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thats the verification scam to get your card details plenty on google about it .criminals for sure want your card details ..it wont prove your age or anything .its a myth..

Another frustrated gut

It's totally out of control. I'm getting winks, messages and gifts from these scammers at the rate to 2-3 per hour. I have a totally isolated and anonymous email address for any communications with anyone from a dating site. I don't want any way for them to figure out who I am or where I live I know they're for real. Neutral


was about to enter my cc info when i had a bad feeling, the lady wanted discreet relations seems fine, then asked me to get dating ticket approval where you need to enter cc info and then press on skip payment... to check my identity as well... NOT going there !


theres plenty of data on verification scams if you do a google search


Guys I had one tell me her mom gave here enough gold bars to equal 5.2 million dollars if I would send here the money to get it out of the bank and pay broker fees. It was in South Africa. $1,500.00 for broker fees and the money for a new passport and plane ticket to the US and she was all mine. Top notch photos and conversation for weeks then the bomb dropped. Also had one wanting cc# for the safe site registration. She was 5 miles from me at a hotel in a bikini and it was 18 degrees outside. I played games with her until she cursed me out. It's all a scam...beware. But I have met a couple of genuine real women that turned out to be awesome ladies but they are far and few in between the scam artist.


90% professionals 10% real. No description then 100% a pro. Better for you to initiate contacts yourself. NEVER give your credit card. I actually got a fake threatening email from AM demanding I sign a safe meeting form. The grammar was wrong - big tell tale sign it’s fake. I’ve met women already for coffee without any BS. And if the woman is too pretty, she can go to any bar in the world and pick up a guy. She doesn’t need a dating site!


This is a true scam, and not part of AM. Thank You!!

They're all named Kelly and will try to goad you into it by sending you more and more porn of "themselves."


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