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Romance Compass Scam?


I am not sure about Romance Compass... Question I saw there advertisement on Facebook and I looked around on there site which looks very professional.

Is this Russian dating service any good? As a matter of fact, are any of these marriage sites worth trying or are they all bogus? I have a feeling the models on the site are there just to get us guys to sign up and string us along for as long as possible until we get fed up and move on.

Randy is Randy!

I haven't tried them myself. I have tried similar sites with negative results and a lighter pocket book. I always find overseas things really risky, it doesn't mater if it is a "dating site" or some other online service.

RomanceCompass and Single Baltic Ladies

BEWARE!!!! THESE WOMAN ARE ON MULTIPLE SITES. They will tell you anything to get you to send gifts to them. Tatyana age 30 in Sevastopol on RomanceCompass is also Exotic Rose Tatyana on Single Baltic Ladies. WATCH FOR THIS SCAMMER !!!!

masher p

Well have used romance compass for a while .and found a lot of the letters the girls send allegedly, a lot are the same word for word .Which has now put me off replying ,also some very rude ideas from some ladies. AS it appears the ladies do not pay to send letters to the men . You get hundreds of letters. But the men pay a lot of money to reply, My GUT instinct tells me this is not a good site . I MAY BE WRONG IF YOU KNOW ANY MORE ABOUT THIS SITE .I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU .


Here's the thing I've learned about RC after being on there for several months and also getting to know several girls very well there. First many girls will have a form letter they send out to guys they are interested in
and you will get this same letter over and over, maybe with different pics, just so they get your attention and you reply. Once you reply they will start sending original letters to you. Now, are these ame letters they send over and over coming from the agency they are with? Maybe, probably at first... but so what? But not all girls will do this... some write you an original letter each time. Now do some girls write you just for reponses and try to get you to chat so they can make a little money from the agency from the money you pay to respond or chat on their system? cann happen and I can't rule that our completely, but I have come to know several girls quite well and know their style of writing and what they talk about are things in their daily life, so
if they are doing it to several guys and making a little money from only costs my the few dollars per letter, maybe $2-$4 which is on the cheaper side of many sites that cost per letter. I would stay away from chatting until you are for sure you know the girl well, and want to see her on cam, as that will really end up costing a lot of credits for the time involved. The girls are almost all model quality and you need to look at this as another form of "entertainment" in a way. It can be fun, and once you have written 15 letters to a girl (105 credits or about $60-90 depending on what you paid for them) you can get the girl's direct contact info (email, address, etc.) and write her directly, and then you are on your own! At that point, you can STILL get scammed if you are not careful.... NEVER ever send her money for ANY reason... medical, visas, plane fare, ANYTHING and you will eliminate most all scam opportunities. The REAL scams can start if they only meet you for a quick date (with a friend) and never really see you again. That can happen with any girl anywhere though!


Oh... one other thing... yes, you will find girls there that are on multiple sites there. So what??? That doesn't mean they are a scammers just because they try other sites. I try other sites also. They are trying to find the right guy, just like we all are and that just gives them more chances to find "the one". If you are so afraid a girl is a scammer just because you see her on other sites... then don't write to her. I always do a Google image search on a girl's photos and find many girls on other sites that way, plus, their VK page (Russian Facebook) or other places. I have even found girl's pics on escort agency sites... HA! Stay away from those unless that's what you want! Wink

John Joh

Hey guys I think you understand nothing about Romance Compass. All letters are manipulated. I am in Kiev and had to go through bad experience from two girls asking me to come. One run away after telling her my air-ticket was booked and the other did not show up at the airport like understood. They keep writing to me like nothing wrong. I paid 4 times for private details, all fake!! You talk to a middle-woman and yes they can change profile and ID then, I had one who was Doctor, she disappeared after I contacted her and came back with other name and as beautician. Maybe some girls are real but completely manipulated by agencies and Romance Compass seems to enjoy pumping the money.
Right now I am in Kiev and can tell you a lot about!! All is scam
John John


they didn't refund around 250$ even today. Stay away, the site is a scam !!!!
A lady called Maria (the support) is answering very quick, but she is not able to arrange any meeting


So I decided to take the risk and spend $85 AUD on the website in hopes of finding a woman in my life.
So what I did was I ignored all the incoming messages from other profiles and focused on one woman with user ID 118913 aka Anastasia. Funniest thing is she actually answered all my questions and even remembered about my life events a few days after discussing with her (e.g. exams, basketball matches). Then by the time I requested for her contact details I received a disconnected phone number and a fake address (looked like a run down home made in China) but a valid surname. I searched the name on both Facebook and and guess what.... she owned a Facebook account (she denied she owned one) and a vk account but nevertheless I sent her friend requests. Next day later I found out that THE REAL HER rejected both of my requests but then sent me another email ON THAT WEBSITE if she wanted a threesome (wth). I reported the profile to the website but that didn't do jackshit. So I went further and searched her on Google and on Instagram and realised.... she was actually a Miss Ukraine Model and is currently working with Katrin Models Management and that all the pictures that were uploaded on the site and in her emails to me were stolen pictures after all! You know how I felt after hearing the truth...
MY HEART WAS LIKE LITERALLY BLEEDING because of all she told me how much she also wanted me in my life was just lies!

Well I hope you guys can take this as a lesson from my experience and btw never trust the reviews on the RC website there just props convincing you to sign up. I'm about to become a professional singer next year and along with my future music videos will be this catfish story on Romance Compass with a surprise guest.... guess!


Romance Compass IS a TOTAL SCAM !!

I wasted $ 200 and i know for sure. DON'T waste your time as NOTHING will EVER Happen !! They prey on men's loneliness. They even posted a friend of mine on their who is a Russian Model and is NOT registered with them. They even listed her wrong address on her page !! THEY ARE FULL OF *censored* !! STAY AWAY !! SAVE YOUR MONEY and TIME !! David

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