Match Group Controversial Survey
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Oops, this one was left as a draft article for the last 4 days.

This Press Release on is about a poll done for (conducted by Gfx Roper Public Affairs) which involves controversial dating subjects. Gfx concluded after the survey that America has an open mind when it comes to such relationship topics as premarital sex and same sex relationships. One statistic from the release states:

About eight in ten (79%) single Americans believe that gay people should have the right to find a meaningful relationship and (74%) of singles endorse the idea of gay marriage or civil unions

These numbers seem very high IMO, when you take all of America's view on this topic. Looking closer at the stat you notice that it says "single Americans". This also means younger Americans since the older you are the better chance you are married or seeing someone. Instead of Americas view point this is more of a young American view point.

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Online Dating Insider has an article about's new service called MatchStudios. The cost is a one time fee of $40 and includes a review of your profile by Matches experienced profile writer staff. After a review, will contact you via phone and discuss any text changes with your profile that is recommended. You can either add in these changes yourself or will do it for you. may also recommend you use their Match Photo Review service. The review is no cost, but if changes are recommend, they will put you in contact with a company called Look Better Online offer easy access to photo professionals across North America (over 6000 cities). The service costs $149 which seems a little steep, but they do offer a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. There are terms to this guarantee, but they are not too bad. If you don't think the photos will give you more emails than before, then you can ask for a reshoot or your money back. If you ask for your money back, it is less a sitting fee of $60 to $75. For more information about this photo service, click here. There have been a lot of these type of services over the last few years and most of them seem to have disappeared. Look Better Online is one of the few popular ones and has been around for a while.

MatchStudios is designed to make your profile more attractive to other members. I'm sure the service works well, but I think you would most likely get as good advice from your friends and family regarding your profile. According to our poll Do you tell your friends you're Dating Online?, over 55% of 330 votes by our readers don't tell people they use online dating. I guess these singles could use MatchStudios if they feel their profile is inadequate. As far as profile photos are concerned I think most people's picks are pretty good. A picture of you laughing or at a family gathering tells a potential match much more than a professional model shot. Then again, members of sites for Wealthy Singles may want to use a service such as this.

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The New York Times has published an article regarding new attack ads on eHarmony. Chemistry will be launching ads this week in newspapers and magazines which strike out at eHarmony for not accepting gay members. eHarmony counters's attacks by stating:

eHarmony's matching system is based on psychological data collected from heterosexual married couples, and we have not offered a service for those seeking same-sex matches. Nothing precludes us from offering a same-sex service in the future, but it's not a service we offer now.

You may remember, last April Chemistry did a similar ad campaign called "Rejected by eHarmony". They spent $20 million on that campaign which helped raise their membership levels by 80% and gay members have increased by will over 200%. Currently it is estimated that Chemistry has 3.7 million registered members and eHarmony has 17 million members.

New Ad Campaign for 2008
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We will soon be seeing some new ads from 2008 ad campaign called Rewind. Rewind will feature couples who have met online using the dating service. Expect to see both internet and TV spots. The TV commercials will mainly be airing on the NBC and ABC TV networks during shows like Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. These ads will also include information on new features at Match including Match My Friends (see this story).

Match owes a large part of their success to smart and tasteful ad campaigns. Last year (2006) Match spent $92 million in several different advertising mediums.

Read more regarding this new ad campaign an about's previous campaigns at Brandweek. Go here for our review on Launches Match My Friends
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I finally got more information on's new "Match My Friends" feature. Here is how it works, straight from the press release:

Match My Friends(TM) engages friends in two ways. First, anyone can get their friends in the game -- regardless of whether or not they're already a member. When someone wishes to sign up a single friend, they can create a suggested profile for their friend, upload a photo and even sponsor their friend's subscription. The resulting profile is then sent to the single friend for editing and approval before being posted on From here, the "recommender" and single friend can search for and share recommendations on potential dates for the single friend.

Match My Friends(TM) also allows for personal testimonials to be added to profiles. Any existing member can email friends and/or family and ask them to create a short testimonial, which can then be approved by the member and posted on their profile. The testimonials will offer potential mates a glimpse into the person's life, personality and off-line friendships.

This is an interesting idea and it would be fun playing cupid on a dating site and finding matches for your friends. implemented this feature the correct way, by having the friend have to approve the profile first (through email) before it can go online at Match. This way the friend can correct any information or decline if they really don't want to have a dating profile.

Personal testimonials are a great tool as well. It helps legitimatize a profile since you have other people vouching for this profile and single. Friends and Family who may post a testimonial also may offer a personal insight of the person which may help you decide if he or she is a potential match for you. Of course if you don't like the testimonials you receive for your profile you can always decline them.'s have had several updates and new features lately for there service. This speaks to their commitment on being the number one dating service by reinvesting constantly into your business and letting your competition play catch-up.

My only small problem so far, a pet peeve really, with Match My Friends is the name. You have the name on the site with spaces and then in other places they call it "matchmyfriends". Match has done this before with Match Mobile. I never know what to use! I plan on playing around with this feature a lot more to see how it turns out.

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CBS 5 is reporting that one of the largest dating sites, is about too debut an application with everyone's favorite social networking site, Facebook. The application is called "Little Black Book" and it allows Facebook users to see other Facebook users and members who wish to date. With this application you can also share your matches with any of your Facebook friends. The other key feature is, users of Facebook with the Little Black Book don't necessary have to be members of The reason for this is the application is a new paying service for Once you have your matches, It will allow Facebook users to contact other users on a "pay per contact" basis instead of the regular monthly subscription which itself offers. At this point I would assume, if you are a member of the dating site you would not have to pay this fee. The Little Black Book also allows you to purchase keys to unlock a potential match for a friend. This feature ties in nicely with other new feature this week, matchmyFriends. Match My Friends allows people to create a dating profile for their friends (with the friends permission of course). We will have more information on matchmyFriends in another story. (UPDATE - Story now available here)

As everyone knows, social networking on the internet is huge. Sites like Facebook and MySpace have made it very popular. Facebook itself has an estimated 58 million users, while themselves have over 15 million. With the rise of social networking sites internet gurus expected dating sites to decline. In fact the opposite is true. Internet Dating has never been more popular. Singles like the dedicated service and features which dating sites offers. Plus, you know people on a dating site are actively looking for a relationship, on Social Networking sites a large percentage are not.

Allowing Facebook users to access's features is a very smart move on the part of and opens the door to more potential customers. IMO it should work out well just as long as doesn't charge too much to Facebook users to contact a match through the Little Black Book application.

The Facebook Little Black Book application is expected to launch next week, for more information on read our review.