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Is Badoo a good dating site?


Are we talking about the same Badoo?? How on earth this site was voted a top-ranking site I'll never understand. For a start, the Tablet version is awful

RHS icons too small to read and illegible as it's light blue on blue background

Extremely limited chances of others viewing you unless you pay to be upgraded

I played encounters, said yes to EVERYONE (which is about 100 people) got THREE replies, and all they had to say for themselves was "How are you?"

Will only allow you to add certain bits of information from facebook, which I don't have and will prefer never to have a facebook page.

I'm a veteran at these sites. I could probably offer classes in how to write a profile. All the sites are basically the same - pay for the service, or get bombarded by loonies.

Dating Guy

Quote by: Anonymous

Neutral if folks come across a guy from Alloa looking for mrs right and single this man is nothing more than a lying smuck who cheats left right ane centre. I was seeing him from September 2014 to January 2015 where in December he told me hadnt been in touch because his gran died yet 14th December he was messaging a woman named Tracey behind my back saying she looked hot and messaging another named Stacey the 31st december while we where still together. He couldnt message or phone me as he said he was too busy working but could be on whatsapp eaely hours in morning and earn chattiest person and top voter of week this guy is a compulsive liar. He even wanted me to move nearer for his work. Where he stays with his mother as he is messaging Stacey, Celsea, and Tracey. It was easier to say he could be going home to see his family but actually the cheat.told me he had been in a longterm relationship would never cheat because it had been done to him by his ex with his mate then left with his kid.Truth now I think he was the cheat everything he did to me proves he is a scumbag. He also trawls facebook to find vulnerablw woman. Has two facebook accounts with same photo and its the same photo on his badoo account he is nothing more than a dirty disease carryin little clegg who doesnt care where it delves. Woman stay clear of this one he is a womanizer that appears charming, everything as fake about him as his profile.

Question Did you guys at any point agree to date exclusively? I'm not saying what the guy did was right, but this sounds like the rant of a hurt woman. The topic is the dating site, or did I miss that. Sound like you did quite a bit of homework on the guy, but if you knew he had so many women, obviously he was dating. It's a dating site, so if you didn't agree to date exclusively, and you guys did not get married, where is the cheating? Sounds like you're upset because he didn't pick you exclusively. In the world we live in that is just the name of the game: be clear upfont with your choice of guy, or don't date. We have all had our share of disappointments. Women with cheats, and men with golddiggers and prostitutes. It happens. A lot.


Badoo is BADOO..
Full of fakes, prostitutes and rip offs, Many of there members are just scammers .. The site itself has hidden costs and fees.
be careful with Badoo..


Have chatted with some nice guys on this site. Only been on it for a week. However...when no one local to view...i get "obviuos models...gorgeuous looking guys, from other areas in uk".... not happy with that...obvious scammers!!! Shame!!! False profiles to keep you interested...


Badoo is a great dating site. I've been in ALL of the sites, ALL OF THEM. I dated from these sites, most of the guys were just sex driven. Some were liars and bums.. Some were just after sex and said that which I appreciated so they understood when I said, I'm not into that. Suffice it to say, once I hit Badoo, I was very disillusioned . However, I received positive messages and I sent out a few messages... It was really pleasant interactions!! Finally, one guy stood out


Ps. Never paid a dime... And still met my boyfriend whom again, will be my husband next year.


The woman I met on bamboo was a scam artists her fake name is JULIA. She said she loves me and wanted money to come out and be with me but the lady from western union said it was a scam. Has anyone else been in touch with her she was in Seattle Washington but she went to Lagos Nigeria.


I would not use badoo as a dating site. Most of the female profiles are fake. The site is full of scammers and very dishonest people. I tried it and all I got was messages that were clearly from fake girls the pics looked like they were from teen porn sites. Every girl had a sob story to tell, a lot of them were in west africa or ghana with a sick mother but after chatting for a brief time they ask for money to fly and meet. Are people stupid enough to send money to someone they never met? It was easy after a while to catch them out, ask them to facetime or webcam and excuse was very old phone with no camera or my laptop is old no webcam but send me money and I'll buy a webcam lol the people who run badoo are also very dishonest, they encourage girls with fake pics and when you report them they do nothing. Also the owners of badoo sell your information to other sites and online marketing company's. Be careful you'll find ine day your computer has been hacked because they share your infornation. Many better and honest sites out there or stick with tinder . Good luck

Teddy Three

Alright here is the skinny on Badoo... there are 4 types on this app

1: hot as f**k chick that is really a dude sitting in an internet cafe in Africa

2: A 2 on a scale of 10 chick that wishes you'd find her hot. She will be sexually aggressive and you will think about it but then pass because you are just not that desperate

3: A tranny who wishes you'd be "open minded" again you will think about it, yet not for as long as with the 2 chick, and then pass.

4: A fun loving individual who is not taking the app too seriously and just wants to chit-chat - this lead to a cup of coffee and/or a drink. You will have fun and say "hey, it was kinda worth going through 1,2,3 just to be here at 4


This dating site is horrible, its full of scammers who make every effort to manipulate money from people. The lengths one guy went to try to get cash from me was disgusting. Stories of deceased wives, kids in boarding school because they are working abroad is a typical story. When I pretended I would send the money please give me his personal banking info, all of a sudden he couldnt access his account and requested I pay his suppliers directly. Its so annoying when a
nyone tries to treat me liike a fool! So, time to play his game with him,! Lol

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