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BE2 scam. received an email from a solicitor representing b2

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I too am dealing with these slimey b##stards. I like every signed up to the trial, got nothing out of got shut out of it disregarded the whole site. And in the last couple of months have been getting these emails for some german or austrian "lawyer" demanding I owe EUR 240,62 . I have replied demanding they show me in a contract that i have signed or agreed to. They just keep coming back quoting legal crap. See Below

your objection is that you never made use of our client`s offer and therefore have no obligation to pay. You are, however, crucially mistaken. You registered with our client and undertook to make payment. Our client made the offer available in accordance with this agreement entered into with you. Thus our client fulfilled its obligation and is therefore entitled to the contractually agreed payment. So you have to pay!!

The facts and circumstances underlying this are comparable with the case of a newspaper subscription. There, too, the newspaper is supplied. Wether the newspaper is read by the subscriber or not has no effect on the existing obligation to make payment.

In the name and on behalf of our client we therefore demant that you transfer the amount due of EUR 240,62 to the account quoted below within one week. Should you be unable to pay this amount in one sum, we expect to receive within that time limit a reasonable proposal for payment by instalments. You are welcome to send your proposal to the following email address.

Can they really sue me for this amount. What should I do

BTW it is only that I had my CC stolen and fraud attempt that I had to get a new account and they couldnt widthdraw the money originally.

What do I do now do I ignore them and hope they give up or bombard them or get real legal advise. its ridiculous they thiink I wilklhand ove that money like that to whoever and for nothing... WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ???



Dont worry please I have had about ten e mails badly written and very threatening. I sought legal advise to which my solicitor laughed and said they will never take this to court. They're breaching many laws. They are under report from many countries too. It has been linked to a fiancé company it Luxembourg who need we say more rip people off....


I've been reading through all the B2 posts and have found myself in the same position. Am feeling a little stupid about the whole thing - signed up when feeling a little down and then found it totally awful. I thought I was signing up for a month and found I was charged $600 for six months. I tried to cancel and couldn't and it only stopped when the CC was stolen. I kept getting their crap but ignored it. About four months later the emails from the German "lawyers" started. Despite my explanations that I've not exceeded any trial period and have actually paid for a six month membership there are demands for 248 euros. It's now progressed and I've been told that they've applied to the "district court with jurisdiction" for me. Totally exasperated I wrote and said that the entire exchange had been via a hotmail account and they could not seriously think (a) that I was going to put that much money into a bank account without proper documentation and (b) that I wanted any further exchange on formal letterhead that could be verified by my lawyer. I've seen on other sites that people suggest just leaving it but I don't want to land somewhere overseas and find that someone has a warrant out for my arrest or have a bailiff turn up on my doorstep. Any suggestions???


I am in exactly the same predicament - I cancelled my account last summer before the £5 month trial period ran out - well I tried to - it took about 4 months to finally get a response from their "customer services" and i had to fax them a signed letter! In this day and age? i don't think so but I did it. Lo and behold they allege they don;t have my fax!! Twice they have taken money from my account but my credit card company now have them on fraud alert with a stop when they try to take any more payments. My credit card companmy also refunded both lots of money to me.

Today I received a demand from "intrum justitia" - no way will I be giving them any money. The best advice I can give to you is ignore their demands - if you respond to them to complain or to advise you have shut your account you are actually acknowledging receipt of their letter - DO NOT RESPOND - IGNORE. This is what I will be doing - I cannot believe what a scam Be2 are and how on earth google allow them to be first on their search facility is beyond me.


I joined Be2 a few months ago, and was extremely resistant to pay any money. Well, tonight I did sign up for the six-month membership as I wanted to reply to a message. As soon as my payment was processed that person was suddenly no longer available, so I replied to someone else. I saw there was already a 'message from me'. This raised my suspicions, as I certainly have not corresponded with this person.
I rang my bank immediately to cancel the payment and found to my horror that the entire six months- $234 had been debited at once.
I have cancelled my card but the bank could not assure me the payment could be cancelled.
There is a procedure on their website for cancelling membership says go to Settings and do Blah Blah. Well here is some news: Settings doesn't open.
I will pursue these people to the ends of the earth to get back my $234.

Wish I had seen these warnings half an hour ago.


Hi All,

I have gone through the same nightmare and was furious as you all are, emailed them all the evidence - screenshots - how they site work, that there was no option to cancel the subscription. I received emails fro them explaining on and on the same thing. The emails kept going backward and forward but i was not going to let them get away with it and eventually i accused them of publishing misleading information on their site and threatened with the law of their country. Their legs must have got soft as they had payed me back half of the amount stolen!!

I hope that the above gives some idea how to talk with them Big Grin GOOD LUCK !!


And here I am from good old South Africa, thinking that I was the only one caught by this scheme.... 6 months and many e-mails later I had to close my bank account to get away from b2 and their scams!
Good luck to everybody else that fell into the same trap - damn what fookls they make of us!!


Anyone got Be2's customer service email address ?



I an now in negotiations with there solicitors as follows.
Hi I do apologize for the non payment of said fee however I feel the description of the service received was not the same as the service advertised also it was impossible to cancel my subscription ( basically its a con). In turn I have a payment ready for you to collect which is equal in value to the service provided. The value of this dog *censored* is slightly higher than the value of the service that was provided. I valued the deficit you owe me as £35.58 which now is outstanding please send payment via bankers draft. Please collect your dog *censored* at your earliest convenience as I will start charging for storage.

I have not copied image I sent

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Hi there
I'm in a similar situation to all you guys whereby they tried to take the money out of my acount (after many failed attempts at cancelling my membewrship), luckily however my bank rejected the payment so they never got the money. Since then I have been receiving letters from their solicitors which i initiailly answered however have refrained from replying to over the last few months. Today however I received the following

Dear Be2 user,

Our client is complaining about the outstanding payment, and is demanding that we now obtain, an order to pay and enforcement order against you and institute compulsory execution.

You had ample opportunity to settle the matter out of court, to settle the claim in monthly instalments or to discuss a partial reduction of the claim with us. You have allowed all these opportunities to pass to no avail. We shall now have to comply with our client's urgent demand to enforce the claim in court.

On behalf of and with power of attorney from our client we set you herewith a preclusive time limit of up to and including 12.02.14 to settle the claim in the amount of 230,47 EUR

You must contact us urgently and settle the claim at least in instalments, as the further
solicitors' fees, court and bailiff costs you will now incur will clearly exceed the amount of asserted.

- I have not yet sought legal advise as i just thought they'd give up - what should I do??

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