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Is another scam site?

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I joined Friday night and I'm now regretting the hell out of this.
They are definitely scammers, DO NOT GIVE UR CELL PHONE NUMBER OUT!!!. IGNORE the girls who are obviously not in your area, that is a scam in itself. If you do find one then have them meet you at a place, setup an email account and communicate that way until you actually meet them, otherwise forget it.

I'm cancelling my subscription tomorrow.. I have 4 girls supposedly in my area that are luring me in with BS conversations, Clever little darlings.. All of these sites are scams.


Quote by: Anonymous

I got on Flirt and paid their $2.97 for the three day trial. I removed my account a day before my trial ended cause alls the site is is a hub for women to try and get you on skype and from there they either want you to go to their website to cam or they try to get your facebook info so they x an try and blackmail you with whatever info they can get their hands on. Flirt (Together Network) absolutely has thee worst customer service I have ever came across. Then to make the whole experience worse they charged my card for $29.99 even after I removed my account and refuse to refund. Which isn't as bad as the hoops you literally have to jump through to get your account removed. They have you email the administrator who does not email you back with a confirmation number to email so you have to deal with someone from India to get your email by calling the 212#. Then you call back. Overall it took 3 days of bs and my account still hasn't been completely removed.
Beware the site is just a scam. You will receive numerous messages from different usernames asking to go to the same skype username. Also yahoo IM has been plagued with the same thing from these people.

What you can do Jeremy is delete the card that you use to sign up on the account with get you a new card And don't use those type of sites again stick to something is real. Plenty of fish Christian matchmakers etc things that you can verify

Adams; C

Without a doubt it is a fake , fraudulent site.
Let me explain. After signing up due to the high pressure pitches., I began receiving an avalanche of messages .
However the euphoria quickly faded.
The contacts acted so hot , horny and interested. Then suddenly they pulled an " Houdini"..poof.
The style and manner of communication has a the same pattern and manner of writing, Like a fingerprint, or signature. Regardless of who contacts you. The same approach.

But the contact did not leave the line. Okay..popularity is the thing,
I stayed off line and returned after a day.
There were new messages from women I had not talked with previously but the message was like we had, a follow up.
Then contacts had changed ethnicity, nationality.. i.e., Asian young hottie becomes a hot Mediteranian. guess in a fast paced world hotties tend to forget where they are from by thousands of miles.

I asked another contact who claimed to live in my city,,what area she lived in. you know smaller community or suburb. I'm still waiting to get an answer from someone that one minute was so eager to chat. The zip code she listed would answer my simple question if she were legit.

Now another issue.. ANy contact that is constantly on line works in the main office, not at home ..we all got stuff to do. Save you cash and time..Unless you enjoy texting possibly men disguised as Dames.


So my job is to join online websites and see how dangerous they can be. has to he one of the worse I've encountered. But you can get out. It takes persistence and sheer determination.


Go onto your subscriptions and cancel up until it takes you too the contact number for 'customer service'
You will eventually get through to a representative. Repeat your reference number shown on the screen, Name and email. Then the website you wish to cancel your subscription. Place the call on speakerphone and record your conversation with another device and inform the representative you are doing so.

(Just to inform you, I'm recording this conversation for my personal evidence)

If they hang up. Repeat. Then repeat again. and again but do not stop recording your device. This shows how scam you and is perfect evidence in a court of justice.

Repeat to the representative you wish to cancel your subscription completely from (today's date). They will then try and speak fast and get you to agree to a 7 day trial without you realising. What you need to do is keep replying no, I'd like to completely cancel my membership from today. Do not let the representative finish what there saying.

They will hang up the phone with no confirmation because this is what they are told to do. But you have the conversation recorded for your personal evidence.


Email- and in the subject type in. Request To Cancel My Billing subscription.

Then type in. Your screen name, Your email address and I.D clearly. Underneath this, Request a confirmation email back to your email address to confirm cancellation.

Over 24 hours - you will receive an email stating you have successfully cancelled your membership.

Most people think it's over then. But it isn't. Your account is still valid and you are on a basic subscription. Which will be renewed after a months period, stated in the small print contract which I'm sure none of you read.

Once your email confirmation has come through with regards to billing subscription has been cancelled. Follow next steps.

Next: Get onto a computer/laptop ect.

1: Log-on and select your picture profile in the top right corner.
2:Select my settings and scroll to the bottom of the page. You cannot do this on your mobile device unless you go onto web mode. Which 90% of the time. Doesn't work.

3:Select remove my profile

4:Choose a reason for deletion (e.g. I have found someone elsewhere)

Confirm that you’re sure that you want to close the profile

Enter your email address, because they’ll send you the cancellation code on that address.

A cancellation code has been sent to you. You’ll receive it approximately 1 hour later by e-mail. When you’ve received it, all you need to do now is restart the procedure from step 1 and fill in the cancellation code in step 4. After that, your account is gone.

Once your account has gone. All personal information has been removed from the servers, including your bank details.

You now have the confirmation of subscription cancelled by email and the deactivated account confirmation on email. Plus the recorded phonecall, showing due negligence and very bad and fraudulent customer service.

If you missed the 3 day window. You will be charged for a monthly subscription for the following month.

If this happens. Call your bank provider. Tell them you have been a victim of fraud. Say you have evidence and explain the website to Them. They WILL be familiar eith the site. Then ask the bank to block any transactions made by to your account which they will do.

Your nightmare is over.
Never join a dating website. Never enter your bank details.

If you want to date. Go to speed dating sites in your area. Join tinder. Bumble. Badoo.

Never pay.

I hope this helped many of you.


This site won’t approve ANY of my photos!!! Not one! And I even did new selfies, outside by myself...they always reject them! I’m assuming it’s a scam site, I get messages and nothing one is allowed to know what i look like bc they delete everything since it’s “against” their either I look like a celebrity or a dog, they won’t allow anyone to see my face!!!! Please don’t use this site, it’s garbage and I’m reporting it to Apple.


anyone that uses ''honey'' or ''baby'' is living outside western countries in russia or nigeria or some other ass hole place in the world.. tripe


I knew it was a scam when I didn't even post any photos of myself or personal info, and I was getting messages saying women had viewed my page, and in order for me to read their messages I had to upgrade, which means spending $$$. How can someone be interested when they can't see a face or read anything about them? Scam.


Yes, I do believe this to be a scam site. Fake ads. When you begin chatting with someone, the questions they ask seem to be computer generated and the answers are never in response to your questions. After "chatting" I noticed that the responses used the same questions and phrases. Also they all used "ur" instead of your! I guess I wasted my money. Don't know if there is a reliable dating site for Seniors!


Damn right it is. Good thing I used prepaid credit card so can't keep hitting my account.
Haven't seen a single positive from any messages I sent only want to keep you buying credits.
Do your self a favor if you are horny and lonesome GO BUY A HOOKER AT LEADT YOU KNOW YOU A= GOING TO GET SOMETHING FOR YOUR MONEY

no man

Yes it is !! I would like to know how to deactivate on account, can anybody tell me how?

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