Some of the Science behind Online Dating & Love
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The Chicago Tribune has a story about some of the research going on to find out how attraction works between people, both gay and straight. The author takes a look at 4 aspects of this. These aspects are DNA matching with the online dating site (see our other story on them), how physical attraction and evolution works, if there is a love hormone and finally, how your brain effects love.

More and more dating sites are pushing how they have the science and research behind their match system. eHarmony, Chemistry and Perfectmatch are the big 3 who promote their matching system and the science along with their relationship experts. All of these sites post a summary review of how their matching systems work as quoted by the experts. None as of yet (that I am aware of) have actually gone in great details on how their system works and made the research public to back it up. We also need peer reviews of these matching systems from an independent source to begin to fully trust these matching systems. We talked about this in a story we previously did where Chemistry may be one of the first sites to start actually doing this.

Chemistry - New Ads - New Feature - New Country
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New Ads

As per this recent story, to Spend $40M on TV Ads, it looks like new TV ads called "Chemistry Vows" will be coming to a TV near you. The four new commercials will appear on the NBC network along with Bravo, HGTV, TBS and A&E. After viewing the commercials and seeing the list of networks the commercials will be aired on, Chemistry is definitely targeting the 30 and older crowd. This makes sense since Chemistry is all about the long term relationship, something that most 20 to 29 year olds are not looking for yet, either do to school or job advancement, etc.

New Feature

To improve members experience with online dating, Chemistry has added the feature "You've Been Noticed". This feature allows members to find out who has viewed their profile. According to Chemistry: to Spend $40M on TV Ads
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Expect to see more television commercials for mid April. There will be 4 different ads and the campaign will be mostly seen on cable stations like Bravo, TNT and the Food Network.

Last year spent $21 million on television commercials which helped grow the sites traffic by over 70 percent in February (when compared to the last year). Chemistry had over 500,000 unique visitors last month. In total they have 4.2 million registered members.

See BrandWeek for further details or check out our Review (Chemistry).

The Big 3 Dating Site Matching Systems
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The New York Times has had several interesting articles this past month related to online dating. This past week they published an article regarding the more popular match systems called Hitting It Off, Thanks to Algorithms of Love. The three main systems out there are from the dating sites eHarmony, and Chemistry. The article goes on and talks about some of the published statistics behind the matching systems, their companies advertising battles and the problems with these systems not being peer reviewed. Controversial Survey
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Oops, this one was left as a draft article for the last 4 days.

This Press Release on is about a poll done for (conducted by Gfx Roper Public Affairs) which involves controversial dating subjects. Gfx concluded after the survey that America has an open mind when it comes to such relationship topics as premarital sex and same sex relationships. One statistic from the release states:

About eight in ten (79%) single Americans believe that gay people should have the right to find a meaningful relationship and (74%) of singles endorse the idea of gay marriage or civil unions

These numbers seem very high IMO, when you take all of America's view on this topic. Looking closer at the stat you notice that it says "single Americans". This also means younger Americans since the older you are the better chance you are married or seeing someone. Instead of Americas view point this is more of a young American view point.

For more information on, click here for our review. Strikes Again
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The New York Times has published an article regarding new attack ads on eHarmony. Chemistry will be launching ads this week in newspapers and magazines which strike out at eHarmony for not accepting gay members. eHarmony counters's attacks by stating:

eHarmony's matching system is based on psychological data collected from heterosexual married couples, and we have not offered a service for those seeking same-sex matches. Nothing precludes us from offering a same-sex service in the future, but it's not a service we offer now.

You may remember, last April Chemistry did a similar ad campaign called "Rejected by eHarmony". They spent $20 million on that campaign which helped raise their membership levels by 80% and gay members have increased by will over 200%. Currently it is estimated that Chemistry has 3.7 million registered members and eHarmony has 17 million members.