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new dating site?


I am on Yahoo personals and rcvd an email asking me to check out a new dating site,, there is a website by that name but I did not sign in as I didn't know if this was just a spamming effort or what. Has anyone ever heard of this site?

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I haven't heard anything about it myself. It doesn't look like Yahoo is part of it either.

Interesting graphics, I'll have to look at the site further when I get a chance.

Bill N.

I too received a message from someone on Yahoo directing me to

From their current terms of service (emphasis added):

"It should be understood that from time to time Sea Of Love, may monitor your profile. This may be done many ways but not limited to a representative of Sea Of Love, using a fictional character, whom may send you one or more correspondence. If you have any questions about this practice, though very rarely used, feel free to ask for details. These measures are used to investigate reports of abused and harassment among other situations and you should also understand that these fictional correspondence are indistinguishable from real correspondences."

While the fictional correspondence referred to in the terms of service is for a good cause, it does show that they are willing to fake messages. I wonder whether the emails we received are real or shill messages.

Proceed with caution. As a rule, I never sign up (anymore) on new dating sites in response to this kind of e-mail.


Horrible and ugly, come on, man o man, it looks like a kid made it.

Here try these guys and, both free and both active for Now!! LOL.


Here's the message I received on my Yahoo! Personals account:

"I'm writing this one time to tell you I don't use this account anymore. But I always check my messages over at They just started and they're offering free memberships. I'd love to chat with you there. It's a really nice and unique place. Lots of cool art and animation and REALLY good features. Message me there.

at Sea Of Love"

Then, I discovered has a "Webmaster Affiliate" program which probably explains why people are receiving these "friendly" emails...

"The earning potential is endless. We have webmasters earning several thousand dollars each month just from promoting Webmasters continue to send us their traffic because it works! The amount you earn is up to you. The more traffic you send, the more money you will make. We supply you the tools you need to succeed. You can choose from banner ads, text ads, or email campaigns when you sign up."


a dating site based on shockwave flash animation? is this a joke?? whoever designed that site obviously has no clue.

Andrew T

That site is a rip off. I wouldn't waste my time on it if I knew then what I know now.


excited has all the functions of all the big sites and the graphics are good too, looks like a great new site, check it out Razz


avoid activeattractions at all cost.

activeattractions is horrible. never join a dating site that advertises 100% free. they will most likely sell your email address to spammers and bombard you with ads on their site. also, think about why they're offering a "free" service. it's because their site is so poorly designed, that no real people would sign up. the majority of the profiles you see on there will be ones put up by employees of the company with photos of models.

Do not fall for the "100% Free" gimmick advertised by many sites today.


Haven't you heard about plentyoffish, they are also offering free services and I dont think it is possible to post such a huge number of fake profiles. All new sites offer free services for limited time to build member base. I think your statement was baised. I have visited the site and its not that bad though they have less number of members as compared to other site.

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