The Mobile Dating Market

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What services are included in the mobile dating market? Basically anything designed to be accessed by a cell phone for the purposes of finding and communicating with a date. This includes mobile phone applications (think iPhone Apps), mobile internet services (accessible via the phones web browser) and text based services (Twitter like).

The global mobile dating market appears to have a bright future indeed. In 2007 the industry was worth $330 million already (Juniper Research). By 2008 it had jumped over 60% to $550 million and by 2013 it is expected to double to $1.3 billion.

In part what is driving this industry are the capabilities of the phones themselves. As more people get GPS enabled smart phones and as the dating software become more sophisticated, yet easier to use for the user, more people are willing to try out these services. Still, mobile phone dating is more about instant gratification. It is considered a tech-savvy young adults tool, who is not looking for so much a long term relationship, but a casual fling or hook-up. This is why most dating profiles on a mobile dating service contains only a few questions since it is designed primarily to get the user to be able to search for matches as soon as possible.

Here is a list of a few dating applications usable on your phone:

  • DateCheck - For background checks. You can search criminal records and if they own property, etc...
  • Skout - An iPhone app that uses the iPhones GPS to offer a real-time location based service for online daters.
  • Radaroo - A Twitter app for meeting singles.
  • Zoosk - A dating site which integrates with social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

The free dating site OkCupid is also planning to launch a free iPhone dating app in the near future which will offer a location based service. Sam Yagan, CEO of says that the main challenges is to create a big enough user base in which to work from and to try to get people to the same place and at the same time.

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iPhone Users Dating Habits

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247 iPhone owners nationwide were surveyed (I know not a very big sample pool) by Retervo to produce a snapshot profile of a typical user. Here are the highlights of what they found out:

Question: What makes a person more attractive, a college degree or cool gadgets?

  • According to the survey 75 percent of iPhone owners prefer to date someone with cool gadgets.

Question: Have you texted or emailed someone to break up with them?

  • 33 percent of iPhone users have done this.

Question: Would it be a turnoff if your partner had older, out of date gadgets?

  • Again 33 percent of iPhone owners agree that it would be a turn off.

Question: Do you use your phone to watch adult material?

  • 20 percent of iPhone owners admit to surfing for porn.

This obviously isn't a serious survey and more of a marketing gimmick by Retrevo. It also paints iPhone users as very shallow people who only think of themselves, which I know most of them are not. 😉

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4 Best iPhone Dating Apps

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Touch and date - that's the way with the iPhone! Online dating has made the process of getting out and meeting new people easier than ever before. But dare we say the iPhone has made dating even easier? There are enough iPhone dating apps to fill a bucket and have it runneth over, but to help you save time, we've gone through the best of the best and made this short list for you to review. Some of the apps are free, some are affiliated with major online dating sites. Whatever your preference, use the following list to your advantage. Spend less time searching and more time meeting! iPhone App
Designed to work hand-in-hand with your online dating account, this app is not only FREE, but it's very intuitive to use. While you cannot view all of the information you would generally view if you logged in on your computer, you can see pictures, read profiles, wink, save favorites and send messages. The interface is well-designed and they've recently added a new feature where you can search for other members of who are nearby and send them a message! Other cool features are the ability to take photos with your iPhone and instantly upload them to your profile and edit your profile information on the fly.

Mobile Entertainment

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Online entertainment is increasingly moving to mobile devices. You can find dating sites, social networks, music and TV all on your phone now days.

According to the trade association Mobile Entertainment Forum, the global mobile entertainment industry is now worth some $32 billion dollars.

Revenue is expected to rise in 2010 another 28 percent to almost $41 billion. The top earning industries for cell phone companies from Britain are music, social networking, text chatting and news alerts.

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New Mobile Dating App on the Palm Pre

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page is definitely serious about the mobile market. Yesterday announced the availability of a application for the new Palm Pre which can be found now on the Palm Pre App Catalog (U.S. only). Now members with this cell phone can online date on the go by communicating and searching for other members. They can even edit their profile and receive wink and email notifications. Palm Pre's location-based capabilities can also be used that allows a unique search feature. You can find other member's in your area (this is not enabled by default). has been in the general mobile phone dating market for a few years now with a product called MatchMobile. It was recently revamped with a new updated interface and features. Last March, Match also announced their iPhone Application (see Story) which has near identical features as their application for the Palm Pre.

For more information on this dating site, read our review. comes to the iPhone

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  • Views: 4,082 has done a number of smart moves lately to keep members using their dating site. On Tuesday, launched a free application on the Apple App Store for the iPhone and the iTouch. Members now can use most of the features available on the website, on their iPhone. This includes, viewing and editing of your profile (including taking a picture), viewing other members profiles and, sending and receiving messages. New to as well is the built-in location-based technology available through the iPhone and iTouch. This is an opt-in feature that gives members the ability to see other members near their current location on a graphic map. This feature uses the iPhone's built in GPS and the iTouch's wireless internet connection IP address location. has another service which is similar to the iPhone App called MatchMobile. It was launched in 2007 and is designed to allow members to access with most cell phones. This product uses a mobile web interface and has similar features as the Match iPhone Application, except without the location based technology. also charges $4.99 for 6 months use of MatchMobile. Since the iPhone App is free, I wonder if MatchMobile will soon be offered for free as well?

Over the last year a few dating sites have created location based dating and they must be cringing now with the news that has stepped up to the plate relatively early to offer this type of service.

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