eHarmony Free Communication this New Years Weekend 2018

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eHarmony in the United States and Canada is offering free communication this holiday long weekend. For 5 days starting December 29th, 2017 and running to the end of day on January 2nd, 2018 new and existing members will be able to send messages to other members at no cost and with no credit card required.

The new year is always the start of the busy season for dating services. Compared to the fall most services see a spike in visitors of more than 30 percent in the winter months. In fact the first Sunday in January is usually the busiest day of the whole year. This makes this eHarmony free communication event that much more exciting as it falls during this period. There will be lots of singles for you to be matched with who are as equally excited to message with you.

It's simple to get started, all you need to do is visit the eHarmony website and sign up as a new member. Once complete you will need to fill in your profile and take the personality questionnaire. This takes about 30 minutes to complete (you can save it and come back later to finish if you wish) and is the heart of eHarmony's automatic matching system. After your profile is finished you will then receive your first batch of matches. From here you can read through your matches profiles and communicate with those you find interesting. The one thing not included during free communication events are profile photos. To view those you must become a paid member.

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eHarmony UK Free Trial on Now untill the New Year

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For 17 days eHarmony in the United Kingdom is offering free trial memberships to new members. From the 15th December 2017 to 1st January, 2018 are when these trial memberships are available.

eHarmony specializes in creating long term relationships using their automated matchmaking system. To participate in this promotion all you need to do is sign-up for a free membership at This process takes about 30 minutes to complete which includes filling in your profile and taking the relationship questionnaire. No credit card is required either. Once you have finish signing up you will receive your first batch of matches which you can look over and communicate with the ones you wish. Everyday you will continue to receive quality matches that you can look over and send messages to those that you like.

eHarmony belongs to the Online Dating Association (ODA). Companies which belong follow the Online Dating Association Code of Practice which includes rules based on honest and clear communications and protection of user data and privacy.

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eHarmony Free Communication this Thanksgiving Day and Weekend - 2017

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To celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, eHarmony is allowing new and existing users to communicate with their matches for free for 6 days starting Wednesday November 22nd and ending at the end of day on Monday November 27th.

To start off you will first need to create a free account on eHarmony. This will require you to fill out a profile and the personality questionnaire (multiple choice). No coupon code or credit card is required and the whole process should take you about 30 minutes to complete. Once you are finished you will then get your first set of matches. You can then go ahead and review the matches profiles and if one or more of them peak your interest you can then communicate with them by sending them a message. eHarmony has a lot of members and you will get new matches come every day. The only thing not included during free communicate weekends are profile photos.

Thanksgiving is a great time to checkout dating services like eHarmony. During holidays dating services become extra busy so there is a greater chance of finding your match. Plus with this promotion all users can message each other which means many more responses.

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Dating Apps Turn to User Behavior, Social Media to Provide Better Matches

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Online dating algorithms have gotten a lot of attention (and criticism) because they’re the basis of how matchmaking works. Many dating apps are secretive about their matching process, but traditionally, algorithms match people on the basis of profile information, questionnaires, and user preferences.

But according to a recent article by Gizmodo, online dating companies can collect more information about their customers through analyzing user behavior, which includes what users do on social media as well as on the dating app. Companies are now starting to use this behavioral data for matchmaking purposes rather than relying on profiles and user preferences.

eHarmony, Match and OkCupid are known for their long surveys and profile questions, which they maintain helps them more accurately assess potential matches. But dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and LoveFlutter prefer mining users’ social media streams, bypassing questions and looking to online behavior.

eHarmony Free Communication this November Weekend - 2017

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Free communication is back! Starting Thursday November 9th and running to the end of day on Monday November 13th eHarmony members can communicate with their matches for free in the United States.

To send messages at no cost on eHarmony all you need to do is create an eHarmony account. No credit card is required, just your time to create a profile and fill out the personality questionnaire. This process takes about 30 minutes and when complete you will receive your first batch of matches. On eHarmony you cannot search for members. Instead they send you a number of high quality matches everyday for you to review. If you find one or more you like you can then go ahead and send them a message. The only thing not included during this promotion are profile photos.

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eHarmony Modernizing its Marketing Strategy by Turning to Social Media

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Since the company launched in the late-nineties, eHarmony has branded itself as a more serious online dating service, focused on helping users find relationships and cultivating a different reputation that popular hookup app Tinder.

The company has long prided itself on this distinction, but in the process, has also fallen behind fast-growing apps like Tinder and Bumble who cater to a more tech and social media-saavy audience. eHarmony’s strategy to attract new users has focused primarily on TV advertising, an old school approach, but now they are ready to move forward and capture more users via social media ads.

“When I became CEO a year ago, there were a number of things that needed changing,” said eHarmony’s Grant Langston in an interview with Digiday. “The apps, communications and design all felt antiquated — it was like we stopped working on the product in 2010.”