Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards, Category Selection

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I see are poll regarding the Single's Choice Award is moving along nicely with a total of 146 votes at the moment. It's now time to figure out what the categories will be for the 2007 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards.

The most important category is the Single's Choice Award since it is voted on by you. Included in the poll are the 8 most popular reviews and dating services to choose from. See the 2007 Dating Sites Reviews Singles Choice Award Poll to cast your vote.

The Dating Award Categories for the Editor's Choice Awards are:

  • Top Pick - Over All
  • Top Pick - Innovative
  • Top Pick - Match System
  • Top Pick - Christian
  • Top Pick - Senior
  • Top Pick - Canadian
  • Top Pick - Wealthy
  • Top Pick - Sexy

The Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards will be an annual event. Currently only sites which are reviewed on this site by us will be considered, though this may change in future years. When completed the Awards will be listed along with the reasons why the dating service won for the particular Dating Award Category. When I consider a site for an award I will be looking at several characteristics. These include:

  • General popularity in the category being considered.
  • Are most members happy with the dating site?
  • Is the dating service looking towards the future, with new and useful features?
  • Would I recommend this site over others in this niche?

A dating service may be awarded in more than one category. Please comment on this article if you have any suggestions you would like to make.

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2007 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards

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We have decided to put together a Editor's Choice list for every year. Eligible dating sites include, any of the sites which we have reviewed. There will be an over all top pick as well as top picks for certain popular dating categories. We will also have a Single's Choice award which anyone can participate in. You can choose one of the eight selected sites for this award. Use this poll to make your selection.

Once enough information has been gathered we will release the results. This will probably be mid October - November.