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BE2 scam. received an email from a solicitor representing b2


I too have received threatening e mails from their German based solicitors demanding I deposit euros into their Munich bank account. I have so far ignored their demands. Furthermore, as I live in Australia, I reported them to the ACCC as a scam organization. I sought legal advice which was it would be unlikely that they would pursue amounts less than say $1,000 AUS as it would not be economical for them to do so, even if they could establish that such a debt was owing. I also found that when I "unsubscribed" I was still getting billed but receiving no emails. By all means I suggest a facebook page be set up to name and shame these cheats and that everyone contact the consumer protection agencies in their countries and put these rogues out of business.


Maybe everyone who has been sent these threatening emails should just stand up to them and tell these standover merchants that they refuse to pay because nobody can cancel on their own due to the site being set up in such a manner that this is deliberately being prevented until additional payments are made. If enough people take a stand and state this to these bullies then these pseudo solicitors or debt collectors may see an overwhelming trend and just back off. Furthermore I'm sure that Be2 wouldn't like their "modus operandi" exposed in front of a judge in a court of law should things ever come to that, which is what these debt collectors are threatening. Bring it on I say and they will be exposed.


Here's how I dealt with them:

like many of you , I took the "1 month for £5.00 (or equivalent) trial offer, with the option to cancel before premium charges being levied after one month.

Firstly, I noticed very quickly that some photos of people on the site occurred more than once against different profiles; and that the english grammar and speling on some profiles was - well - appallingly bad in many cases, and had a lot of the same idiosyncracies. This was within 1 week.
It rang alarm bells, so I searched against "BE 2 scam", and saw immediately that there was a problem - and that a standard ploy with cancellation attempts with this company was that they would deny that you had actually cancelled on their website, or had not received e-mails/ faxes etc. - and they would proceed to debit your credit/debit card even after you thought you had cancelled.
Now fortunately I did become aware of all of this in plenty of time.

So - firstly, i did NOT send a faxed cancellation. What I did was go onto their web cancellation page, and filled out their cancellation form. I then took "screen captures" of the completed form, plus time/date from bottom right of PC screen ( the whole computer screen in fact) and saved this as a .jpeg image. I then submitted the form, and took a second screen capture afterwards. Obviously, I saved both of these.
I then sent them an e - mail with copies of both scren captures attached, with "cc" to "be 2 file" in the header (just a little more psychological pressure, but factual); informed them that i was canceling my membership as of that date; that I was in fact an "Investigative Journalist" (bit naughty but....) and that if they did now attempt to take a any further monies out of my account it woulld be "a very poor business decision on their part" as I had "both the means and resolve to take this as far as was necessary through legal and media channels" or similar.
Lastly, I contacted my bank, explained the situation, and instructed them to make no further payments to this company. They assured me they would not.
It worked.
I had no further problems with the company, and they even sent an e-mail acknowledging cancellation. Which of course, I kept as electronic and hard copy.

Hope that helps,



I have had 3 letters now, all threatening court orders etc. So far there has been no advice of any court orders being made. Has anyone else had a court order made against them or is it all bluff?


Hi people

Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback on B2 scams. It has been really reassuring to read that other intelligent people have experienced the same dead end frustrations with this mob that I have.
I have been receiving emails from Auer Witte Thiel Solicitor sBayerstraße 27D-80335 München for the past 6 weeks, threatening all the same things I have been reading on this site.

And, like each of you, I got scammed into the whole thing. I sent so many emails asking for assistance to even make the stupid site function properly. I spent endless hours in the first 3 weeks trying to get the site to upload profile data, only to find it never did. So, after 3 weeks I gave up and attempted to cancel my subscription. That wouldn't work either!

I also noticed many repeated false Profiles, same face different name. And after communicating with a supposed doctor in Brisbane Australia for 2 weeks I did a search on the national medico's register to discover no such Doctor registered to practise under the AMA.

I sent B2 a letter notifying them of scammers, again, no response!

Then I spent another 3 weeks trying to cancel my subscription, as per the terms and conditions of the dysfunctional B2 service. And like each of you, that didn't work either.

