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Is Badoo a good dating site?


Seriously irritating app tbh. You can set proximity preferences to filter the people who appear on the swiping screen but it doesn't stop people from fecking miles away liking you... I was getting 80-100 likes per day and 90% of them were the other side of the country! Filtering through all the like notifications takes forever and is just waay more admin than anyone can deal with...


Used badoo many years and got only two matches. Travelled most parts of the world to favorite thousand people but not able to send any message to anyone... Super antisocial = Badoo = bad do communication...


it is a great site, the best one I tried and its free, all the rest required payment to do most things such as speak to people. after joining and talking to a free, I thought this is difficult as I was getting nowhere with any and conversations were short and boring and none of those women wanted the same as me, but then I spot a lovely looking smiley Asian girl who wanted the same as I did, long term relationship and marriage. I started a conversation that led to 10 day video chat and I decided to travel the 300 miles to meet her, and we got on very well, I proposed two months later, we are engaged to get married and are planning our wedding. So there you go.

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Badoo discriminates LGBT! They’ll find excuses to block your acount if you belong to LGBT.Most of my friends from LGBT have been blocked for petty excuses of their moderator.Not a very friendly site and the moderator is not nice.


I have used Badoo a few times and never actually went on a date. Needless to say we are not in an era where "dating" actually occurs. I have had "hey gorgeous" pop up on my phone constantly and have expected nice, neat conversation. Except I get "can I get a pic of you with less clothes on". We are in a "hookup" generation where it is nearly impossible to find someone who actually will go to the movies, or to dinner, or for a coffee and not have them expecting sex or a blowjob afterward. I can't even get a coffee meet because it's instant "wanna blow me?". Not to mention, as a woman, I get plenty of offers to be a "sugar baby" which is pretty much the exchange of sex for money (which is basically prostitution). I'm an old school gal who doesn't want to be part of the generation who does the "let's go for a late night drive after talking for a day". I have no trust that I won't become an episode of 20/20 or a 48 hour mystery. I'm currently dealing with a guy who lives in the same town as me. At first it was great. He seemed chill and accepting. Then he asked to hang out after work. I work a lot and don't have a ton of time to myself and I tried to explain this, but he ended up flying off the handle calling me a worthless *censored*. Now, I understand it's just one person but he threatened to come to my work place (DON'T EVER TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU WORK UNTIL YOU'VE BECOME SECURE ENOUGH TO REALIZE THEY AREN'T CRAZY). So, always be cautious about what you say to someone or what info you give out, even if they seem chill at first. So, as far as a "dating" app, it is up with the times because of this "hookup" culture we are currently in. It's fine if you want to meet people and if you're into meeting them ASAP. But I'm cautious and this is my tale.


very bad experience, majority women pictures are fake , no quality of service, instead of member ship they collect up profile charges and many other daily basis and its more hi charges than membership fee,
strongly not recommended, their focus only to collect money, as soon as possible if you become member they collect at-least 100 USD, in first week or maximum 10 days by show you some charming feature, might be some girls like you and show you interest but they never reply you (because its Badoo,s own system to collect money soon)
They dont have customer support no, or emails etc only subscription related email will reply
strongly not recommended high level (


Honestly, do yourself a favour and stay away from this site/app. I tried it for about 5 weeks and even paid for the premium subscription to test the effectiveness of badoo to the max...and it falls down on so many points that I came to the same conclusion as many others here on the forum..

1. Badoo is purely a money-making scheme with little emphasis on connecting you with people
2. There are a number of dirty tricks they play to convince people to sign up to their subscriptions
3. There is little likelihood of success in badoo, even if you throw lots of money at it
4. Because of non-existent customer service, you will have great difficulty trying to get out of their recurring subscriptions and getting a refund once they've charged you is impossible.

Bottom line: basically a scam, with almost no recourse to customer support. Steer clear.


I joined Badoo few months ago and made an account. I am a transgender and I get hit on
a LOT and some guys even want to offer me money in exchange for meeting up with them. Truth be told I have never received any dime from anyone online. And yet some member reported me apparently for prostitution. With no warning, they blocked my account and I received an email informing me the nature of the complaint. I'm like wtf, how would they even verify that the member's report is true? It was that easy to be reported in badoo and get you blocked. I let it go, and few weeks later I tried making a new account. I tried 3 times, they keep blocking it apparently for breaking their guidelines on the first account. It felt very unfair to be judged with no credible basis. It felt dehumanizing and just aweful to be banned from something you cant even dispute about. Their decision was apparently final even if I emailed their support team. Yes, stay away from Badoo, it's not a great experience there. The company slams the door on to your face with no warning let alone legal basis. I am just appalled how a business treats its members very aweful.


Quote by: Lea

Badoo discriminates LGBT! They’ll find excuses to block your acount if you belong to LGBT.Most of my friends from LGBT have been blocked for petty excuses of their moderator.Not a very friendly site and the moderator is not nice.

I was blocked today as a new member of the site simply because I'm a lesbian. I asked them many times what I did wrong and they said no I broke the guildlines. But I didn't! They even called me fake 😕

Honestly unhappy about this. When will people stop their judgement around the LGBTQ community 😕


if they connect people to each other their income stream will fall off so they need to keep men and women far apart and always looking for a partner

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