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What works in a profile?


What in your profile makes people respond to you? Is it something quirky, flat out honesty or something else. The main thing I found was including one or more good photos (I know kind of obvious). Other than that I'm not sure. Everything I write seems like everyone else's. Cry

Hoping for some insight...



Describe your personality in a positive, upbeat manner. Steer clear of trite expressions and don't try to apologize for any shortcomings, whether real or imagined. Include a flattering photograph that is not more than one year old. That's the basics!

Frustrated in Detroit

What works in a profile?
I hate to sound trite or pandering, but....I'm rather impressed with honesty. Sometimes that includes being honest with yourself, not just the readers whom you hope to attract.

I saw one ad on Yahoo where the gentleman described himself as having an "athletic" build and he included a photo of himself shirtless. His breasts were larger than mine! I'm overweight myself, so I can't be too hard on him for that, but I also don't describe myself as "shapely" (I've always fancied myself to be a quadrilateral) or "curvy" (for a mountain trail through the Appalachians, maybe). I simply describe myself as "large" take it or leave it and, yes, I do get responses.

From a woman's perspective, stay away from cutesy screen names and profile titles. Having the title "are you for me" written as "RU4me" makes most women's skin crawl. Just be yourself, say something simple and descriptive without being lewd or inane.

Also, if you are going to include a photo(s) use one that is in focus. Do not wear sunglasses, especially if the photo is clearly taken indoors. Do not include a head shot where some or most of your face is obscured. Do not use a long shot photo that is such a long shot you are indiscernable from a tree. Anything that makes a photo difficult to interpret leads the viewer to assume that there may be something you're trying to hide. In some cases it may be better not to include any photo at all. Do not "try to look cool" with a slight sneer or disinterested expression, this just looks like a bad attitude. Do not force a big, toothy smile if it's not in your nature. Some people can force a smile that can charm birds from the trees, most of us just end up looking uncomfortable and unnatural. Stick with a pose where you feel comfortable and at ease.


Honest, and true not don't let the my username give you the wrong impression it means _____ because they are lies I woul rather date a garbage man that is honest and loyal than some lier that wants in your pants don't let wannaplaywithu fool you he only wants to play with you heart, and make a fool of you.

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