Canada Stir Events Now in Canada

  • Tuesday, August 27 2013 @ 08:52 pm
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  • Views: 2,113's popular Stir events have come to Canada. A Stir event is an organized singles party that is held at a physical venue like a bar or restaurant. This week events are being held in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton.

Starting August 26,2013 Canadian members can sign up for Stir events by visiting the Events tab in the membership area. Invitation to events are sent out based on a user’s demographic information, age, and physical location.

When you go to a Stir happy hour event you know the relationship status of everyone there is single. Events are arranged and invites are sent out to members based on their location to the event and the age range the event is designed for. When you get to the event you also can connect with your mobile phone to find out who else is in attendance, what they are looking for in a match and, view their profile and photos.

For more information on Stir events you can read our page on or you can check out the press release.

Plenty of Fish Membership Numbers

  • Tuesday, February 12 2013 @ 12:35 pm
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The Plenty of fish blog just released some current traffic statistics for their dating site. It's good to see a snapshot of what the user base of Plenty of fish is. Marcus Frind released the statistics to highlight how his dating site has grown and to be more open on the number of members POF has.

The user statistics released are based on active daily registered users. This means that the user must be logged into to be considered part of the statistic group. I am assuming that the numbers given are an average but it doesn’t say what the timeline is for that. It probably is for last month (January) but I am only guessing that he would release the latest numbers available. The user statistics could very well be for last year, last quarter or some other time period.

Plenty of Fish’s largest market is the United States with 2 million active daily registered users. This is followed by the United Kingdom with 550,000 and then Canada with 450,000. POF estimates that if you take the roughly 1400 dating site (non-adult) found in the United States and combine their paying members you will come out with 2.5 million subscribers. Combining these numbers together sounds like a lot of people and it is, but online dating has a lot of room to grow. The population of the United States sits at about 313 million with about 100 million people actually single. This shows that about 1/3 of the population is single. The United Kingdom has a population of about 63 million and Canada is close to 35 million. If we assume that the proportions of singles in these countries are about the same as the US then there are about 21 million single people in the UK and about 12 million in Canada.

In the US I figure that there are about 5.5 million people actively using a dating site every day. I came up with this number by adding Plenty of Fish’s 2 million active users with 2.5 million US paid subscribers, and then adding in an extra million singles for all of the other free dating sites that people use. This means only 5.5 percent of all singles in the United States are actively using an online dating site. Since about 78% of the US has internet access (according to Wikipedia) then this percentage only slightly improves to about 7 percent. The potential for growth in the online dating industry is still huge when your untapped market sits at over 90 percent.

I also found a few other related statistics. Plenty of Fish currently reports (from July 2012) that they have had 45 million members register since launch in 2003. Their current rate of growth is 40,000 new members signing up every day which works out to about 30 percent a year. Members of POF send out 20 million messages a day generating 7 million conversations. Currently the average age on POF is 35. In 2009 the average member was 40 years old.

To find out more about this dating site you should read our Plenty of fish review.

eHarmony Online Dating Coupon Codes - Canada

  • Thursday, January 03 2013 @ 05:55 pm
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Here are the Canadian eHarmony coupon codes for two of their more popular promotions. Both of these coupon codes expire on December 31, 2013.

eHarmony Coupon #1

New members can receive 20% off a 6 month eHarmony subscription by entering the following when you signup.


eHarmony Coupon #2

New members can receive 17% off a 12 month eHarmony subscription by entering the following when you signup.


Canadian Flag These coupon codes listed above are valid on eHarmony in Canada (

USA Flag For US singles, go here for our eHarmony USA ( coupons.

Read our review of eHarmony for more information about this online matchmaking service.

eHarmony Canada offers Free Communication this June Weekend (2012)

  • Thursday, June 28 2012 @ 01:23 pm
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This Canada Day weekend is having a free communication event which will run from Friday June 29th, 2012 until Monday July 2nd, 2012 (Canadian site only).

Holiday weekends are always a busy time for dating sites. If you were thinking about trying out eHarmony, this 4 day event is a perfect opportunity for you. As always it is free to sign up and create a profile on eHarmony. You also are allowed for free to receive matches and check out their profiles. What free communication weekends allow you to do (as the name may suggest 😊) is communicate with those matches at no cost to you and with no credit card required. The only features not available are secure call, photos and skipping the guided communication process and going directly to email.

To find out more about how this dating site works and what features it offers when compared to other services, please read our review of eHarmony.

eHarmony Canada offers Free Communication this May Weekend (2012)

  • Friday, May 18 2012 @ 11:12 am
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eHarmony in Canada is offering free communication this weekend. It starts today, Friday May 18th and runs straight until Monday May 21st, 2012. This weekend is also a long weekend for Canadians since Monday is the Victoria Day holiday. This is also the first holiday of the season which marks the beginning of summer for most Canadians.

As with other free communication weekends at eHarmony, all you need to do to participate is become a member. You can join for free and create a profile. Once this is complete you will receive your first matches and then be able to begin the communication process with your selections. No credit card is required. This promotion does not include viewing photos, Secure Call or Skip to Email.

For more about this popular North American dating service for singles looking to find a long-term relationship you can read our review of eHarmony.

Canadian Online Dating Statistics

  • Tuesday, October 18 2011 @ 10:59 am
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An article from Canoe took a look at online dating statistics in Canada.

From a cross-Canada survey conducted by Leger Marketing, they concluded the following points:

  • 25 percent of Canadians have tried online dating. The percentage rises to 36 percent if you look at people between the ages of 18 and 34 (much higher than in 2009)
  • Still, the majority of people do not plan to try online dating as 69 percent of them said that it is not likely they could find love online
  • 64 percent of singles using online dating say that common interests is the most important factor when looking for a match
  • 49 percent of singles using online dating say that physical characteristics from photos and videos is the most important factor when choosing a match
  • 39 percent of all the Canadians surveyed said that they actually read over all of the information provided in a dating profile

Online dating has seen a huge increase in popularity in the last few years in Canada and the rest of the world. According to the Canadian owned dating site Plenty Of Fish, they have seen a 40 percent increase in memberships over the last 2 years. Plenty Of Fish currently has 33 million registered users from around the world.

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