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BE2 scam. received an email from a solicitor representing b2


Be2 is a total scan joined for 1 month then charged for 1 year membership. Very difficult to communicate, blast you with lots of prospects but these are fake total waste of time.


I'm reading through some of the comments on this thread, & this morning I've received yet another threatening email from this company. I joined in early 2017, don't even remember my password for the site, just signed up for what I thought was 5euro at the time. I've stopped replying to any email their representatives are sending me as they are saying I owe them 270euro. Any help/advice appreciated thanks ✌


just change your email address if you can and whatever you don dont send them any money as its all cow manure threats...they bulk mail all old ex customers every few months to scare them into sending some money again and again ..once they have your details they will never stop pestering you .they are con men of the worst kind

Adrian R. S.

Advertised as 59 RON (12 EUR) per month, after one month increased to 300 RON. No payment information whatsoever available after registering. You are notified (in small font BELOW the payment section of the page) of the 300 RON renewal (i checked this trying to open another account), but if you miss it, after completing the payment you can't see any payment information anywhere. No dates, no amounts. You can cancel only after handsigning a request, scanning it and sending it through email 7 days prior to a payment. You can complain but you are not refunded. In the Settings section you just see a message saying that details about your account will be available after a few days after opening, this message stays there forever. I can't believe this site operates legally in Europe and nobody can shut it down!!!


write back saying you will take them to court for fraud ..solicitors letter registered if you can find an address for them


Hi I am relieved to find this site and realise we are not alone. My friend joined B2 for a short time over a year ago, then tried to close the account with huge difficulty...thought he was successful but then found amounts continued to be deducted. He had to close his credit card to stop it...then has had several threatening emails from the German solicitor which he continues to ignore. Initial legal advice is to ignore it as it is very unclear how it would be progressed through court here, and whether they would even bother for an amount much less than $1000. Really sickening to prey upon people who may be vulnerable.


The harsh truth is now most dating sites are now scams Evan the so-called good ones I'm with zoosk and others getting out is a real nightmare they have forced me in to corner to take drastick action witch I hate to do to leave them all behind I'm going to have to have new email address lose my card and get a new one with bit of luck I'll have driven then into a dead end they carnt follow! Next time I'm going to open a second email used only for dating because they won't let you leave it will be easy to incinerate when they cut up ruff!!


I’m a victim too! I’ve had about 5 emails demanding money and threatening court action. I tried responding with attachments of the email I sent on the day of joining treulife partner asking to cancel my profile and auto renewal then a few days later advising of my change of email address. I never received a response after that to my new email only 3 months later saying I owe £141.00 or thereabouts!! I have contacted PayPal and they are not going to issue any money and they haven’t been able to get any. But it’s still a worry. I await the next threatening email from them.

Sucked in too

If they have taken money from your bank account, immediately contact your bank and tell them a fraudulent and unauthorised transaction has been made from your account and to please reverse the transaction as soon as possible. Tell your bank you absolutely did not authorize the transaction and it is a scam. Immediately cancel your credit/debit card used to join Be2 and get a new one. I got my money back this way. Be2 will send you an email threatening debt collection..... ignore it. There is no point contacting Be2 they are scam artists. Block any emails that come from Be2 and report them as spam. Do not reply to any debt collection threats they are false and they are harassment. There are thousands of people Be2 has done this too. From my research, none of them actually ever had any legal action taken against them by Be2. Be2 are a group of con artists. It is disgusting. Warn everyone you know who uses online dating to be very, very careful who they sign with and to avoid Be2 at all costs.


Agreed there a a few dating sites and they are all linked to be2.. all the same scammers .. this has happened to many people according to the bank who tried to sort the problem out

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