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Chemistry Attacks eHarmony Settlement
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A press release from Chemistry about the eHarmony New Jersey settlement, points out the fact that the dating matchmaking service Chemistry has always had an open mind and accepted singles looking for same sex partners. Thomas Enraght-Moony, CEO of and is quoted as saying:

It's a shame that Dr. Neil Clark Warren's sudden acceptance came at the forced hand of the legal system.

With this release Chemistry is just taking advantage of eHarmony's reluctance with offering same sex matching. This issue has generated a lot of publicity in which Chemistry wants to be a part of. This is a marketing trend in which Chemistry started when they launched several TV commercials in the last year pointing out eHarmony only matches heterosexual singles.

The press release also points out, eHarmony has flip-flopped on the reasons why they don't offer gay matching. Reasons listed include that same-sex marriage is illegal in most states and eHarmony matching system is based only on information about heterosexual couples.

The Chemistry release mentions as well, gay users will still have to leave eHarmony and go to another site. I do have to wonder why eHarmony is starting a whole new site. Why not just make it a part of the main eHarmony dating site? Members of eHarmony cannot perform searches for singles and only receive matches from eHarmony themselves. So, members who want same-sex matches and members who want heterosexual matches would never mingle (if that is what they are worried about). - 1 Billion Winks
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November 18th, 2008 is the day that officially passed the 1 Billion winks sent, mark. A wink is used to notify other members you are interested in them without actually sending an email. Currently members send over 735,000 winks a day, worldwide.

A wink in my opinion is not the best way to notify someone you are interested. It basically puts the onus on the other single now to strike up a conversation through email (which almost never works). If you really want the best chances of getting someone's interest, send a well crafted email.

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An article on NewMediaAge mentions the fact that has rolled out personality testing (think eHarmony). It is a 30 minute test with 56 questions of different types. The article says 88% of members are completing the test. That is a high percentage but, when I logged on to both and I couldn't find the personality test anywhere. Maybe it is only for new member signups, I'll have to try that next. I have a feeling this feature is not for North America though, since's sister site Chemistry is all about the personality test. Why would they want to compete directly with each other.

The short article quotes International MD Jason Stockwood. He says that it is the biggest innovation in five years. With eHarmony having launched a UK dating site this year, maybe Match is feeling the pinch and wants to fight back. I just wonder why they don't launch a international version of Chemistry. I think they may have added the personality test into instead of creating an international version of Chemistry due to all of worldwide partner programs.

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MatchStudios now called match | ProfilePro
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  • Views: 5,009 has renamed their profile writing service MatchStudios to ProfilePro. A good move on their part since the old name MatchStudios doesn't scream profile writing and makes it sound more like a service purely for photos. The new name doesn't seem to have prompted any other changes to the service. The price remains the same at $39.99.

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Plenty Of Fish to Start Offering Paid Features Soon

POF (Plenty of Fish)
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A while ago we asked the question Is going to offer Paid Memberships? Well, it looks like the owner, Markus, will be offering some products and additional features for sale on Plenty of Fish sometime soon. He didn't mention or hint at what the new products or features might be. The reason Marcus gave for his eventual switch from what POF's slogan, 100% Free. Put Away Your Credit Card is:

There is really no money in being free and we have to start experimenting with other models now or we won’t be able to compete in 3 or 4 years.

Now Markus does make a fair bit of money, especially for the low overhead he has but it is not even close to what other popular dating sites are reporting as income. Markus will have to be careful here and I am sure he will take a slow approach to what he plans to offer as not to scare off his members. Products for sale will be the easiest way to go at first. Having real flowers and candy on the site for sale (instead of the virtual kind) could be a big seller. Especially if it is implemented in a way that makes it quick and easy to choose the person and the flowers to send.

I really doubt Plenty of Fish will go completely paid. Instead I see them offering enhancements to existing free memberships. This could include things like improved customer service, profile listing highlighting, having your profile appear higher in search results and an improved matching system. Of course, this is all just speculation. We will have to just wait to see what POF has in store for it's members.

For more information on this service your can read our POF review. Third Quarter 2008 Financials
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  • Views: 3,963 and Chemistry's parent company IAC reported their Quarter 3 Financials last week. IAC revenue grew by 10% to $369.3 million when compared to the same quarter last year. It's not all good news as they reported a net loss of $14.8 million. In Q3 2007 they had a $70 million net income.

Q3 operating loss was driven by the spin-off expenses and a $16.2 million non-cash charge related to the modification of certain IAC equity awards in connection with the spin-offs. revenue is reported to be $93.5 million, this is up $4 million over quarter 3 last year and up $200,000 from last quarter. This revenue gave Match an operating income (before amortization) of $30.3 million.

For more information, read IACs press release in their media room.