My Friend’s Friend Offers Matchmaking For A Modern Era

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My Friend's Friend

Modern romance looks more than a little different from love stories of the past. Instead of meeting at religious services or social dances, today’s singles swipe and click their way to dates. Many have embraced it as the new normal, and there’s no shortage of dating services eager for their business.

But other singles are clinging steadfastly to an old-fashioned approach. They’d rather meet in-person or through friends, and remain skeptical of dating apps and websites. For the naysayers, there are services like My Friend’s Friend.

My Friend’s Friend is helping singles in Perth, Australia, find love with a Facebook friend request. Curious daters add My Friend’s Friend as a friend on the social network, then receive a message from a woman who goes by Lucy Date (though the name is fake, she’s a real matchmaker who has spent years playing Cupid for friends and clients).

Green Living Dating app MeetMindful Raises $1.8 Million

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MeetMindful Dating App

Are you a mindful single and looking for someone who’s also interested in meditation, green living, and conscious eating? Then look no further than Denver-based dating app MeetMindful, who recently raised $1.8 million in investment money in the saturated dating app market.

This seed round included funds from top investors in mindfulness, dating, and SaaS technology, including the CEO of Hay House, a popular publishing company among the mindfulness crowd, and Bridge Builders Collaborative.

"We see significant potential in MeetMindful to facilitate authentic relationships for the millions of people pursuing more mindful, healthy lifestyles," said Bridge Builders Collaborative's Operating Partner Charlie Hartwell in a statement.

Take It Slow With Appetence, The World’s First “Slow Dating” App

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Appentence Dating App

Speed is essential to life in 2017. A quick internet connection is almost as important as heat and running water, and we swipe through potential dates faster than you can say “It’s a match!” Before you know it, we’re chatting, sipping lattes on the first date, and making it Facebook official.

But a new dating app wants users to take things slow - real slow - using the retro strategy of actually talking to each other to seduce matches.

Appetence, which is now available to download for free in the iTunes Store, believes conversation is your sexiest attribute. “True and long-lasting love isn't found through images alone,” reads the website. “On Appetence your details are completely private. Only you decide when to display your full profile and who gets to see it.”

New Dating App Winkd Aims To Be A Go-To For The LGBTQ Community

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There are more dating apps on the market than you could possibly count, with new ones popping up seemingly every week. Though they cover a diverse - and sometimes outright strange - range of people and interests, the vast majority are made with heterosexual couples in mind.

Winkd is a dating app based in Sydney which just launched this month. It hopes to take a different approach and join the likes of Grindr as a successful service built by putting the LGBTQ community first.

Founders Diana Kalkoul and Neda Robat-Meily, who are both queer, found themselves frustrated with the lack of inclusivity in most popular dating apps. But rather than giving up dating apps altogether, they decided to create their own.

New Dating App Hotline Requires a Phone Call Instead of a Swipe

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Hotline Dating App

It seems many dating apps now want to distance themselves from Tinder, even though the tremendous growth of online dating was thanks to Tinder’s swiping technology. Now, instead of endless swiping that goes nowhere, a common complaint among Tinder users, a new app is offering something more intimate: requiring a phone call to connect with a match.

Dating app Hotline launched in New York last month, and is already getting some buzz thanks to its old-school premise: talking on the phone. The app doesn’t let you text until you’ve made at least one phone call and talked to your match first.

New App ‘Hater’ Matches You Based On The Stuff You Can’t Stand

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The new dating app Hater

A new dating app is inviting singles to take a great big sip of Haterade.

Online daters are usually encouraged to put their best foot forward, bond over shared interests, and keep conversations positive. That is, unless they’re on Hater, a new app that matches users based on mutual dislikes.

Founded in 2016, Hater promises to make serious online dating more approachable by replacing cumbersome surveys and bios with a fun, alternative way to express your personality (and let out your frustrations over slow walkers and paying for extra guacamole).