In the past 6 weeks I have spent hours searching and cut/pasting copies of the various requests forwarded to B2 into emails to the supposed solicitors, with very rational argument as to why I refused to pay their demands. Again, more legal jargon. Lucky I have post grad training in business law.

So I suppose it is a lesson learned. But thanks to your feedback, all of you, they wont be getting a brass razoo out of me. Enough time and money wasted.



I copped on pretty quick that this was a scam. I got several identical emails all supposed to be from professional women and all with the same basic grammar / spelling errors.
I sent emails to every be2 email i could find demanding that my unauthorised 'premium' account be closed immediately or I would lodge a complaint of fraud with the police. Strangely this happened within a few hours. No acknowledgement of any emails and my spam box on my jun email account is filling with rubbish matches. I've cancelled the credit card and the bank has re-issued new numbers: I'll see where this goes.


I think I have now had 5 letters from their Munich based solicitors all threatening court orders but strangely enough, none have arrived yet. My advice is this - 1) Just ignore the e mails . 2) Don't play ball by reading or responding.
Eventually they will tire of their pursuit and give up. Nothing frustrates people more than being ignored. If we all did this , their funds would dry up and maybe they would have a good look at how they operate and allow scammers to use their website as indicated previously here by other ex "members".


Oh yes I fell for this too, New Years’s 2013.

I quickly smelt a rat and cancelled within 24 hours but continued to get emails, for example:

Customer number: xxxxxxxxxxxx

We issued a debt or web account for you to settle your debt with our client BE2.
… we will now take legal measures and hand this over to our collection agency. This may affect your credit rating.

And a flurry of automatic emails with helpful advice re: deleting my profile (which of course I had already done).

Then the ‘lawyer’s letter’:

We have been instructed by our client to secure immediate settlement of the outstanding amount of 183.75 EUR. Please follow the link below in order to pay the outstanding amount via credit card.

Despite these threats, I cancelled my credit card so they were unable to take any money from me. And nearly two years later I have not heard back from them. Having to cancel your credit card and get a new one really sux. But worth it to get these guys off your back.


I too have received an email from BE2 after a year of not using this site. I was given a 3mnth voucher to go onto this site in Jan 2014. I used it once and then found the complaint website against this dating site. It took me forever to try and cancel this membership, I sent an email to their email address, I never did receive a confirmation back as to whether this was cancelled or not. I contacted my sister and told her that I think this site is a scam as firstly the supposed matches they came up with didn't even exist,so I told her I've cancelled the subscription but not sure if it has actually been done as there is no way that you can contact anyone to verify. I told her to keep a look out on her bank and make sure that they do not take money from her.

I never heard from them again, I didn't get any notifications as to new matches or that they even tried to attempt to take off more money after the three months had expire. I received an email from them on the 09.02.15 saying that I have failed to pay my membership fee in Jan 15, I had to pay R1 069 within 7days, as this is a legal binding agreement and I am in violation of this. Firstly I didn't sign up for a year, it was only 3mnths and this was cancelled.

I sent them an email telling them this, I get another email back saying that I have to send them via fax or email the proof of cancellation because when you cancel you get an email saying that your subscription has been cancelled and the date of termination. If I don't have the email where this information is given I must send them the original email, what is that? If I don't have an email stating cancellation how on earth I am going to produce the original email and especially after a year, of not hearing anything from these people. On the 13.02.15, I received another email telling me FINAL NOTICE OF OUTSTANDING PAYMENT. I have sent them numerous emails and get no response from them except another email telling me how to cancel my subscription and to send them proof of cancellation, no where do they actually respond to an actual email. i was then notified that these emails are all online produced emails and that no one is actually reading the responses. Who is this Martin Bell, in any case, at I have subsequently asked my IT department to put a block on all emails coming from this address. After a year, of not receiving any notification of new matches, not hearing from them they dare to send me emails now? Threatening me with law suites ect. My advise to everyone don't stay in contact with these people, stay clear of everything to do with this website.

Singapore Victim

what to do
1. Cancel your credit card
2. Ignore their mails . If they know who u are or where u live, they should have pursue instead of sending email

This is horror! How can they hide auto renew in T&Cs

I am a Singapore Victim. I am going to report to police and Case association in Singapore . Hope all the victims do so. Together we stand !

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