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Romance Compass Scam?


Guys, please realize that all those websites are made for making money and are not there to help you find someone. If you want to meet new people just send friend requests on social sites, its the best chance you'll have to meet someone from a different country.


I tried a little experiment with RC. I chose about 6/7 ladies I liked the look of among the hundreds of letters I received. I took a photo of myself holding their name on some paper etc. In my opening letter I asked each one of them to please do the same, so that I know you are real + genuine! I added; PLEASE DO NOT WRITE BACK TO ME unless you can do this, which is so easy for anyone to do these days. Guess what, they all wrote back making various excuses of why they wouldn't or couldn't do this. Needless to say not a single one did reply with the requested photo etc. They never got any more letters from me!


Hello Alan romance compass man id 169601))) I'm glad you still remember me)) honey don't blame me rejecting you if you are miserable and broke, I am looking for real man who can make me happy and you were just complaining on your life and problems and now you are not happy I answered all your letters???)))) ANASTASIA
Quote by: Anonymous

So I decided to take the risk and spend $85 AUD on the website in hopes of finding a woman in my life.
So what I did was I ignored all the incoming messages from other profiles and focused on one woman with user ID 118913 aka Anastasia. Funniest thing is she actually answered all my questions and even remembered about my life events a few days after discussing with her (e.g. exams, basketball matches). Then by the time I requested for her contact details I received a disconnected phone number and a fake address (looked like a run down home made in China) but a valid surname. I searched the name on both Facebook and and guess what.... she owned a Facebook account (she denied she owned one) and a vk account but nevertheless I sent her friend requests. Next day later I found out that THE REAL HER rejected both of my requests but then sent me another email ON THAT WEBSITE if she wanted a threesome (wth). I reported the profile to the website but that didn't do jackshit. So I went further and searched her on Google and on Instagram and realised.... she was actually a Miss Ukraine Model and is currently working with Katrin Models Management and that all the pictures that were uploaded on the site and in her emails to me were stolen pictures after all! You know how I felt after hearing the truth...
MY HEART WAS LIKE LITERALLY BLEEDING because of all she told me how much she also wanted me in my life was just lies!

Well I hope you guys can take this as a lesson from my experience and btw never trust the reviews on the RC website there just props convincing you to sign up. I'm about to become a professional singer next year and along with my future music videos will be this catfish story on Romance Compass with a surprise guest.... guess!



Romance Compass is a high end scam the girls are not allowed on legit sites like,
they use Scripts and the name of the poor sucker is the only thing that changes in their letters. When you sign up Romance Compass gives you 20 Credits which they use to entice you. Girls that lock you in get a percentage on the credits used when you buy the credits, its a well thought out Business to screw you and they do it well. I have been Investigating this company for 6 months under different aliases. Take a fake name and disguise yourself for a picture. Then see all the pretty ladies jumping 100's in your e-mail, emailing sex talk to get you excited and lock you in. When using the communication in Romance Compass to talk to ladies put your email in their. The girl responds and says I want to talk with you live on video chat which takes bought credits, screw you again and the girl responded I can't use your email. After 20 credits are used, get an ip changer and sign up again under a new alias do it over, this can be done many times, You will see this is a Russian Rip Off Agency This is how these girls make a living. Get enough men to do what I outlined, maybe we can put a dent in this rip off business. Smile

Rob United States


Even though I`m rather skeptical of modern means of communication, this site has change my view as it really worked.


Hey guys,Romance Compass is a total fake!!! Thanks to image saerch machine of google I have found many girls from that site and they have told me that they have never written any letter to me and I have recieved many from them on that site!!! I think they earn money with that,I really think so,it's just a manipulation of your pocket! Hahaha

Serious man

Hey guys!
I’ve been on Romance Compass for over a year and what does this tell you? Either I’m having good luck or I’m a fool or I hold on to a sliver of hopes in finding a young beautiful wife? I am in my late fifties, successful in business and fairly good looking. And from what I heard about Slavic woman as being devoted wives and beautiful I decided to try my luck there in RC website. I was introduced by a close friend who met a woman there and married her. Let me put it in numerical perspective for you, ok? 95% of the women there are either playing games, just flirting, having fun or are complete scammers. The other 5% are real from what I can tell. Here’s some quick advice.... Never send money no matter what they say. If a woman tells you she loves and writes only you, yet every time you look she’s online, then she’s probably lying. I’d suggest as soon as you hit the 15 letters sent mark, you try and switch her to email, because some women make money from the website by getting many men to write them. It’s free for them, men have to pay! Also, do not go by the photos in their profile. These are professional modeling photos with hair and make up and Adobe photo shop to remove all flaws. Only look at the cell phone selfie photos they attach. This will show you her real looks. It is said that Ukraine women don’t really care about age, and sometimes this is true. But if you’re in your fifties or older, over weight, losing your hair and have 19 and 20 georgeous woman trying to be with you... lose your ego and see it for what it really is. Bottom line you’ll have to spend lots of money and maybe... a slim maybe you might meet someone! Good luck


Oh how you are all right bits and pieces.
Yes they have vk and face book accounts and you can search them on mail ru. And bing and Instagram they love instagram.
Lawyers doctors are all lies. The whole thing. Is fake.
After bing there for years yes years. I sad to my self i will do my best to uncover the truth. Look i am 6 ft tall 220lbs with 5 percent body fat. But when you have no photos on your profile and you get messages say i love your
And there was one that was so slick that she though she had a dumb America except as they all do she sliped.if you do a free people search...... On a Ukrainian search engine.... Well the truth is revealed.... Most are prostitutes. Here is an example of one regina gudzan. Id#124912 and on there sister site she is id 373399...
Liar says she is a lawyer nope dont fall for the my sister or mom is sick. This is a big business in ukraine taking your money. Just stay away gentlemen.


This woman is registered on multiple sites. She has accounts on RussianDesire, Find-Bride, UkrainianDiamonds, HotRussianBrides, Romancecompass and probably a few others that we don't know about. She is a professional dater - pro scammer. They are only trying to make money for themselves. All these sites are scams! Save your money. Find bride her handle is SvetiLana id number 16866. She is a scammer of the worst degree. Her real name is Svetlana Stolyarova or Svitlana Stoliarova. She works for Orchid Agency in Odessa, Ukraine. She is a brilliant scammer. Don't fall for it! She only wants your money! Run!


Yes, they are a big scam This site must be banned by authorities. It's all staged and fake.

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