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eHarmony Free Communication this Thanksgiving Weekend - 2016

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This Thanksgiving weekend eHarmony is offering users in the United States free communication. This offer runs for 5 days and starts Thursday November 23rd and runs to the end of day Monday November 28th (ends at 11:59PM PST). You can enjoy free communication on their website at eHarmony.com and the eHarmony dating apps (which you can find on Google Play and iTunes).

If you are interested in trying out eHarmony the first thing you need to do when you visit their website is create a free membership. This includes providing basic information about yourself like your email address, gender, and age. From there you will then be prompted to fill out the profile questionnaire. This takes about 30 minutes (you can pause and come back anytime to complete) and is important because your answers are used to match you with other eHarmony members who live in your area and who have compatible personalities. Once your profile is complete eHarmony will determine your first set of matches and send you them to you. From there you can then start communicating with the matches that peak your interest. Please note this free communication promotion does not include profile photos, secure call (an anonymous phone call service), or skipping the guided communication process to go straight to emailing. Also no credit card is required for this promotion.

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eHarmony Free 5 Day Trial - Nov 2016

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The eHarmony dating service has free communication now for 5 days in the United States and Canada. Starting November 9th, 2016 until November 14th, 2016 you will be able to communicate for free with other members with whom you are matched too. This free event is available on their website and dating apps.

eHarmony has been a popular dating service for singles looking for a long term relationship. In fact over 2 million marriages have happen because of matching performed by eHarmony. Also according to a recent independent study this year, 57% of eHarmony users reported that they had found a relationship on the dating service. This means 100's of thousands of eHarmony members are successfully matched every month.

To participate in the free communication event at eHarmony all you need to do is sign up for a free membership and complete the profile questionnaire. Once complete you will then receive your matches, for which you can then start communicating with. Photos and skipping the guided communication process are not included with the free trial.

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438 eHarmony Members Marry Every Day

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eHarmony is reporting on their website (homepage and About page) that an average of 438 eHarmony members marry every day in the United States as a result of being matched on their service. This is from a study by Harris Interactive which was done in 2012 for eHarmony. For this study, data was collected from 19,131 people in the United States who were married between 2005 and 2012. The divorce rate of these marriages was 3.86%.

Unfortunately we missed some these statistics when we first reported about this study back in 2013 and have updated our eHarmony Statistics page with the new information.

For comparison sake the previous Harris Interactive Study done in 2010 showed on average 542 eHarmony members get married every day in the United States (see Story).

eHarmony Free 6 Day Trial - Oct 2016

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eHarmony is offering a 6 day trial of their dating service which includes the website and dating apps in both the United States and Canada. All you need to do is just sign up for a free membership starting October 5th and then you can start communicating at no cost once your profile and questionnaire is complete. The free trial ends October 10th.

As one of the top dating services eHarmony has many members looking for long-term relationships. The key to eHarmony's success is the matchmaking algorithm and the research they have put into it. This is why the eHarmony questionnaire which members are required to fill out is so important. It asks the questions which helps eHarmony to determine what type of personality you have and what type of person when matched together has the greatest chance of success in a long-term relationship. Most people take about 30 - 40 minutes to complete the questionnaire (you can save it and come back at a later time) and once finished, eHarmony will send you your first batch of matches. At this point you can then review your matches and communicate with the ones you wish. Photos and skipping the guided communication process are not included with the free trial.

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What The Future Holds For eHarmony And Its New CEO

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eHarmony's new CEO Grant Langston

Goodbye Neil Clark Warren, hello Grant Langston. eHarmony is bidding farewell to its founder and CEO following 81-year-old Warren’s return to retirement.

Yes, return. After creating the company in 2000, Warren went on Retirement #1 in 2007. eHarmony struggled in his absence, finding it hard to remain fresh and relevant in the increasingly competitive online dating market.

Just four years later, in a move his friends called “crazy,” Warren came out of retirement at 78 to become eHarmony’s chief executive once again. His second tenure in the role saw employee layoffs, significant changes in management, closures of international operations, and the launch of a bundle of new products and services. When all was said and done, the floundering website had found its way back to relevance.

eHarmony Free Communication this Labor Day Weekend - 2016

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Communicate for free at eHarmony.com for 6 days from Wednesday August 31st to Monday September 5th, 2016. This is in celebration of the Labor Day long weekend and is available in the United States only.

eHarmony has been matching singles and creating many long term relationships with over 2 million marriages (and counting!) since the year 2000. Online dating has changed a lot in 16 years and eHarmony has evolved to become one of the most popular dating services. You can access their service via eHarmony.com or by downloading one of their phone apps which are available on Android and iOS. Years of continued research has fine-tuned the eHarmony profile questions and matching system making it the best chance of finding a partner according to this study.

Signing up for an eHarmony membership is free. Once completed all you need to do is take about 30 minutes and fill in your profile questions. These questions are important as they are used by the eHarmony matchmaking algorithm to find you your best matches (most are multiple choice). When your profile is finished you will then receive your first set of matches. After reviewing your matches you can then communicate with those that interest you by starting the guided communication process. New matches will continue to arrive everyday. As always free communication weekends do not include viewing of photos, the secure call phone service, and skipping the guided communication process to go straight to emailing. For access to these features you will need to purchase an eHarmony subscription.

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