Jangl Text and Voice Service is Closing its Doors

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It appears that Jangl is going out of business according to Mashable, but nothing has been posted on their website yet. Most readers of this dating reviews site and blog may not know what Jangl is. They offer text and voice messaging and chatting to dating and social networking websites. Jangl is pretty popular and had numerous large websites as clients. I am not totally sure how much they charged the companies using their service (if anything) but from my understanding is they made most of their money from audio ads inserted into the voice calls and text ads inserted into text messaging. Obviously this revenue model did not pan out since they are closing.

In a blog post one of the founders of Jangl, Michael Cerda, talks a bit more of the demise of Jangl. He also stated his opinion that Jangl:

... needed another 18-24 months worth of runway to realize its fullest potential ...

I guess the venture capitalist didn't see it that way. uses Jangl for their anonymous calling, so does FriendFinder and Friendster. PlentyofFish also used it but, according to the owner Markus Find he is removing the links for the service from his site right now.

You can also use Jangl on Facebook and it was coming soon to MySpace.

I wonder what business and the others will be switching too now? Maybe they will develop an in house service instead? Voice chatting is pretty important to a dating service and I hope these companies have a contingency plan in place. When you use 3rd party services for important aspects of your business you always need a backup plan if something unforeseen should happen.

Top 10 email turnoffs for women

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1. Don't ask her how much she weighs or what her measurements are. You might as well just tell her you only want to sleep with her and you have no interest in getting to know her, because that's what she's going to think if you ask her this.

2. Don't email her seven times asking her why she hasn't responded to your first email. Women get far more email than men do, so you need to be patient. Instead of harassing her, relax and be confident that she's going to respond to you.

3. Don't ask her how many other dates she's been on from Yahoo! Personals. How many other dates someone has been on is not important. What is important is finding out whether the two of you click when you hang out.

4. Don't send her a nasty email if she hasn't responded to you after several emails. It's her prerogative whether or not she desires to be in contact with you. If she doesn't want to meet you, why get angry and nasty? There are plenty of other women out there who you can contact.

5. Don't ask her if she wants to have sex with you on the second email exchange, and don't send her dirty pictures of you. Women are all about connecting with their minds. Just because you're looking for a quick fling, that doesn't mean she's going to respond.

6. If she gives you her phone number, don't wait a week to call her. By extension, if you do wait a week to call her and she doesn't call you back, don't be shocked. Women have many options online. If she gives you her phone number, I suggest calling her that day. It keeps the momentum going.

7. When asking for more pictures, do so without any references to "Can you please send me a picture so I can see your body?" Ask her if she'd like to exchange more pictures, which means you send some and she sends some. Several women have complained to me that men ask them to send pictures of themselves in bikinis or other such things, so that men can see their body. Men, don't do this!

8. Don't get offended if she doesn't want to talk to you on the phone right away and/or wants to talk to you via email first to get to know you. You need to be flexible and open to her suggestions. Sometimes you may need to email back and forth for a week, and sometimes she'll give you her phone number right away. Either way, don't be rude.

9. Do not email-stalk her. Many of my women clients have complained to me about men who will email them several times a day for three weeks, until they are forced to block emails from those men. Men, she got your email the very first time. She just may have chosen not to open it. By sending emails several times a day, not only are you turning her off, you're freaking her out! You've become an online stalker. That's a guarantee she'll never go out with you.

10. Don't send cut-and-paste emails. When connecting with her for the very first time, don't cut and paste an email message in July that you've been sending out for six months with a tagline that says, "I love the holidays." By doing that, she knows you didn't read her profile - and that you're really, really lazy!

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Definitions - Dating Lingo

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As an update to this article, Instant Messenger Dictionary for Online Daters I have a number of more terms and Acronyms that singles using dating sites may come across. This slang will most likely appear in emails, instant messaging and chatting between members of dating sites. Singles who are new to online dating personals and online chat in general will find this article about dating jargon most useful. Even us supposed experts forget some of the net lingo from time to time and have to look it up. Some of this dating lingo can mean several different things, but we have listed here the most popular definition as it relates to online dating. Keep in mine the capitalization of letters is important and can mean different things if changed.

