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i paid for the 3 day subscription, what will happen when that subscription expires?

your subscription will automatically renew, to cancel you will need to ring up as soon as possible but they will transfer your account to another website such as "getanaffair.com" where they will charge you £42 a month without you even knowing. When you ring up make sure you don't get a free trial on any other website!!

unfortunately i know this from experience!


its best to phone your bank and say your CC is lost and get a new card with new numbers so they cant make any more debits ...this applies to any crooked date sites who wont let you escape their cluches .best not to ever give your card numbers to any date sites ,only a one off payments to see if theyre legit ..


Quote by: Anonymous

i paid for the 3 day subscription, what will happen when that subscription expires?

thats the trap the use to get your CC numbers.. then they will never let you go ,phone your bank and get them too disallow any more debits from you account ,explain they are scammers .i have found banks are well aware that date sites are usually scammers and are helpfull and stop any more debits right away


I am so amused by this site.I am from a small town with very few residents. I signed up and over 40 women from my town are on this site. Ha. I know everyone around here. This is absurd, they are making moneyvhand over fist sex sales.


I got driven there from a girl profile from badoo... The very interesting thing is that she .. Or they ... managed to disappear from the badoo chat log as if they ware a ghost...

Very bad security issue for badoo!

For more details this "girl" just asked me to add her on Skype.. And she directed me from there... I just did it for the laugh cause I'm using unregistered phone, and sim and email while in badoo... So no harm was caused...

But careful if you are one of those that has everything on the phone with all the passwords stored in the internet broser... Thouse pices of %&#(? Might be hazardous professionals



You guys what comes up on your bank statement when they take money from your account?

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