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dreamycatch343 at Sea of Love

hi, message me at


I have posted at the 100% free plentyoffish, as well as Match and Yahoo, and I am getting at least as good a response there as I do at the paid sites. Not as big a database, but I get more emails and dates.


HI guys,
Sorry to report that I too have been taken in by seaoflove. I received the e-mail Cali4nicator received word for word. I believe there is some sort of connection between Yahoo personals and seaoflove. I am pulling my profile from both sites and would recommend everyone else to do the same and avoid these sites like the plauge. Both sites seem to be using young women in their 20's to lure guys into parting with their hard earned. Guess you know the old saying " A fool and his money... ". Again, avoid both of these sites at all cost. I have found a couple of free sites that actually seem interested in helping single people. One has alreday been mentioned here " " and the other I would recommend is " "
both are free and have interesting forums to read as well.
Older but wiser,


Couple of free sites I use, and, both are free and I have been on dates from both sites. I like the Citydate site the best though, easier to get around. They are getting a bunch of new members I noticed too which is always good, they must be advertising now?

peace Cool


Doug Cashmere and Seaoflove are rip offs. Clearly people should know that, not worth the money, lets get revenge!
He's got it coming to him, the site will be gone soon.


THE BES NEW DATING SITE and This is a great program that has worked in helping me find a great match!!!


flash on a dating site not good

try Mr. Green

or Mr. Green

Same old

I received the sea of love spam message on my account. It is exactly the same as the ones stated above. (ps- I like lavalife and webdate. Webdate is free, and the profiles I have contacted are real - unless Webdate has employees that actually meet you - lol.) Question


Quote by blah: avoid activeattractions at all cost.

activeattractions is horrible. never join a dating site that advertises 100% free. they will most likely sell your email address to spammers and bombard you with ads on their site. also, think about why they're offering a "free" service. it's because their site is so poorly designed, that no real people would sign up. the majority of the profiles you see on there will be ones put up by employees of the company with photos of models.

Do not fall for the "100% Free" gimmick advertised by many sites today.

NOT true, at least in our case. We are 100% to the user and do not sell or spam any of our members. We are 100% free as long as you upload 2 or more pics.. We are only paid through our advertisers and we have thousands of members..


The real free site is it has over 1 million members, none of these other "dating sites" have over 10k members.

Citydate and connectingsingles are pure spam. Plentyoffish gets more traffic per minute then they do per day.

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