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the photos look suspiciously all too good .like fling dot com and saucy contacts ..i would suggest anyone needs to do a google check of the photos before handing over any card details ..city details look too samey..not enough variation in the locations of the alleged women.. i smell a scam imo


Yeah. Im a member. Also joined mature sex contacts. And they are both scams. Spent a ton of money on mature sex contacts the other week. My username is my email so any girls who wanted to chat through email could. They all declined. Havent received a single email from a member. These girls are meant to be eager to hook up. Why wouldnt any of them email me. Bevause its a scam. They try and have sex talk with you to keep you buying credits. Always changing the subject and telling lies. One girl on there said she was there looking for sex on the side. And that her husband knew she was on there. When i suggest chatting through email she says i cant my husband might find out. What a damn lie. Real sex contacts is the same credit based system. By credits to chat. I get emails from this site every other day from stunning girls. Why? Why would a stunner be messaging me? They are both fake. Might be the odd one or two real girls. But 99.9% are made up profiles. Avoid both these sites. Beware.


Quote by: Anonymous

Had plenty of dates from this site over the past 2 years. One of the best sites on the net for dating. Don't care what all the haters say...REAL SEX CONTACTS IS GREAT AND REAL ! ! ! . 5 STARS for REAL-SEXCONTACTS !

Your on drugs.


no reviews on sitjabber at all ..very suspicious ..zilch


It was easy to set up my profile and I got messages pretty quickly. Seems like there's a large and diverse user base, which to me is the most important aspect of a site. Overall a good and safe. A lots of nice people, but they wants to get too serious too fast. I would recommended it.


There are lots of new dating sites every year but they don't compete with real-sexcontacts.com This is one of the biggest adult dating site in the UK in terms of amount of members. if you are not lucky with real-sexcontacts.com, note that other adult dating sites may be worst than real-sexcontacts.com It is not perfect but it is not bad too. The support team is responsive to fake profiles and they clean their database of fake people. In terms of price, real-sexcontacts.com is not more expensive than other paid online adult dating sites.


one review i found ..

This site is a scam. The site will not allow you to back check the images and a great many are suspect at best and down right likely to be fake. There are several telling factors to consider one that the site is not running on a secure server the pay provider is which is in some ways I suppose a good thing to be aware of. The women if indeed they are that do seem to be open and not offended by graphic sexual descriptions but this is where there is clearly some issues. A lot of them reply to messages in the same way and repeatedly so. There is also the costs involved as a person who likes to give things the benefit of the doubt I will happily cough up to test a site and see if it is legitimate this one however strikes me as a scam why because the women do seem unwilling to meet or try to skirt the subject if you bring it up that is very suspect and the fact you have to pay for the messages is also strange they keep leading you on but you have no idea if they are serious about meeting or if they are even real. You cannot also save the images on he site to do a back check to see if they are real this makes the site suspect in fact right clicking on the page does not bring up the usual menus you would expect your browser to give you to save images this is a massive red flag and should be taken seriously. I cannot begin to say how important it is you can do a back image search. The profiles on this site are now highly suspect I suggest any Web of Trust members avoid this site and also warn others outside the site to do so. It's a massive scam.Yes has just been confirmed to me one of the "women" was both snarky and rude to me on me sending a message asking if the site was legitimate that means she has something to hide if she was genuine she would probably accept my cautious nature on face value. SCAM CONFIRMED

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