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Hacked off UK

Was on it for a few months. Struggled to cancel account, so resorted to threats and alot of swearing (good old fashioned Anglo-Saxon) THAT got their attention. Supposedly from Luxembourg. The obviously took offence to my colourful language or as they put it 'my foul abusive lexic'. Made out if I contacted them like that again they'd report so I told them to 'go away you lady parts' nothing happened! As for the women I think some are genuine 3 are on my FB page 1 I actually met another one I spoke on the phone for awhile and the other admitted she was a 19year old student getting paid to lead people on. Don't trust any of these sites now amazing how some said they lived in my town, where everyone knows everyone yet I'd never seen them.


Yes no doubt. Probably one person answering for many ladies. Same gramer mistakes in response. Waste of my money.


I joined "Flirt" the other day. I YES it is a scam. Get winks from all over the United States and Romania. All they do is want to sell you Videos of them playing with their self's. I think the "Messages" from local women are computer ran. You start asking local questions where they are from and you get a "computer generated" answer back. Even they say AJ to Phx is only 5 miles away. I GOT SCAMED

This guy

how are you gentlemen ! ! !

When unsubscribing from one of these websites kindly contact the financial institution associated with the card you are using and inform them there are to be no charges from the company you are no longer using under any circumstance. This way you are able avoid the charges altogether.

You have no chance to survive make your time

Ha ha ha ha . . .


Quote by: Anonymous

I signed up to flirt.com last week after getting a number of email contacts from girls in my neighborhood. A week later and they now have seemed to disappear. I can't find their profiles and not one replied to my message after they sent me one first. This seems really strange. If you reach out to someone you think they would be interested enough to reply back.

I hope this is just a fluke. I plan on spending some time on the site tonight to see if I can find any more women I can contact.

All the dating sites have these same types of scammers. Pof is the only one that has actual real girls wanting to meet real guys and not just to get money out of them. However pof has their good amount of scammers also. This site is the only site that you don’t have to pay money to respond to its users so I would stick with it. I’ve met plenty of girls off of the pof site. It’s is getting a little worse though. You have to know how to weed out the fakes. If you’re a big fat ugly guy and this horny little hot 23 year old girl is saying she wants to meet. C”mom man. It’s not gonna happen. All I can say to all the guys are is find someone who is in your league and don’t pay money for dating sites. They are *censored* and these little hot pieces of ass will use you guys to get money. Find a file in your own neighborhood or go to real relationship sites like match and those types. Date a girl first. Then try to get that ass. Not many girls hand it out for free nowadays. I take them to McDonald’s. That’s about all the money they’ll get out of me. And if you do decide to stay on these site. Your first message should be. Hey give me your number and we will text. If they say no then it’s probably bull. I can get about 20 numbers a day off of pof. I weed them out that way. Also within the first two days of talking to them they will. Will will ask you for money for something or tell you a sad story about their kids dying or some crap like that. Get rid of their numbers if they do this. They are doing the same thing to many other guys and I promise you this. There are a lot of dumbasses that are sending these girls money. Be a player. Don’t be played. Good luck fellas and stay away from the gold diggers.


Yes and so is LiveFlings. All "members" are fictional. With over 35 chat requests, all responses appeared computer generated. Similarly, all request to verify authenticity were rebuffed. ALL!

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