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Jangl Text and Voice Service is Closing its Doors
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It appears that Jangl is going out of business according to Mashable, but nothing has been posted on their website yet. Most readers of this dating reviews site and blog may not know what Jangl is. They offer text and voice messaging and chatting to dating and social networking websites. Jangl is pretty popular and had numerous large websites as clients. I am not totally sure how much they charged the companies using their service (if anything) but from my understanding is they made most of their money from audio ads inserted into the voice calls and text ads inserted into text messaging. Obviously this revenue model did not pan out since they are closing.

In a blog post one of the founders of Jangl, Michael Cerda, talks a bit more of the demise of Jangl. He also stated his opinion that Jangl:

... needed another 18-24 months worth of runway to realize its fullest potential ...

I guess the venture capitalist didn't see it that way. uses Jangl for their anonymous calling, so does FriendFinder and Friendster. PlentyofFish also used it but, according to the owner Markus Find he is removing the links for the service from his site right now.

You can also use Jangl on Facebook and it was coming soon to MySpace.

I wonder what business and the others will be switching too now? Maybe they will develop an in house service instead? Voice chatting is pretty important to a dating service and I hope these companies have a contingency plan in place. When you use 3rd party services for important aspects of your business you always need a backup plan if something unforeseen should happen. First Quarter 2008 Financials
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Well it looks like made $90.5 million in the first quarter this year. This is up from the same time last year by 10 percent according too Gigaom. The Online Dating Insider also mentions while commenting on the same story that international subscribers increased by 12 percent while North American subscribers declined slightly. Even so, was able to increase revenue by 6 percent per subscriber.

While internet dating does continue to grow in North America (but not at the same numbers as in previous years) even the large dating services like are feeling the pinch from the increasing number of dating services and social networking sites out there. I wouldn't be surprised if the next couple of financial quarters show similar results for

Find more information about here.

How Much did Dating Sites Spend on Ads in 2007?
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ZDNet posted the results of ad spending by dating sites for quarters 1 to 3 in 2007. These figures are compiled by Nielsen. It looks like the top ten dating websites in ad spending where responsible for 91 percent of all dating site advertising. Of the over $350 million spent in ads, spent 40 percent of it or $145.5 million. eHarmony was second at $88.1 million. Since 2006, has almost doubled their ad spending while eHarmony had cut theirs by 16%. It would be interesting to see how this affected membership numbers.

The other sites that made the list in which we have dating reviews for includes, Yahoo! Personals at the sixth position with $14 million, at position number 8 with $13.4 million and finally, Lavalife with $6.1 million at number 9.

A few other things to note is, these numbers includes both internet and TV advertising. and eHarmony have successful TV marketing campaigns which probably eats into at least half of the total amount they spent. I also have to wonder if's numbers (which really are the numbers of their parent company IAC/InterActiveCorp) includes (who is also owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp). It was around Q3 of 2007 when Chemistry was spending a lot of money on those eHarmony attack TV ads.

Some of the Science behind Online Dating & Love
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The Chicago Tribune has a story about some of the research going on to find out how attraction works between people, both gay and straight. The author takes a look at 4 aspects of this. These aspects are DNA matching with the online dating site (see our other story on them), how physical attraction and evolution works, if there is a love hormone and finally, how your brain effects love.

More and more dating sites are pushing how they have the science and research behind their match system. eHarmony, Chemistry and Perfectmatch are the big 3 who promote their matching system and the science along with their relationship experts. All of these sites post a summary review of how their matching systems work as quoted by the experts. None as of yet (that I am aware of) have actually gone in great details on how their system works and made the research public to back it up. We also need peer reviews of these matching systems from an independent source to begin to fully trust these matching systems. We talked about this in a story we previously did where Chemistry may be one of the first sites to start actually doing this.

Chemistry - New Ads - New Feature - New Country
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New Ads

As per this recent story, to Spend $40M on TV Ads, it looks like new TV ads called "Chemistry Vows" will be coming to a TV near you. The four new commercials will appear on the NBC network along with Bravo, HGTV, TBS and A&E. After viewing the commercials and seeing the list of networks the commercials will be aired on, Chemistry is definitely targeting the 30 and older crowd. This makes sense since Chemistry is all about the long term relationship, something that most 20 to 29 year olds are not looking for yet, either do to school or job advancement, etc.

New Feature

To improve members experience with online dating, Chemistry has added the feature "You've Been Noticed". This feature allows members to find out who has viewed their profile. According to Chemistry:

How did the Popular Dating Services do in February?
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The same article as mentioned in our previous post also had some traffic details for February (the busiest month for the dating industry) on some of the more popular online dating sites. First of all, traffic in general for dating services fell 5 percent, when compared to last year. For the most part this decreased is blamed on the social networking sites MySpace and Facebook.

According to comScore came out on top in February with 3.9 million unique visitors. Yahoo! Personals was second, followed by and then eHarmony with 2.8 million (a 30% increase over last February). In February, 2007 eHarmony had 1.8 million unique visitors.

For the most part the major dating sites had similar or increased traffic this February when compared to last. I think the dating sites that took the hit, traffic wise where probably the smaller niche dating sites. The social networking sites with their interest groups makes finding people with a specific interest easier sometimes.

You may have noticed is in the top 5 most visited dating sites and that we do not have a review of them. I haven't done a review because, when I initially looked at them a couple of years ago I had a few issues with there site. There where also a few too many negative user comments about them. I should check out again and see if anything has changed.