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I signed up for last week. I got a lot of emails from ladies at Talkmatch. What is Talkmatch? When I do a search for the profiles of the ladies that have emailed with Winks, 90% of the profiles do not exist. I don't get it. Is this a way tried to get people to pay for their Premium services? Most of the Winks to my email come from out of state women, even though my profile says I am looking for someone within 50 miles of my home. In several instances, I searched for a ladie s profile who supposedly Winked at me 5 minutes after I got the Wink. How is it possibe her profile does not exist?


Definitely a scam. They are probably system generated fake profiles aiming to entice you to getting a paid membership. Otherwise, how could these women be so far from your place, and respond in a good 5 minutes? Try offline dating and try to attract women in real.

Reading Dave

I paid for a membership in for other reasons and when the talkmatch winks came in and I tried to look at them, it said profile not available.


this match disaster. don't pay them.

I'll tell later

I am experiencing the exact same thing--we've been ripped off! Maybe we should lead a site-wide complaint. I'd like my money back!!


Same here as the rest. Avoid like the plague. It is a front for foreign scam artists. They correspond with you as if they are a man... know exactly what a man wants to hear but don't be fooled!!! No lady is going to talk to a man she just met on a dating site like that. These are most likely men with a bunch of pretty pictures. Follow my lead and file complaints with the BBB, The Federal Trades Commission, and the FBI. pretends to be an American based company but acts like the Russion Mob. It entices you in for a 3 month commitment that auto-pays over and over if you're not paying attention which is exactly what all of us do. Who remembers something 2-1/2 months later after they got disgusted with these despicable practices and walked off? First report then immediately cancel reoccuring payments, and then RUN!!!

Why do you think doesn't do anything about it?... because they are all the same company. When you go in to file a compliant, a different box pops up and you see all the companies they represent and it's like a slap in the face... THEY ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER!!!



I got so pissed off after being on for less than a day and here they came, winks, viewed my profile, chat me ect.. I told them where to shove there site then they want to give u 3 mo. for free if u stay. I received an email stating NO refund by they won't AUTO renew me. I know some of the people on there so some are real. BUT stay in your miles radius and I think u will be better off. Since it's paid for I re activated to see what's up if I stay local. Definitely a scam!! BUT I did meet someone real and went on a date. Just don't answer any out of radius hits.

Duane Gibson

I just joined this site this week. I am widowed and decided to see what happens. I am a man who respects women completely. I received a reply from what seemed like an interesting woman who said the following:

How are you doing? I hope you get this mail and it finds you well.I was glancing through profiles when my little daughter pointed at your picture and said you looks familiar , actually she said you looks like her school bus driver she got me laughing for are you her school bus driver? just kidding i know you are not..hmmm smile, she got me interested in you,The first thing that came to my mind when i saw your picture was..''WOW..''you're going to be interesting'' i thought i had take out time to introduce myself i would like to know you more..we could get to know each other much better...i am getting off this site now cause i have been getting alot of crazy emails from men asking for nude pics of me so here is my email ..... get in touch with me,hope to talk to you soon..take care of yourself.


Then I clicked on her picture and i went to her profile which came up. It said she had never married and had no children. If she is real she is not for me that is for sure. But is she real or a scam. And it says she is from New York and I am from Arizona. Quite a drive there. I don't know why I even signed up but I felt I wanted to get back into life. My daughter made it clear she wanted me to meet people and not give up on life or anything, which I wouldn't but that was wonderful. Sorry for long note but wanted to see what others thought and are there more legit sites? Oh, and by the way what is a "wink"? The reply had nothing about a wink. Thank you.


Talkmatch is a bunch of crap. I agree this profiles, wink alerts and matches are bogus. I get people onlne chats that say the same thing over and over. I am in "Afghanistan, Siria, Pakistan" They are widows whoare looking for serious relationships on the first chat--REALLY?
And thses talkmatch are also bogus. I can't stand it. Also, my profile says I want to meet locals only, andget people from all over. I get the same photos with different profiles and cities of residences. I report them right away, but the more I do, the more scammers I get.
The latest is the Ihave a friend who won't come on Match but I know you to willl hit it off, They want you to email him off site.
Why is it so HARD?


i am getting the same feeling about f*****g ripoff. i have also gotten the "phantom winks" and likes, yet there is "no profile available" wtf is that? they have also recommended "matches" for me that were not even close-women looking for a 30 yr old and i am 50. come on...or "likes" from women in the far southwest and i live in Indiana. like they say, sucker born every minute...

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