A New Dating Tool called MeetWays

  • Monday, November 03 2008 @ 10:06 am
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I get several emails a day from dating related website owners asking me to take a look at their service. I do for the most part take a quick peek and I find most of them don't stand out.

MeetWays is different. It is a free service that offers a useful dating tool. You enter two addresses (or zip/postal codes) and it will find the halfway point between them. It will then list restaurants, coffee shops or whatever you specify on a graphical map. This tool is integrated in a large part with Google Maps so it works for more than 25 different countries. On the map you get your 2 red points which represent the addresses you entered, the middle red address point and then a number of yellow points which are the businesses in the area that are offering the service you specified.

Meetways doesn't display many of the smaller related businesses in the area and only shows businesses which are buying ad space from Google. This is not necessary a bad thing since a large number of businesses are represented. This tool does work well and can be used more than just for dating, client or business lunch meetings come to mind. Think of this tool as an interactive yellow pages.

Visit MeetWays to try out the tool for yourself.

Cougars, Please Stand Up!

  • Monday, September 15 2008 @ 10:44 am
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The word cougar in the dating world describes a female who usually in her forties or fifties (sometimes older) who is looking for someone who is 10, 20, even 30 years younger than them. While still used as a putdown more times than not, these type of relationships are becoming more main stream. Everyone knows of the famous couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher who got married over 3 years ago. A lot of media pegged her as a cougar when she was seen dating Ashton who is 15 years younger. A more recent case is Hulk Hogan's wife, Linda. She has been seen around LA this summer with Charlie Hill, who is 19 years old. Linda is reported to be 49, that is thirty year difference. Of course, the media hasn't been kind to these two.

It is far more accepted for woman to date men 5 to 10 years younger than them now days than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Once you get past the 10 year mark the word cougar starts to get thrown around. Of course men who date woman much younger than them are seen as sugar daddies or men who are suffering a midlife crisis. Still, men have it easier perception wise but, as more celebrity woman date much younger men the perception of the cougar will change for the better as the general public gets use to the idea.

A documentary film about Singles and Dating in America

  • Sunday, July 27 2008 @ 02:44 pm
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An independent film called Single: a documentary film was released recently which looks at the lives at some of the 100 million Americans who are single. While I haven't seen the movie, there is a trailer available. The trailer runs over 4 minutes and it does give a good impression of what the film is about.

The website Tin Ape, did a review of this film in which they summarized:

Single delves into a plethora of issues about being single in America, from the role of the burgeoning independence of women to the social stigma of men, all backed up by the candid testimonies of single 30 somethings and knowledgeable sociologists.

Tin Ape also mentions:

The film also does not attempt to solve the “problem” of being single.

This is a different spin from most of the other media available on singles found on the internet. Most similar type of videos or articles tend to try and help the "single" become a "couple" which inadvertently casts a negative light on being single. The movie is available for purchase on their website for $14.95 US.

See the full film review at Tin Ape and the website for the actual movie can be found here.

Dating Foreign Woman, Have you done your Homework

  • Saturday, March 29 2008 @ 11:01 am
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Apparently men in America using online dating sites to find woman living in other countries could be breaking a federal law. The law is called the "Marriage Broker Regulation Act" (IMBRA) and requires men who use a fee-based dating site to submit to a criminal background check, a sex offender check and must certify all previous convictions or arrests, marriages, divorces and children. An online dating service not compliant with the legislation can be sued for $5 thousand to $25 thousand and the dating service executives could face up to 5 years in prison. There is no law dealing with the woman US men may meet or US woman meeting foreign men through a dating service.

As stated in the article, the reason for the creation of the IMBRA is:

Dating, Which Gender Spends More?

  • Thursday, March 20 2008 @ 03:14 pm
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  • Views: 2,939 posted a news item about the costs of dating in Britain. In it they refer to the NS&I Quarterly Savings Survey in which men believe they pay on average 60% more than women on dating in a year. In total British men expect to pay about £12 billion on dating this year with woman only spending £4.5 billion. This translates to about £50 per date for men and close to £30 for woman.

Across the pond, I think these statistics hold true here in North America. Most dating men I know spend about $100 on a typical date. This includes the cab ride, dinner and usually a movie afterwards. Of course, more and more woman are picking up the tab but in most cases it's still the mans job to pay (at least in my age group mid 30's). I wonder if this is different for the 20 somethings?

Dating and Sex After 50

  • Wednesday, October 10 2007 @ 11:51 am
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CNN's Living section has a good article on dating and sex for singles 50 years or older. The author talks about how a lot of senior singles are looking more for companionship than marriage at this age. Sometimes sex may or may not be an option for the person. More than 35% of Americans, over 50 are single. These singles have been either separated, divorced, widowed or never even been married. Among with interesting statistics a number of senior related web sites are mentioned as being popular with people over 50. These include travel programs, volunteer programs, sports programs and online dating and social networking sites. Several of the sites mentioned are reviewed on our site, including,, and You can also check out our own Dating Over 50 category for more senior related dating services.

Read the article Sex and dating after 50 at CNN.

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