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Hookup ticket voucher on Ashley Madison

Am User

I am pretty new on AM and I have been in contact with a lot of lady's on the site. I get their private e mails and we have had some good conversations .But then my question to all of you out there. 80 percent at least ask me for a voucher ticket so they know that I am real and safe they say that you can get this ticket when you join hookup. You have to register your credit card just for verification. Is this a scam or rip off or is it suppose to work like that??????

A answer is very much appreciated.

Same Boat

I'm wondering the same thing...did you get an answer?


100% scam. Report it and they will remove the scammer


Ya, I just got hit up by a 27 year old beauty. Same *censored*. Too good to be true, and I knew it so I checked on the web and came on here. Thanks for posting guys. And women complain about men trying to take advantage of them!


Very much a scam indeed! I have a woman that contacted me from Amsterdam of all places, lied and said she is in California and of course, all she needs is a credit card number put into some site. That's all anybody needs, right?FREE $$ Of course you and I are not idiots so tell them, "I will never, ever put my cc# into any website". They give you the sob story and tell you they have almost been raped at which point I tell them, "If we meet at a coffee shop on the corner of x and y blvd. in broad daylight, how are you going to get raped?


Thank you men. I am on a completely different platform, but also s asked to get a "booking ticket" #. This didn't sit OK wit me since the conversation was seemingly going without a hitch. Then the bomb dropped and I had y feeling it was a very modern sophisticated scam. Thanks again... Damn shame.. She was beautiful. Very realistic, believable pics too. Careful glad we got eachothers backs. Women are more shiesty than men now a days!!!

Anonymous AM dude

This whole site is full of spam and scammers. Complete waste of time. Recommend you get a refund if you recently spent any money on the site.


Quote by: Anonymous

This whole site is full of spam and scammers. Complete waste of time. Recommend you get a refund if you recently spent any
money on the site.

It's turned into the biggest scam house ever
And the real ladies if you want to call them that have the bitchiest attitude
Like they want revenge for what their husbands did to them
Or they are working Cool


Same thing I've just been asked for an ss ticket?!?
... stuff this site.
Thanks for the info boys


i just have been asked for a AM security ID
i guess its a scam

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