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have anyone heard of the site called real-sexcontacts?


Okay this site may have its issues but you know what I like the site and it allows people to meet others from all over the place and for me that really is a plus when it comes to this site. Yes there are bad elements but this site does have good elements too. Its all part of life. However, its real and fun. For my vote this site gets a good rating! Smile


Yes, REAL-SEXCONTACTS does work. Dating online is by turns depressing, hilarious, interesting and emotional. You'll meet some nice people, although they might be nice for someone else. But hey, it's the best way to stay in practice and meet people instead of watching Netflix in your sweatpants. You may meet your match, you may not, but at least you can say you tried.


most popular dating site in the UK - I think this is probably THE most popular site out there for internet dating. I also like the quality of the people on the site. Most are very real people and just looking to have fun.


the female profiles look like they were written by the same employee of the company..suspect


Just when you think youve had enough you finally get a date. Thats my experience on real-sexcontacts. Still when I count up what ive spend and the number of good dates ive been on it doesnt make for great reading put it that way. To summarise: worth a try.


Hello everybody,
Today is 12.12.2017: I started to text women on this site a few days ago. Buying points seemed a little to expensive, but I thought I should give it a try. I wasn`t sure if it was real and I wanted to check it out.
First of all: those women look way too sexy to create a profile on a dating site. If it is for the site to be real, no woman on Earth would pay money to chat with strangers. All they have to do is to dress up sexy and go to a bar.They look like pornstars to me! That is a first sign.
Second of all: the replies are always short on don`t answer your questions. I started to ask certain things for which I didn`t get any answers back. Hence, it`s fake.
Third: the only thing that I can`t explain myself yet: I`ve asked for photos and guess what? I did get some, with the same women and their faces. I took a look at the photos very carefully for tattoos or any other signs and funny enough, they matched. If the site is fake, how the hell did they get those pictures?
Forth: I put my phone number on my profile and I told a few women to text me. Not even one of them answered back related to that. So it`s fake!
Fifth: I made a print screen with my phone number and email address, guess what? Couldn`t upload it! They have a silly text saying that because of scams they are censoring the numbers. I wrote them asking: if people are giving each other their numbers/post codes, how will they be able to see them if the numbers are censored? No reply yet!
Conclusion: I just think that at the other end there is a low life trying to make a living by writing shitty answers and having a good laugh at us!
If there is any guy that can prove me/us wrong, I would love to see it!


its all fembots and automatic software now humans are writing messages to you or anybody ..
templates are used to send messages and emails


Quote by: Anonymous

Hey guys
I just found out about a dating site which is called
I was wondering if anyone knows anything about that site.
I'm using that site and I paid the points to allowed me to send the messages and I get the responses.
The girls looks legitimate, but the problem is my points are run out really quickly when I send each of them a message.

For example: You buy the points £5 for 300 points and you send a message to a woman so it will take your 100 points away to make it 200.

Have anyone know about that site and I'm wondering if it is a scam?


You will be taken to the cleaners if you are
going to become a member.

Before you decide to join this scam site.

Look through the full home page.

No where does it tell you what it is going to
cost you if you are a male member.

If you are male and do join , apply common sense
stop thinking with your dick.

When you first join you will see you have
been given 100 points.

If you reply to anyone or contact anyone it
costs you 100 points.

To make any photos you upload private costs
you 10 points.

Take careful note of how much you spend.

£10 gets you 750 points

See how quickly you use it up

Verified members utter *censored*.

If you join , first of all do not upload any photos
or complete your profile just browse members
from all over the uk and you will see certain names
over and over again who have verified so called
female members .

See how quickly you get a reply.

If you contact a so called female member or they
contact you all they will ever do is give you a
one line reply and string you along.

Any messages you put are censored.

If this site was genuine that should never happen.

There is no search facility so if you have a profile
name you want to contact you cannot do it quickly

Look at as many different members as possible
you will never see details of when they joined
no details of the last time they were online.



quick replies at 3am points to an auto scam setup or just maybe they cant sleep Cool

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