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Is Badoo a good dating site?


No good for meet people in Mexico, a lot of people just crazy or in drugs situations.


Exclamation must be it a good site????? yes it is.....for the many scammers,fakes and NO-BODIES tah can be applied into the site

It is totally manipulative and you are the one person who is paying the salaries of the people who can pretend to be 'enticements'

don't be a fool...engage with reality...don't pay a cent or a penny....Badoo is a waste of time, money...........jennifers and Sues' and several others of low educational values.. do NOT exist...they are in place to encourage you to pay more money

take on Plenty of will encounter many freaks & fakes & thickos but it's cheaper,therefore of greater cost expensive thicko is still a thicko nomatter what the's cheaper to get something for nothing than to get nothing for 20bucks...the thicko's amoungst us will not comprehend that but who cares about them.....

remember, engage with reality you are better off out of a relationship than IN a figment of SOMEONE ELSE'S....


this site is a complete load of twaddle..that's polite for 'crap'

you will be contacted by others but the promise will be far off and elongated...the site is arranged to KEEP a user on-line,for as long a possible in order to provide this site with credence and some semblance of trick I applied was to visit each profile at random,and then wait for the responses...lo and behold they all,without exception clicked on my profile. This indicates that users are being lead into thinking that an interest is being generated by attraction,when in fact the interest in merely artificial and lead by BADOO.

BADOO will even resort to dirty talking via messaging,just to keep you,the user,on line.

Don't touch this site with a BARGEPOLE and most assuredly never, part with any payment...but if you do use the site...KEEP YOU WITS ABOUT YOU...BUT NEVER,NEVER part with your hard earned cash!!!


Wink Badoo is to be fair, a good site whether meeting up, dates, chats, friendship. You just have to be smart choosing whom you chatting with. My tip, always ask for different apps to use in chats like whatsapp, IMO, since they used geographic numbers identifying where they really are.
Downside, too many married men pretending to be single, scamming poor vulnerable ladies Razz. On the good side, if you are looking for fun, plenty of people there wanna fun. If looking for serious relationship, go for ages from 40's...most want settling down. Just be smart!! All dating sites have crooks anyways.


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I got almost 100 msgs a day on badoo... It defos has alot if scammers, so before meeting any1 or gettin to know any1 make sure u see as many pictures as u can to make sure they are who they say they are, even add them to facebook to see if they are the real deal. After 4 months of being on the site and meeting some people who didnt appear to be who they said they were, i finally met some1 who strangley enough was trying to talk to me from the beginning but i kept brushing him off and ignoring his msgs as i didnt think he was real!! Now a year and half later we are getting married Smile next month. So i have to say i love badoo for that reason Smile

Wink Met mine there too!!! Now happily with him.

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Of course, you can find an interesting person on badoo. But you must prepare yourself to spend some time on it to finally find it. Same as in real life. Just create conversations with as many as you can. Do not rely on one person because there is a high possibility that you or this person will lose the interest and will break the contact. Do not worry if someone don't respond to you. It's normal.


Himanshu said he is coming to meet me and my parents in dec...

And on November 9th with lot of arguments he even said that he have conveyed his parents about our relationship and so on ....

With that assurance and madly in love with him made me do all the things he wanted me to do even nude pics and suddenly he stopped talking to me he didn't find the relationship compatible. Why the questions where never ending and the world full of love care and importance vanished and left me just with pain lot of pain ....

And then on 30th nov I came to knw he's already married .... I was been fooled cheated he made me a *censored* I wanted to report this to police station a scam a torched all blames on me all problem in me why he ended the relationship ....and the false explanation he gave was *censored* that his friend was talking to me taking his name lies lies lies that all was what I got I emailed the entire chat history to Himanshu sharma's wife and guess what she was not even shocked ....

She told me that's what he is and that what he been doing in his marriage and the reason she left for never coming back ....

Will put more soon on this reality of online cheating ....

All the chats all the photographs on a Facebook page describing the entire fraud and scam ...

Zach, a Badoo member

Badoo customer service cannot be reached. Badoo is full of scammers and porn star pics. Badoo support is non-existent. Badoo makes you verify your existence every time you wish to log on with a message to your cell phone-thus causing you headache and money. Badoo should be named "Bad-Doo," but that is an insult to some good *censored*. Badoo has fake messages sent to you as soon as you sign up to try and get you excited about all the hot women who "want to chat." (They don't-you'll never hear from them again)
I want to kill my profile and leave the site forever, but I can't get the past the "Verification" process.

Other than that, Badoo is great as a time waster. You'll have better luck at the local soup kitchen in your neighborhood. LOL LOL


Quote by: Anonymous

Yeah I have had the same problem. If the pictures are of a hot chick you know it is probably a potential scam. You never know who is actually behind the keyboard.

coud be liberace at the keyboard


Why are all the women in Africa everyone I have talked to that live in the same state as me all of them were in Africa for some reason anyone else have the same issue

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