matches, and that’s okay. You learn as you go, one step at a time.

In my experience with dating and giving dating advice, there are a few things that I think are overlooked by the experts. Most advice centers around the practical: what types of photos to use, what messages get the best response, and why you shouldn’t talk about politics on the first date. These are all great tips, but I want to offer a few additional nuggets I’ve learned along the way.

Romantic Date Ideas if You’re on a Budget

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Romantic Date Ideas

When we think of romance, most of us think of scenes from movies or luxurious vacations. What woman doesn’t like getting all dressed up as she waits for her man to take her for a romantic dinner by candlelight, or whisks her away on a weekend getaway near the beach?

While these scenarios are great, they are also expensive, stressful, and a little bit cliché. Instead of impressing your date with how much money you can spend on her or what impressive vacation you can take her on, try thinking a little more creatively. There are plenty of ways to be romantic on a budget, so you don’t put such a dent in your wallet.

Following are some ideas:

POF And Amazon Name The Most Romantic Places In The US

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Best Places to Find Love

With Valentine's Day come and gone and spring fast approaching, romance is still on everyone's mind. Plenty Of Fish and Amazon both decided to celebrate the most loved-up day of the year by finding the most romantic places in the United States.

POF began by processing the interests data of 5 million US singles. To determine which states and cities are the most romantic in the country, POF looked at the percentage of singles within that region who listed romantic interests on their profiles. Key phrases included “walks on the beach,” “candlelit dinners” and “cuddling by the fire” (which begs the question of whether POF found the most romantic places or just the cheesiest, but never mind).

The site found that Southeastern states are by far the least romantic in the US, with the exception of Florida. In contrast, the Northwest and pockets of the Northeast are home to some of the country's most romantic states. The top spot was claimed by Michigan with Vermont coming in at a close second.

City-wise, Portland clocked in at 34% more romantic than the national average. Seattle came in second and El Paso pulled up the rear.

Highlights from the POF analysis include:

  • Single US women are on average 36% more romantic than their single male counterparts.
  • Washington DC is the only state in the country where men are more romantic than women. DC women are 38% less romantic than the national average.
  • Single women who live in large cities are much less romantic than their rural and suburban female counterparts.
  • Michigan is the most romantic state in the country. Michigan singles are 55% more romantic than the national average.
  • Single men in the state of New York are 12% more romantic than the national average.
  • Single men in Michigan are 74% more romantic than the national average.
  • Louisiana is the least romantic state. Singles in Louisiana are 25% less romantic than the national average.

Amazon also got in on the V-Day action with its annual list of the most romantic cities in the US. The retailer assessed cities with more than 100,000 residents per capita, ranking them based on yearly sales of items deemed romantic (like romance novels, romantic music and “sexual wellness products”).

According to Amazon's data, the South, Southwest and Pacific Northwest are the regions most alive with love. Amazon users in the Northeast aren't feeling the prick of Cupid's arrow this year. The top five most romantic cities are:

  1. Alexandria, VA
  2. Miami, FL
  3. Knoxville, TN
  4. Orlando, FL
  5. Vancouver, WA

Here's hoping that, in 2017, Amazon and POF combine their powers for the romance study to end all romance studies. To find out more about the dating service which performed the study you can read our review of Plenty of Fish.