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BE2 scam. received an email from a solicitor representing b2

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These B2 must be for Bastards2.

I tried to delete and stop subscription, it seems impossible to do. Cancellation I later found out is a letter to a place in Luxumburg - No Telephone, No eMail ... a scam of NOTE

Termination notice needs to be sent to:
be2 S.à.r.l.
291, route d'Arlon
L-1150 Luxemburg
Fax: +44 207 7859384

And they have Automatic Renewal which you can't stop. So now I am being put under terms that they will list me with the Credit Bureau
But they state in point 6 of the Terms - Prior to accessing a chargeable service, Clients are warned that costs are being incurred and informed of the extent of the service and ways of payment; after effected payment Clients may use said chargeable services.

So they have an automatic renewal .. and all I did was cancel my Credit Card. But they got my name from my Credit Card - Thus, it is NOT secured, that information is supposed to be confidential.



Hi everyone,

I have the same experience as you. I have joint them on 23/03/15 for a month trial. I was very busy at work that time and only checked some messages on the phone but they were all odd so I just stopped checking them. I tried signing up but couldn't have done it on the phone. Tried twice in few mins I had, didn't managed and just forgot.
Then I got a payment request. I sent already about 3 emails saying that I don't owe them anything as the service that they provided was not as what I they say, that there are many fake profiles with fake pics but nothing. I am keep getting reminders of the payment and not even one comment to what I say.

Today I got the email from some lawyer and the money went up from what I originally owned: €179.94 to €261,14.

I know it is a big scam but I don't know how to deal with it. I am afraid that if I don't pay they will increase it again by €100 and if they will be increasing it by this money every 3 months its going to be €1000 soon and then it will be a reason for the collection.

Anyone has any knowledge to help me with it? Please?


Rolling Eyes I too have been caught with this scam. Signed up for 3 month trial before checking web scams. This started in 2013, after a month it was obvious this was shonky to say the least. I cancelled or atleast I was under the impression I had, although I didn't receive any confirmation..thought I was rid of them. Two years later they tried to take money from my credit card...which I put a stop to...

Then it started..demands for money, denying I had cancelled..back and forward with this so called Mr. Bell. During the two years I had no contact with them or from them for their so called service...which I reminded them off constantly with about 19 emails. I have reported them in Australia to through the ACCC. I am now receiving threats with legal action, which I do not reply to. I have also blocked them on the computer...I will not pay for a service I cancelled, did not want or encourage. I hope someone can find out who these people are and get rid of this site.


The scam with this site in Singapore is a lot worse than just membership fees. I started chatting to 3 guys and had 3 out of 3 cases of guys befriending me and then trying to convince me to lent them large sums of money!

The formula is very similar, they befriend you then create a situation where they needed help to get out of....

Didn't fall for it myself but can imagine large number of vulnerable men/women doing so...

Annonymous H

Hi there,
I am living in NZ and have had frustrations since I became a MEMBER>...totally supportive of all the other emails regarding this site.

It has to be a Company full of fraud, lies and yes SCAMMING> It was bought to my attention by my bank when I checked to see if funds has been actioned by this Be2 company. To my horror I discovered all the discreprancies this site has amongst its tools.

1; No email to correspond to. All emails sent to them NO RETURNED
2; Some of the Profiles that was sent to me was not LIVE...withdrawn by client..FALSE
3; There is NO PHONE NUMBER to talk to them
4; They say send a FREE MESSAGE....when I do 99% was not sent because it had forbidden characters. This company does NOT tell you what these FORBIDDEN CHARACTERS ARE.

So yes, if they threaten you with unpaid bills, countersue them and see what happens then.



I suggest that no one should pay and if you get a letter to your home with an address from the court and if the letter is from court then you contact the court and ask them about it but you do not use the phone number provided on the letter . Search online for the court number and than compare the real court number with the one on a letter and if not matching you go to the police station and inform them about it. Then the court will be on your side.

Smile so forget about the letters and delete them Smile


I just registered in BE2 in singapore.. but i didnt registered for the membership and i never produce any credit card information and i just delete my profile.. will i still be charged with anything?


Quote by: Anonymous

I just registered in BE2 in singapore.. but i didnt registered for the membership and i never produce any credit card information and i just delete my profile.. will i still be charged with anything?

No. If they do not have your credit card they can't do anything.

Anonymous, NZ

I signed up for 6months for this website and gave them credit card details and address not realising at the time they are a scam. I have filled out the cancellation form to send to them which I'm happy to do. I'll just put the loss of money down to experience and not worry about it any more. But, I just don't want any more money taken from my credit card. Can anyone please give me an email address I can send the cancellation to as well as posting it? I want to ensure no more payments are taken. Any help would be appreciated - thanks.


Hi everyone. I am in the middle of trying to get my money back from this scam dating site after cancelling my membership at the end of 2014. They took money out of my account at least three weeks ago and I have been trying to get it back since then. I am trying to get it back because it was stolen. When I contacted them to cancel in 2014 it was because I had read the reviews, I told them that they were NOT authorised to withdraw money from my credit card and that I would take action if they did. They did and now I am going to take action.
I am a researcher, I work as a senior lecturer in a university in New Zealand and my research lies mainly in the field of social justice. I am currently completing my PhD.
I am more than happy to collect any and all stories about this dating site we are discussing, write it all up as a research article and disseminate it widely across the world to all my research networks. I am going to disseminate it widely across the world through my contacts on social media, I am also going to the police and to my lawyer to see what legal action can be set up - what if we were all to start this type of campaign together and have all of our international legal avenues explored.
They have already sent emails to me that expose them as fraudsters and scammers, but more information from people who they continue to try to scam would be great. I want my money back of course, but what I want more is justice. I have their email link now and am happy to share it with you all because another strategy is to keep bombarding them with continual emails.
Can all those interested in being involved in shutting them down please respond. As with all research, your responses will be treated confidentially - you will not be identifiable in any way. My aim is to ensure that they are not able to continue to prey upon those who are in emotionally vulnerable states. I would like to see them shut down and am willing to put some energy into doing that so that innocent people are not continually ripped off.
By the way, the fax number is an Australian one.
My email is I look forward to hearing from you.

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