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Damn Nigerian Scammers

Mike in Cincy

Just wondering how many of you have been approached on dating web sites by incredibly good looking girls that you would be scared to talk to in person but for some reason they like your profile. I've got one right now emailing supposedly from Louisville...redhead, 30, pretty, works at law firm (ha ha) but can't even afford a cell phone because her son dropped it in the toilet and owes her landlord money and her parents just happen to be in Austrailia. I've found that there are so many tell tale signs of these Nigerian women. First, they always send pictures first. Their profile file pictures are grainy or too perfect. Their prefrences include just about everyone. The biggest thing is their English! They'll use words and phrases like "dat" "are you my man" "amicable" "ready for serious relations" and always use small "i" for everything. We don't talk like that. It's the way a non-American would talk if they learned English in language classes. Then they have some kind of problem and bring up a dollar amount. I've never talked to anyone online and money came up like that. Most women are very cautious at first. They say the will fly out to see you and even send you an itinerary but right before they will call you and tell you something happened to the plane ticket and need money. One of these girls did all that to me but I knew it was a scam within a few days with all ther red flags. I set up a fake profile of my own and started emailing her and received the exact same emails from her that she sent me before. If you see the ">" marks on every line or the email is formatted weird (full sentence, then a couple words, then full sentence) you know she is cut and pasting or replying the entire body of the message. Anyway, if you have similar stories, I'd like to hear them.. Evil

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Yeah they are certainly a pain. I get a lot of spam on this forum from them. Some emails and forum posts are easy to spot because they look like they had been translated from their native language to English using Google. Sentences are not quit right, and some words not translating at all.


I got one that one supposedly living in NYC. I am a subscriber to matchcom (not for long). and this woman e mails me. She was pretty and and while I might go back to nyc again in another year or so, it would be nice to know somenone there. Anyway turns out she is from GHANA. She WAS in NYC for 4 months on a scholrship. She never said much about herself . Just stuff like 'I love hearing from you '. Two weeks have pasted and she quit writing aftte I made it clear we would never meet but could be pen pals and no money sent.

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