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BE2 scam. received an email from a solicitor representing b2


Termination of the paid contractual relationship purchased via an In-App Purchase in the be2 iOS App has to be exercised exclusively towards the Apple iTunes App Store according to the Apple iTunes App Store rules.
Termination of the paid contractual relationship purchased via the be2 Android App follows the chosen payment method:
-for payments via the be2 payment system termination follows the rules in Condition 8. (1) above
-insofar as payments via the Google Account of Customer have been offered and chosen, termination has to be exercised exclusively towards the Google Play Store according to the Google Play Store rules

Note: A paid contractual agreement cannot be terminated simply by deleting the profile. If a customer of a paid service deletes his/her profile, the paid contractual relationship shall remain unaffected by this. If a service has been paid for but not used and the customer deletes his/her profile, he/she is merely refusing to use the service. This means that the customer will receive no refund for the payment already made. As described above, the written form is always an absolute necessity for the termination of a paid contractual relationship purchased via the website. For be2 iOS/Android App the rules mentioned above are applicable.

The form can also be accepted as an attachment to an email in PDF, JPG, or DOC format.


let them argue about it in court then in each country and get a default notification first... as is the rule before sending in debt collectors.


These guys are threatening me too. Received many emails from their solicitors and I told them to bring it on. I have emails as proof where I had tried to cancel my membership but the website makes it absolutely impossible to do so. I emailed them eventually and up until today..... no response. Next thing these solicitors are hounding me. I told them that I am also working for solicitors and they can proceed to sue me. They just keep asking for money to be paid by a certain date and I ignore them. Then I get another mail giving a further extension of time. Shame, they can go an jump. I think they make the cancellations of membership impossible so that they can intimidate and bully people into paying. They can kiss my ......


these guys are the worst of the scumbags ,AFAICS nobody ever gets a visit from the debt collectors just the threatening emails..


I too "fell" for this. Availed of the €5 trial back in April and obviously missed the small print where it stated about the auto-upgrade to Premium at €179.94 30 days later. Stupidly, I didn't notice that transaction on my account (although, from reading other people's experiences here, even if I had known about the cancellation period and tried to cancel, they probably still would have taken the payment out). Unfortunately, I paid them with a debit card initially so I don't know if these carry the same protection as credit cards.

Anyway, I wasn't aware that that €179.94 had come out of my account until last week I DID notice a payment of €179.94.... ANOTHER payment. I contacted my bank who told me it was Be2 dating site. That's when I checked back and discovered the April deduction. Obviously I contacted Be2 straight away who have refused to refund. Strictly speaking, because I didn't see the auto-renewal (or the exorbitant amount) in their T&Cs I can't really see where I have a leg to stand on. That aside, I told them I wanted to cancel and they asked me for information such as username, password, email address etc which I gave them (I would have questioned why they needed this info as surely they already have it but at that stage I was desperate to cancel the account). I then asked them to acknowledge my cancellation. They haven't done. What they are now doing is saying that unless I pay $180 US dollars by Western Union(!) to them to cancel my account (!) that the deductions will continue.

This is a new tactic as far as I can see but whilst my communication with them has been professional and polite to a point, I did use some choice language yesterday. Fcuk em. They are total scum. I need to cancel my debit card, try open a dispute with Retail Service Disputes at my bank and see if I can get any money back. I am going to ignore them from now on as I can't see them being successful in persuing this and as someone else pointed out, they don't have a home address to direct debt collectors to.

I'm based in Ireland and if anyone is planning to take this down the legal route - I'm with you. When I have time, I'll be reporting them to all relevant bodies but for now, I need to clear my head of them.

Jill L

14 pages of people complaining about this company. I am joining you. I joined Academic Singles because I wanted to meet academics - instead they sent me anything but academics. I tried to find a way to cancel the membership before it renewed but when i clicked on the link i got an error message saying i could not have access. So despite trying hard to find a way to cancel in the end i stopped the direct debit on my visa card. Now I have received a letter from a debt collector and because the company is not UK based my normal legal helpline cannot help.

People are complaining a lot on here - what was the outcome to ignoring them. has anyone been taken to court? No one seems to be offering help!! and i need it


just ignore it ..its all hot air..a google search shows nobody ever gets taken to court let along a visit from debt collectors..

The Blink

Hi Peeps,

Be2 are scammers scammers and endless scammers; lets all admit we have been dooped, scammed, taken for a ride, peeps worry too much with regard their ongoing threatening letters...just delete, delete and ignore, ignore and ignore more....

One thing is sure they will never get one blue dollar, rand, euro, yen, etc from me and hope you peeps will share the same motto is always to ignore those that dont matter one bit in my life!!

So, end of story peeps close the chapter on these worthless jack ass scammers and move on but not forgetting the lesson that was learnt!!

Peace out!!


BE2 AKA Single50's. I joined Single50's on a months trial of €5.00 on the 3rd December 17. I found the site poor and tried to unsubscribe on the 29th December. I searched for an email address on the site but found that you had to fax them to cancel. I did opt to unsubscribe on their site and not to receive any further emails from them. I was just out of hospital after having had a malignant tumor removed and having to attend further therapy. I have exhausted all my sick pay entitlement and am a single mum struggling financially (especially after Christmas). On the 8th of January I discover on my bank statement that BE2 have deducted €119.97 from my bank account leaving me in even more financial crisis. Despite several emails to their customer service explaining "I had unsubscribed and my situation" their reply is "I missed the deadline of the 27th December" this is inaccurate and despite this they are refusing to refund monies deducted.

I would seriously recommend anyone to avoid this site like the plague! They are scammers.


What happens if you tell them that you are getting a lawyer looking at it? I've got my lawyer looking at some other money owed to me from an ex-flatmate, I'm sure he'd be happy to look at this nonsense as well.

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