Employees Haiti Donations Matched by Mate1

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Good job Mate1 and a great idea for other companies.

Mate1 plans to match their employee donations to Haiti, dollar for dollar. All employees have to do is make a donation to any reputable charity like the Red Cross and then send a copy of their receipt to the accounting department.

If every company did this, or offered to at least match a percentage of their employee donations it would go a long way to help the suffering.

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Mate1 Changing Membership Model

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  • Views: 2,537’s CEO Liz Wasserman was on the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio Show in August. From listening to the show, we learned several new things. First of all, is a family business launched in 2003. Mate1 is a privately held company and they currently have had over 25 million members registered since launch. About 1 to 2 million members are active at any one time on the dating site. Currently Mate1 is available only in English but there are plans on translating Mate1 into other languages next year sometime.

At the moment offers a 3 Day trial for under $2 and then a monthly subscription for $49.99 USD. They plan to add a 3 months, 6 months and 12 months membership subscription plans soon. has always been free for women to reply and contact any paid member, but this will change soon.

The big news is plans to switch to the freemium business model . This means all the basic services are free on the dating site like creating a profile, searching, replying to any mail message and contacting paid members. The only real thing you will not be allowed to do as far as we know is initiate contact with other free members. You will have to purchase a membership for this (at this point we are unsure if chatting will be available to free members). This freemium model is virtually identical to what was offering women on their dating site except now it is for men and women.

Wasserman did say on the show that in about a week, the new membership model will go into effect. The radio show was posted on August 29th, 2009, just over 5 weeks ago. When I logged into today, I was still presented with the old membership upgrade page and no way to access my mail messages. Obviously things have been delayed, I wonder why?

We did also learn that Mate1 does block certain ranges of IP addresses from different countries that a lot of spam and scammers come from. They also use technology from Iovation to fight fraud. Iovation technology works by taking a digital finger print of a computer. If this computer has been flagged as a potential scammer then the computer is blocked from the dating website. is also planning to integrate social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter into their dating site. First up is a new Facebook application called "Connect More" which allows you to see which of your friends, friends are members of Mate1 and if they are actively looking for a partner.

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Forbes Top Ten Online "Meat Markets"

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The Forbes website wrote an article called "The Top Online Meat Markets" which talks a bit about some current online dating statistics and lists the top ten dating sites according to unique visitors in the month of June from a tracking company called Nielsen (more famously known for tracking TV viewers). I wasn't really impressed with the title since they are referring to dating sites as meat markets. The term meat market is not meant as a compliment and it tells me the author is not very interested in the story and doesn't think much of the concept of online dating. He further expresses his point of view in this sentence:

Call it calculating, unromantic and maybe even a bit unnatural ...

For a media company whose authors are suppose to leave their opinions at the door unless the topic calls for it, I wonder how this piece got past the editor's desk.

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