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have anyone heard of the site called real-sexcontacts?


sent messages to 9 or 10 women but only meet up with 2. No idea if that's good or not compared to other sites but I was hoping to meet more than just 2!! I'm a good looking lad with a good bit of cheeky banter and I know how to have a laugh so should of had a got a better hit rate. The mobile app is a load of shite too. Does load right on my blackberry. Sort it out lads if you want me to keep using the site


if theyre showing their full face piccy while totally naked you can be sure theyre fakes as just normal women would be more carefull about showing faces on date site whilst undressed ,these are nude models for sure and this applies to all adult date sites . but scam sites need to show faces to get guys to sign up with their CC details


Yes I have used this site I tried to meet a girl on there and I tried 7 times she was married but amazing it never happened.


Quote by: Anonymous

I’m a single woman looking for genuine clean men and I’ve been using this site regularly for the last 8 months. Most people are fine but I’m so tired of some men constantly accusing me of being fake or asking me to prove I’m real. 99% of the time I get accused by men with no photo and no description and no info filled in!!! I mean, come on?! Take about the pot calling the kettle black. I shouldn’t have to constantly argue with anyone and I choose not to show my face publicly or to someone I dont know so if you dont like it just jog on. Stop abusing women just because we want to protect our anonymity and be safe. I’m not married but like most people I have a job which I dont want to jeopardise. Sex with a handsome stranger isn’t worth losing my job over is it! If you dont think I’m real then dont write to me. Its that simple. I’ve had to report at least 7 or 8 men because of the abuse and nasty things they’ve been writing to me. If it carries on I might just leave the site because its getting soul destroying. There’s always a few who have to ruin it for everyone else. Rant over lol x ps. I'm easy-going, really lol x LOL

What area are you in babe. We can chat, you are actually real lol please? what area you in?


Joined to check it out. Was doing a search of London ladies and came across a woman who is the spitting image of Brandy Love the porn star. That put me on alert and the background in some pics is all wrong. Buildings out side are definetly eastern European. Check out the 2 pin European sockets and lastly clean up the images with books in background and the books are not in English. Maybe there are some real live ladies on there but .......


Yeah been there done it and got scammed


the fact they emphasies the 'real' is not a good sign


Great looking landing pages, just a shame the scammers get in there first


I like to think I’m quite experienced when it comes to these casual dating sites or nsa sites if that’s what you want to call them. I usually stay clear of the monthly subscription sites these days as you can never trust that they will cancel your subscription when you ask them to and the last thing I want is a site that keeps taking money even when I quit a long time ago (it happens a lot now). So I prefer these credit sites. Straight forward and simple. I’d say I’ve tried about 4 of these types of sites and this one is the one I’m currently using. The others were hard work to be honest but this one is were I’ve seen the best results. 2 dates in 3 weeks (plus one more possible next week) doesn’t sound great but its much better than I’ve had else where so I will continue for now. Will keep you updated once I’ve had more time on it. One last comment. I’ve seen others having issues with the mobile app and I agree it could do with improving. Just with speed more than anything else.



MatureFlirtBook and secret mature flirt are all scam websites. DO NOT PAY ANYTHING they will never agree to meet up all they want is to chat on the site which cost every time you send a reply, copy and paste this to all out there DO NOT USE these websites. any sites that do not allow you to send contact details are all scammers with no chance of meeting up for real

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