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Would you like to publish an Article on Dating?

Click on Publish an Article at the top of the page to do just that. Help other singles learn from your experiences. As an example, you could write an article on tips for internet dating, or your secrets for creating a successfull profile. Please do not submit articles that review dating sites.

Does your Dating Profile need help?

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Some people have been asking me about what do to improve there Online Dating Profile. I've added a new category that includes some reviews on sites that offer photography and Profile Review Services.

The new Category is (you can also find it on the left side):

If anyone knows of any other sites that offer such services please comment on this story.

Wow, summers going fast...

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Just thought I would post some news on whats been happening.

Been extra busy this summer with work and have had not much time for the site. What I am doing is looking into setting up a free dating site for singles that will connect in with this site. Hopefully this will happen in the fall sometime. If anyone has any ideas on some free software that will allow this please comment on this story.