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Mate1 has over 30 million users. The secret to Mate1's success is women are able to use the complete dating site for free, while men must pay a fee to use the message center and chat.

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Yet Another Dating Site Which Has Been Allegedly Hacked

  • Saturday, March 26 2016 @ 10:45 am
  • Contributed by:
  • Views: 1,753

Just when you get comfortable with the Internet again, a new story about a hacking disaster makes headlines. This time, a hacker on a dark web forum called “Hell” claims to have sold the email addresses and plaintext passwords of over 27 million users of dating site

Last year, Hell made headlines when a hacker posted the personal details and sexual preferences of almost 4 million users of the hookup site Adult Friend Finder. The data dump was discovered months after the hack actually happened, forcing Adult Friend Finder to fess up about the breach.

Motherboard obtained a small sample of the stolen email addresses and passwords. Out of 500 addresses, 498 were linked to accounts on According to its website, Mate1 has over 36.5 million users.

“Their server was compromised and the MySQL database was dumped,” the anonymous hacker told Motherboard. “I had shell/command access to their server.” The hacker claims to have obtained 40 million accounts initially, then whittled that number down by weeding out the bot logins. “They all had a common password pattern,” they said.

The database of poached user info was offered for 20 bitcoin on Hell (around $8,700) although it’s not clear if that was the actual selling price.

How did it happen? Motherboard found that Mate1 was shockingly open to such an attack. A reporter for the site clicked “forgotten password” on the login page and was sent a full, plaintext password via email. Mate1 made no attempt to conceal the password in any way.

The threat here isn't just that users’ dating accounts may now be compromised. A second danger comes from the fact that victims may have used the same passwords across multiple websites, potentially leaving accounts on Gmail, Amazon - anything, really - now open to attack. Anyone who purchased the database could test their newly-acquired passwords on more valuable accounts, and given the high number of credentials the hacker claims to have obtained, there’s a real chance that a significant number will indeed compromise accounts on other websites.  

The first step, if you have an account with, is to change your password there. You’ll also want to update any accounts that share the same password and check to make sure they haven’t been tampered with.  

This hack won’t make news the way the Ashley Madison hack did (catch up here, here, and here if you missed that story), but it serves as yet another reminder that digital security is a subject to be taken seriously.

For more information on this dating service you can read our full review of Mate1.

The Harlem Shake: Dating Site Style!

  • Wednesday, February 27 2013 @ 10:28 am
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  • Views: 1,201

The Harlem Shake has been sweeping the nation and the world. Everyone from universities to Jimmy Fallon have released a video. So how did these Harlem Shake viral videos become a YouTube craze?

It looks like the first Harlem Shake video was uploaded on Jan. 30, 2013 (see Video). As of today it has over 24 million views. The video that really got the ball rolling and set the format for future videos was this one released on Feb. 2, 2013 by a group of teenagers from Australia calling themselves TheSunnyCoastSkate. Basically a Harlem Shake video is about 30 seconds long with the first 15 seconds of a lone masked person dancing with people around him not paying attention. The video then cuts to the entire group of people doing a crazy dance with most dressed in costumes. During the video samples of the 2011 song "Harlem Shake” released by Baauer are played.

By Feb.11, 2013 approximately 4 thousand Harlem Shake videos where being uploaded to YouTube everyday making 12 thousand total videos with 44 million views. By this time companies had started to take notice and where releasing their own videos. When February 15th rolled around there was a total of 40,000 videos that had been viewed 175 million times. The song “Harlem Shake also reached number 1 on iTunes in America.

Not to be left out a number of dating sites and social networks have also released their own Harlem Shake videos. Here they are: does the Harlem Shake

Plenty of Fish does the Harlem Shake

Mate1 does the Harlem Shake

Facebook does the Harlem Shake

For more on the Harlem Shake phenomena you can check out Wikipedia.

Online Dating Statistics for 2012

  • Sunday, December 23 2012 @ 11:43 am
  • Contributed by:
  • Views: 3,422

We have lots of online dating statistics for you today. Most of them have been compiled by comScore which is a company that measures internet traffic worldwide. This will make a nice wrap-up for the year 2012.

To start things, off did you know for the month of September 1 in 10 users on the internet visited a dating site? Well they did. For users of smartphones this statistic doubled to 2 visitors in every 10. Interestingly in quarter 2 of 2010 only 2 percent of every e-Commerce dollar was spent via a mobile device. In 2 short years this has risen to 10 percent which is 1 in every 10 dollars. I would bet that the online dating segment breaks down in a similar fashion since most dating sites have dating apps now.

