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Is Badoo a good dating site?

😠 avoid it like the plague

Not unless you just want to meet people for sex. Stupidly I believed it was where I could meet a man for a meaningful relationship/friendship..... oh was I wrong all people on this site want is someone to lie on there backs at the click of there fingers everyone I spoke to wanted to meet for sex after 20 minutes of chatting ... I'm not the most confident woman to begin with and I know I'm sad , pathetic and lonely .... but I also know I'm worth more than that!!!


Tried Badoo, not bad, but many women will not even respond, anycase it is not fake site.


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Is this not a good side at all. 10 of 14 women I've communicated are from Ghana. Even though they state they're from the US or from New York. And then they went to sky. And a 233 area comes out. And then I realized they are from Ghana. Do not waste your money guys

anyone from ghana is a MALE NIGERIAN criminal ,no genuine women there as theyre too poor to even own a PC let alone a net connection

Yes because all the women in Ghana are poor...


Never ever install this scam application and never give your credit card details to them. Even after you delete the payments from your profile and uninstall the app, they keep charging you! Stay away, very bad application.

Dating - Ew

Well said! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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Exclamation must be it a good site????? yes it is.....for the many scammers,fakes and NO-BODIES tah can be applied into the site

It is totally manipulative and you are the one person who is paying the salaries of the people who can pretend to be 'enticements'

don't be a fool...engage with reality...don't pay a cent or a penny....Badoo is a waste of time, money...........jennifers and Sues' and several others of low educational values.. do NOT exist...they are in place to encourage you to pay more money

take on Plenty of will encounter many freaks & fakes & thickos but it's cheaper,therefore of greater cost expensive thicko is still a thicko nomatter what the's cheaper to get something for nothing than to get nothing for 20bucks...the thicko's amoungst us will not comprehend that but who cares about them.....

remember, engage with reality you are better off out of a relationship than IN a figment of SOMEONE ELSE'S....

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it is good and I pay premium, but they constantly ask for more money for all sorts of stuff. Now the want me to pay more to see the girls that like me. When I scroll though the pictures I constantly get something pop up wanting more money. I pay premium now and there should not be more requests


Badoo has dubious and unethical ways of charging your payment details without you knowing.

For example, I purchased something they call super-powers. I did this with full consent.

Then, while using the site, the option to buy credits for gifts was available. I clicked on one button and was instantly billed. I was given no options for how many credits I wanted nor was I shown a payment screen, nor was I informed of any automatic top-ups.

And yet an automatic top-up was applied once my credits fell below 200. Which happened in about 5 minutes with three or four gifts ( I can't remember the exact amount)

So I was instantly billed again.

I immediately informed customer service how basically told me I had no options. They insisted I would have seen the payment screen (I did not) and refused to uphold their own terms that a premium service could be cancelled and refunded within 14 days.

Zero stars for customer service.


I'm not sure it's a dating site as the only word they use for meeting someone appears to be "Encounters".
I left it as that was not what I was looking for. Warning, it's extremely difficult to leave the site. I deleted my account and had to reset my password to do so and enter about 20 or more captchas as they make them extremely difficult to read and use symbols that aren't even on my computer keyboard. I think it's a sex encounter site which they should make clear ahead of time!


badoo stole me 144$ after a mistake click. 1 min after the mistake click, i call paypal and badoo to ask a refund and they never did refunded me. I'm totally disappointed about that. they are thieves.


Absolutely not. This app shows you to people and people to you, 10,000 kms away more than any locals. They want money for everything and when you pay and bump yourself off they show you to everyone regaurdless of sex and sexual orientaion, as a straight male its very offensive to me that they are advertising me to gay males who then view me and send me messages.

In my solid opinion this app is nothing but a scam and most of the profiles are fake or the other side of the country.

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