2NITE - Tonight
420 - Marijuana
ADR or addy - Address
AFK - Away from Keyboard.
A - Asian
B - Black
B4N - Bye for Now.
B&D - Bondage and Domination.
BBL - Be Back Later.
BI - Bi Sexual
BBW - Big Beautiful Woman.
BHM - Big Husky or Heavy Man.
C - Christian
C-P - Sleepy
CWYL - Chat with you later.
D - Divorced
D&S - Dominance and Submission
Dom - Dominant
DDF or DD free - Drug and Disease Free.
DWM - Divorced White Male.
Ebony - Used by white men looking for a interracial relationships with a black women.
F - Female
F2F - Face to face.
FWB - Friends with benefits, a casual sexual relationship.
G - Gay
GSOH - Good sense of humor.
GTG - Got to go.
H - Hispanic
HWP - Height Weight Proportional
ILU or ILY or 143 - I love you.
ISO - In Search Of.
IWSN - I want sex now.
J - Jewish
K - Kiss for you.
KOTL - Kiss on the lips.
L - Lesbian
LD - Light Drinker
LMIRL - Let's meet in real life.
LS - Light Smoker or Legally Separated.
LTR - Long Term Relationship.
M8 - Mate
M - Male
MBA - Married But Available.
MM - Marriage Minded.
MorF - Male or Female.
NALOPKT - Not a lot of people know that.
NBM - Never Been Married.
ND - Non Drinker
NIFOC - Nude in front of computer.
NS - Non Smoker
NSA - No Strings Attached. Refers to either being single and/or no kids.
OLL - Online Love
OTP - On the Phone.
P - Professional
PC - Prince Charming.
QT - Cutie
RUMORF - Are you male or female?
S - Single
SBM - Single Black Male.
SBF or SBW - Single Black Female, Single Black Woman.
SD - Social Drinker
SI - Similar Interests.
S&M or S/M - Sado and Masochism.
SMIM - Send me an Instant Messager.
SMEM - Send me an E-Mail.
SO - Significant Other.
SOH - Sense of Humor.
SorG - Single or Gay.
Sub - Submissive
SWF - Single White Female.
TDH - Tall, Dark, and Handsome.
TDTM - Talk dirty to me.
TIAIL - Think I am in love.
TIC - Tongue in Cheek.
W - White or Widowed if in first position, as in WHM (Widowed Hispanic Male).
WE - Well Endowed.
WTR - Willing To Relocate.
WUF - Where are you from?
WYCM - Will you call me?
WYRN - What's your real name?
YO - Years Old.

eHarmony to add Voice over IP Phone Service

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CNN Money has an article called "Voice-over-IP powers online love connections". This article talks about a new service eHarmony plans to offer which allows for members to place actual phone calls to other members without giving out personal information. Here is quote from the article that describes the service in more details:

"Using voice-over-Internet Protocol, or VOIP, technology, eHarmony's service enables potential partners to speak on the phone without disclosing personal contact information. If one of the interested parties wants to initiate a call, he or she clicks on a special link on the eHarmony site, and eHarmony then sends an e-mail indicating the caller's interest to the intended call recipient. The eHarmony service, designed by VOIP provider Jajah, then initiates a call to the recipient's preferred phone number, only that data (as well as the phone number of the caller) is completely masked by the site."

eHarmony plans to offer this service for an additional charge of $5.75 which give them an unlimited number of calls to its members. At this point there is no mention of when the service is planned to start.

This type of service is a good idea, especially for people who are not into using Instant Messenger or similar tools. These singles tend to be older and not as technical savy, which fits right into eHarmony's demographic. I like the fact you don't need a VOIP phone that plugs into the internet, a normal phone can be used, which keeps it very simple. The one thing eHarmony needs to allow with this additional service is insure paying members can contact other non paying members. This is my major complaint with a number of dating services. When a member is a paying a fee they should be allowed to contact any member in the system. and their Wink System

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As discussed in our forum topic here, has for a while now, been auto generating winks for their members. When signing up for True you can disable this feature but it is enabled by default. The selection box is located near the Terms of Service check box on True's sign up page.

Is this a good idea? Does it help get people interacting on the site or is it a ploy to just get non-paying members to sign up? I personally don't like it, and it definitely should not be enabled by default. This "feature" probably costs True more in bad press than it provides with new paying members.

FriendFinder Sites - New Instant Messenger V3.0

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FriendFinder has recently updated ther Instant Messenger tool to 3.0. This free tool has been enhanced to be more simple, fun and responsive. New features include sound effects and improved language support. As always you have the main features of Video Chat, Text Chat, Viewable Members Photo Gallery and the ability to trade photos. This new instant messenger is available on all online dating sites of the FriendFinder Network.

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