Anyways, did you know visitors of online dating sites are not a fickle bunch? 26 percent of them visited more than one in a given month. Personal computers still win for quality time though with on average a user spending 80 minutes using online dating sites. This compares to mobile phone users who spent only 70 minutes. Facebook is a target rich environment for the dating site marking machine. 38 percent of all dating site ads are on Facebook. These ads reach almost half (47%) of their target users.

So what are the top ten dating site companies worldwide at the end of 2012 from comScore? Well compared to last year of the top 50 dating sites, 28 percent are new to the list! That is a lot for any industry.

So how do our English speaking friends overseas feel about online dating? In September of this year 5.7 million people in the United Kingdom (which has a total population of almost 63 million) visited an online dating site. This is a staggering 22 percent increase over the same time period last year. The 55 plus age group demographic led the charge with a 39 percent increase in visitors which topped 1 million unique visitors. The most active age group visiting dating sites was the 25 to 34 year olds with 1.3 million users which works out to 23 percent of all visitors. What was the most popular dating site in the UK? Why Plenty of Fish of course with almost 1.5 million visitors who spent on average for the entire month 115 minutes on

A subject related to online dating is social networking. Worldwide for the month of November in 2012, on average a visitor spent 5.2 hours on one or more social network (excludes mobile phones). Over the past 3 months according to Alexa, Facebook came out on top followed by Twitter and then LinkedIn. In the top ten country list (see this) Argentina came out on top with an average of 9.8 hours in a month. Second went to Brazil with 9.7 hours and third was Russia with 9.6 hours. Canada came in 6th with 7.9 hours and the United States was nowhere on the list. This means in the U.S. visitors spent under 7.5 hours a month on social networking sites.

To find out more about the state of online dating in 2012 you can check out this page and view a presentation here. For more information about online dating and dating sites you can read our Statistics and Facts page.

Pauly Shore is the Spokesman for Awkward Contest at

  • Wednesday, November 24 2010 @ 12:21 pm
  • Contributed by:
  • Views: 1,501

Pauly Shore is the spokesman and judge for the new contest. The contest is called "Check Please!" and is designed to find the most awkward date experience. There is $5,000 in prizes and just a few steps required to enter.

  • First, you will need a 1 to 2 minute video with you describing or re-enacting your awkward date
  • Second, you will need to upload the video to YouTube. You will need to title and tag the video with "Mate1 Check Please! Contest"
  • Third, you will need to register as a contestant at
  • Finally, you need to spread your video through your social channels. The top ten viewed and mentioned videos will be judged by Pauly Shore

Here is Pauly Shore giving more details on the contest as well as his most awkward dating experience:

To find out more about this story you can also read the press release. For more information on this dating site, please read our review of

Mate1's Video Dating Contest

  • Tuesday, March 16 2010 @ 09:54 am
  • Contributed by:
  • Views: 2,656

According to Date Daily, has launched their 1st annual video contest called "Inglourious Daters". All interested participants need to do, to enter this contest is, make a video about their online dating experiences.

There are a total of 7 prizes:

  • 1 Grand Prize of $1000
  • First place ($500) and second place ($200) in 3 categories. The categories are "Most Romantic", "Most Popular/Viral" , and "Funniest".

A panel of dating experts will decide the winning videos from the contestants entries based on their viral strengths and entertainment value. The contest will run from March 10, 2010 to June 20, 2010 and is open to people 18 years of age and over.

You can find out more information and rules about this contest on Mate1's Facebook page found here. For more information on the dating site itself, read our review of Attracts Single Online Daters

  • Friday, February 26 2010 @ 11:17 am
  • Contributed by:
  • Views: 3,131

I was surprised when I learned that 80 percent of members at the dating site have never been married and have remained single. On the flip side this means on average at Mate1, 19% of men and 21% of women have been divorced. When you look at the data by country Ireland comes out on top at 94 percent for men and 91 percent for women who have never been married. Let's look at the data for other Countries:

  • United States - 76% of men and women have never been married.
  • Canada - 86% of men and 79% of women have never tied the knot.
  • United Kingdom - 88% of men and 80% of women.

One other thing that I did find interesting was for all countries, there was always a higher percentage of men who were never married than women. Also, since Mate1 has such a high percentage of members who have never been married this seems to suggest that Mate1 members are more likely to be in their twenties and thirties.

For more on the story (including data for other countries) read Date Daily and to find further details about this dating site, read our review of

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