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Is Badoo a good dating site?


I am from the UK and have nothing but horrible luck on Badoo. I tried Match before, along with POF whiched worked out okay until I ran out of chicks in my area to date. I figured I might as well give Badoo a try. It seemed to me on the site that the profiles are either really old or I could have sworn that I saw a lot of the same photos on POF but with different profile information. I tried to find a few exact matches to post here but I can't seem to find them at the moment.

For me Badoo has not worked out. I will be going back to POF.


The scammers always use the same pictures on multiple dating sites. I have seen the same picture but different profiles on Badoo, and Plenty of Fish. Even Facebook is not immune to this. I am not sure what these people are trying to accomplish as it is just a waste of their time and mine as I wade through the crap profiles.

I got lucky on badoo :)

I got almost 100 msgs a day on badoo... It defos has alot if scammers, so before meeting any1 or gettin to know any1 make sure u see as many pictures as u can to make sure they are who they say they are, even add them to facebook to see if they are the real deal. After 4 months of being on the site and meeting some people who didnt appear to be who they said they were, i finally met some1 who strangley enough was trying to talk to me from the beginning but i kept brushing him off and ignoring his msgs as i didnt think he was real!! Now a year and half later we are getting married Smile next month. So i have to say i love badoo for that reason Smile

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I can not comment about badoo as i do not have had any real experience with it , but i do have a suggestion to try Zoosk as it really worked well for me. Yes i have to mention to beware of spammers as they are everywhere these days.


Be very careful ladies when looking for that perfect man on dating websites.

I just found our a friend of mine`s HUSBAND's has his photo on badoo. He is from British Columbia. And wait there is more - he told his newly married wife he was return to his homeland to see family who were sick and has been sleeping with his cousin the entire time he has been there. Needless to say, divorce is in the works!


Definitely a trawling ground for scammers. Pay attention to the linguistic structure of the sentences..any one who says, "I WILL like to know you better' (instead of "would" is suss).
Ask 51 year old men why they are wanting to date 55 and over just said 'because young women only want one night stands". What a load of crap!
And beware "civil engineers...high income,,,,,speaks German, Italian. French. Spanish etc". As other posts have said, if it seems to good to be true, trust your instincts.


Wendy I'm talking to a man's he's 57 he is civil engineer and whatever he is in trouble he calls me. I know he's calling me from that place because I call him too but now I'm scared. He sent me pictures I haven't even met him yet and he's coming soon.



Beaware of a man name Anthony,he is 46 Hispanic.He has two profiles on badoo.he likes looking around the college's ,will tell you want you want to hear.Seems very sincere and convincing,very good at it.He says he is looking for something serious and make you believe it for months.He is on several different dating sites.Has been with @ least 50 women within 3months.Will travel wherever to meet someone new.SEX...if that's all you want well that's what you will get with him.But..becareful...and I think that they should do back ground checks on people seriously,then again its public knowledge.Just thought the women should know


Neutral if folks come across a guy from Alloa looking for mrs right and single this man is nothing more than a lying smuck who cheats left right ane centre. I was seeing him from September 2014 to January 2015 where in December he told me hadnt been in touch because his gran died yet 14th December he was messaging a woman named Tracey behind my back saying she looked hot and messaging another named Stacey the 31st december while we where still together. He couldnt message or phone me as he said he was too busy working but could be on whatsapp eaely hours in morning and earn chattiest person and top voter of week this guy is a compulsive liar. He even wanted me to move nearer for his work. Where he stays with his mother as he is messaging Stacey, Celsea, and Tracey. It was easier to say he could be going home to see his family but actually the cheat.told me he had been in a longterm relationship would never cheat because it had been done to him by his ex with his mate then left with his kid.Truth now I think he was the cheat everything he did to me proves he is a scumbag. He also trawls facebook to find vulnerablw woman. Has two facebook accounts with same photo and its the same photo on his badoo account he is nothing more than a dirty disease carryin little clegg who doesnt care where it delves. Woman stay clear of this one he is a womanizer that appears charming, everything as fake about him as his profile.


Badoo is a word that has two possible translations:

1) Place for obesely fat women to try & find a date

2) Place for african scammers to suck in mug punters

It has no other use

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