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Quote by: Anonymous

Affair is total bs dont waste ur money or time... all fake profiles...

it is fake it's messed up what people try to do to get money and take
Advantage very sad but what goes around comes around.....


The site is total BS even if you are in a major city area. You'll get the usual fake crap - lots of responses and notifications if someone even sneezed in your direction when you just barely joined and don't even have your profile together yet; initially you'll get short generic replies if you do send messages, but they'll never get into detail or answer your questions and again, very brief and generic, then it will mysteriously stop. You get oodles of fake profiles and search matches that have nothing to do with your criteria and are even quite incompatible with your taste selections (often the wrong gender even!). Lots of suspiciously familiar profile photos if you've spent 5 minutes looking at any pron sites. Frequently even with a VIP Gold membership half the functions (add favorite, add friend, send message, send flirt) will suddenly bounce you to an "oops you have unexpectedly logged out" screen, and if you click to log back in, the site tries to upsell you access to some other site! This is totally random and can get in frustrating loops when you just f'ing logged back in 30 seconds ago. And NO, they won't refund your charges when you contact the site admin to tell them their service is totally bogus and you want to cancel.

Utter BS site.


Quote by: Anonymous

You guys are the biggest losers..... married men searching for young hot women.... while ur wife is at home with ur family.... lust and greed get a life... o wait u have one that u screwed up already. U all deserve to be scammed.

Rolling Eyes Hey Samantha, darling;
Ever hear the saying "Variety is the spice of life" ?
Many married guys marry petite, young, beautiful women who eventually get eaten by the saggy, naggy cow they are living with now. But we dare not saying anything about it to them because then we're perceived as an insensitive A-holes.
The secret to keeping your man happy is this.."Be a good conversationalist & an attractive whore in the bedroom." (& that was advise from a woman). Sadly, this pearl of womanly wisdom falls on deaf feminine ears who then proceed to b itch incessantly about their men-pathetic


This site is an American website. Lots of the profiles state they are in the uk, but when you read them you can see the users are in the USA and that the company has just changed their location to the UK to get people to join.

It is a con so do not join it is a waste of money.


Agree with all of you. In fact, I started to study the pics from some of the profiles and in a couple of them they are DISTINCTLY EUROPEAN in nature and here I sit in the U.S. THEN I started to do a little research on just HOW MANY women are from the small towns around me (I'm in a rural area) and found that out of a population of close to 1000 people....50+ were all married/single/looking? Doesn't make sense. The same number/ratio appeared when I ran them with another town of nearly 4000 people. 5% seems like an awfully high number.

Pissed Punter

Does anyone have the email address for Tumblestone Ltd?


Total Fraud...Outright! I mailed several women, but when I texted them to validate the email that I sent to them they could not answer me. When you finally look to give your phone number to someone to contact you, they get squeamish and say no. this was every woman after various conversations of interest. No lengthy cerebral replies. all one or two liners, even if you took the time to write a fine letter. Utter BS. They suck you dry with buying tokens and nothing materializes from it. This sites going down! After some letters to the Attorney General or just people figuring it out.


Luckily I have no illusions over such sites. Remain objective and use skepticism
always. I set the search/seeking parameters to the highest of standards, (only women who have their Masters Degree, live within 5 miles of me, make very good money, etc.)

Did it work? Of course not! Imagine my surprise..

If I'm going to pay for anything, why set the bar low? Cool


I agree with Samantha. You guys are losers. You get what you pay for.

Got Took

Total scam, don't let them take you in. Can be quite convincing at first, until you notice the pattern in their chat, in their profiles, the key words that come and go... and the duplicate profile pictures! One small community in my (50 mile) search area has over 70% of it's total population (2010 US Census data) signed up as women, mostly married but not satisfied with their husband. Most are quite good looking, even hot, too- and the women I've seen in that town really don't make that grade! Also every town has very close to the same number of women signed up- 53,000 to hundreds in population, all the same number of hot hot horny women. Forget it.

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