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new dating site?

georgia boy

yeah, i got taken on the seaoflove site as well, went back and used a different login and got the same girl as the first response to my profile asking me to chat. I first got the email from the yahoo personals asking me to go over there to chat to a lady I had emailed on yahoo.


I've got that seaoflove message too. Ive been using yahoo and meetic but there were millions of members and maybe 1 percent gives a response. why spend lots of money. as i am in uk, ive found a new site called with just hundreds of members and it offered me trial membership and there i've started doing some progress. finally getting answers to my messages. there are several options for payment credit based or monthly based. dont spend tens of dollars/pounds find a cheap but a decent site, never try free dating services. thats what i believe

sea of love my a**e

seaoflove is obviously a rip off.
I too received an email from someone whilst in Yahoo and decided to join sea of love for free. Almost immediately I had two emails sent to me from two very good looking girls (one of them had naked pictures posted on the site). With the free subscription you are not able to send any replies thus catching people to join ($19 a month) to reply to the bogus emails sent to you!

Do not trust that people they are after your money!!!!


check out my email about yahoo billing and proceed with caution.
do you REALLY think someone besides yourself and your mother cares if you meet someone or not? they just want you and your credit card a part of the "meet your soulmate" dream for as long as they can hold you.


Hi there, Rumour has it that Yahoo Personals will start in Belgium soon. Actually the site is going wild because most members are looking for sex-related encounters. It is much hotter than most Yahoo Personals-sites. Those belgians seem to be a hell of a sex-obsessed nation.


Some of what you all are describing sounds like nearly the same m/o for "heartdetectives" that others have already experienced as being a scam. They've shared on another thread active here right now.

LOVE that part about how they disclaim the occasional fictional emailings. Oy, goodness. Purely, PURELY protecting their you-know-whats because of the lawsuits that have been placed against certain other established sites re similar things alledgedly going on within.

BTW, I've been the route where I've created a second profile on one site and been "hit up" by the same people nearly as soon it goes live, but they don't appear to be from Russia. Actually, LOL, the same fellas hit me up on two sites nearly on the same day when I had decided to give online dating another shot a few years back.

Feels like they're just lookin' for a good time and trying to be the first in line for the new "meat" on the market. 'Sides, figure it probably hasn't been occurring quite the same for girls (gathering most of this is happening for the guys).

ms personality

New dating sites? I've seen them all. Most of the sites I've been makes no sense at all. Some men there were so fake I could see it even before checking their profiles out.

But now I am into and They verify the men who registers so I am sure they are in fact for real. Now I'm seeing someone at but because there are so many men to know, my options are still wide open. Check out these sites. I'm sure you'll find them interesting. Razz


There are a lot of scams out there guys so be careful. Looks like all of us had been victims of sea of love. But I tried a new dating site. Its called Big Grin Its free so its better than the other sites I've been on. Too many chicks there for one man to handle. Twisted


This new site called seaoflove is probably a scam. Gorgeous 32 year old women just don't ask a 60 year old man to meet them on a new site. I doubt that this gal reall exists. The put up a beautiful photo and scam you into believing that such a woman is interested in you if you were to go meet her on seaoflove.


I also received the e-mail requesting that I sign up for "SeaofLove" to contact a girl. I actually did get on it for the heck of it (free 7-day subscription) and within a day I got e-mails from what appear to be two strippers. One was in a g-string and the other was naked at the beach. While they were both way hot, I was not born yesterday. They must be making money bringing people in to pay for the subscription and then you get the kiss off. I noted that most of the guys on the site are 38+ and the women are 22-26.

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