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Romance Compass Scam?


Ukrainian/Russian Dating Websites=Virtual Escort Service Site

Other fradulent websites out there are and

Your actually talking to an outsource Indian customer call center representative unless you request a live video conference with the ladies. And when you do, they will tell you what you want to hear, but only string you along, thereby you will never meet with them in person and start a real relationship. This was my experience.

The ladies get paid by the website to use their images and talk to you on ocassion. Some of the ladies are even married. If you read the refund policy on it clearly states that they are not responsible if the lady is already married.

Yes they scam scam millions of dollars from their users everyday. I've reported them IC3, but they don't really seem to care as these websites are still actively running on the internet.

I found a testimonials on youtube from woman who worked for the dating agency exposing them. Here is the link: To sum up her video: 70% of the women are scam artist while 30% are actually looking for a relationship.

When you eligible to ask the lady for her contact information she will contact you via email but request money and to offset the cost of talking to you. In my experience her direct quote was you think "I am talking to you for you money. I talked to you because I liked you don't you ever forget that." It's over you hear." And your gifts are ridiculous don't tell anyone their gifts. 82 dollars for manicures don't be ridiculous I spend 500 dollars a month on beauty salons. A man I was talking to just now gave me 300 dollars just for my company more than love one." I knew what her line of work and it was eating me upside so I simply told her I won't be giving you anymore gift of any kind. Do you still want to communicate?" Prompting her to lose her cool and tell me the aforementioned. I reported her to the dating website who contacted her dating agency. The lady then claimed it wasn't her who emailed me and that her account was hacked. Can you believe her nerve? If her account was hacked she didn't think to contact me on the website and inform me of this? She emailed me from another account and she stopped emailing me. I contacted her back on the site and she claims this email was hacked also. Excuse after excuse. I emailed her to open gmail account and she never emailed me back with a response and simply changed the subject emailing me with another unrelated topic.

If you ever want to become a millionaire open one of these websites yourself. There not that expensive to build. Once you build it, you merely need to contact one or two Ukrainian/Russian (mainly Ukrainian) dating agencies to get their ladies to open an account. Of course you would have to give them a cut of the money.

The reason they use Ukrainian women it is because the minimum wage in Ukraine is 5.70 US dollars per day. This ladies easily make this in 1 hour from commissions derived from credits used on them when you live video conference them. Some of this ladies live lavish lives in Ukraine from their commissions.

It is actually very fast way to make money as you instantly begin earning money when dopes like myself, buy credits. I am a smart man who knew most of the ladies were fraudulent as soon as begin to receive a multitude of letter and chat invitations where as in other legitimate dating websites only receiving a handful of letter and chat invitations. I even went to the lengths of creating a second profile that had no picture or any personal information about me but nevertheless continued getting a multitude of letters and chat requests. You get letter and chat request when your log in or the Indian outsource representative assuming the ladies identity sees that your an active user. This representative who represent the lady who works of commissions derived from your credits, alike to sales representative are not going to waste their time talking to someone who isn't on the website.
I in fact only opened an account because of a specific profile. I was hoping the lady was part of the few ladies on the website who are actually looking for a relationship. She was not. If their chance the women you want to talk to on these websites is a scam artist simply don't open an account.


I talked to this woman on Romance Compass for almost a year 189504 Maria she was telling me a bunch of lies this whole time. I thought I had found a woman that I would marry one thing led to another and we quite talking to each other mostly because I knew she was lieing to me about every thing. To make a long story short we quite talking almost a year ago. I decided to write her a letter and see how she was doing I never in this letter said any thing about talking to her a year eairler, it was a complete surprise to me when I got a letter back from her and she had no idea who I was. Be very carefull of this site its nothing but a rip off.


How Ukrainian/Russian Dating Website Scam Works

Sign up
Get spam letters and chat requests
Talk to impostors
Request lady’s contact information
Talk to lady over phone/email
Lady ask for money and gifts
Send money and gifts (if your willing)------ (I ONLY GOT THIS FAR)
Meet lady ( if it goes that far)
Lady may or may not show up for meeting
Come back to your country (give it a try and ask the lady to come to your country) for starters your never have been talking to the lady and if you were the lady is in on the scam, and certainly is not going to come to you for no monetary gain.
Lady stops talking to you

100% scam

Note: Ukraine's HIV rate is almost as high as the Congo's, another good reason to stay away from these websites if you think your the exemption to the scam and want to give them a try.


Check out the rip off report on Irina Makienko profile 120035.
The author provided proof.


Well I'd say it's a pure scam. Those girls are simply too good to be true .. most of them look like models. I have a personal experience from another paid Russian dating site, where I started to chat with a few girls. Of course had to pay for that. Then I made a photo search, found one of those girls on VK and for my great surprise she had no idea of who I am, though we were chatting daily and were already quite close .. we started to communicate in real and as it finally came out, this site uses Asian girls and bots to keep messaging and chat up and running, real girls had just accounts, however, weren't able to communicate. So these sites are mostly so called gold mines for some smart guys, coz dating as such .. need for love has become a dirty business, you like it or not ..


Check these girls very well check out there names look at this girl 189504 her name is Maria she is also located on rip off reports. This is a very big scam she is also listed on several black lists.


Yes I was taken for several thousand dollars by this woman Marhka Bendarenko ID #189504 this is a fake woman she is listed on Rippoff she has or was listed on Escort Service sites she charges 100.00 US dollars a night. I know this for a fact as I had a friend visit Ukraine and he called the escort service that she was listed under and ordered her service for the night. If you do not believe me contact me and I will prove all that I have said in this report.


Quote by: Anonymous

Check these girls very well check out there names look at this girl 189504 her name is Maria she is also located on rip off reports. This is a very big scam she is also listed on several black lists.

I had been talking to this woman for 6 months before I found out about her she is listed on Ripoff I contacted the man that had the ripoff report he proved it all to me she is also listed on escort service sites.

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