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BE2 scam. received an email from a solicitor representing b2

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Maggie Cumby

Quote by: Anonymous

I've sent them meany email requesting to cancel account but they haven't replied please help

I am so tired of dealing with these bunch of *censored* at BE2 dating non site.

They tried too charge me 240 Canadian dollars.
I reported them too my credit card company and said it was a fraudulent charge.

I did cut up my credit card and have a new one which they will never have access too because I removed it from my Apple ID.

This site is a bunch of crap !!!


cant you claim the money back as its fraudulent debit ??
banks have dept's to deal with this sort of thing to claim money back

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Dear all,

Thank God for this forum so that we may expose these scammers.

As for me, i thought my problem was resolved after changing to a new credit card. About a month plus later, after they were unable to deduct from my old card, i started receiving threatening emails about debt collectors would be coming to demand for payments. In total i received about 2 emails asking for settlement before further action would be taken against me. I simply ignored it without any replies and thought it would be all over.

Until 2 months later, i received this email today:

Dear XXX,

Please be informed that we have been instructed by our client, Interdate S.A. to collect an outstanding account.

Amount due: 241.20 Singapore dollars

Our client would like to settle this account amicably at this stage. Please make payment within seven days.

Banking details
Bank Name: Overseas Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC)
Account Name: Upper Class Collections (SIN) Pte Ltd
Account Number: 695446757001
Currency: Singapore dollars only
Swift Code: OCBCSGSG
Ref: xxxxxx

If payment is not made within the stipulated period, we will take instruction from our client.

For any queries, please contact us on +60 3 7865 6234 and quote ref number xxxxxx.

Alternatively you can respond to this email.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Chrishelyn Parba
Debt Collection Singapore
Upper Class Collections Pty Ltd

WTF! They really do have a Singapore bank account here with one of the local banks. And this company really do exist in my country. And the founder of this company even have a LinkedIn profile
I have no problem settling this money, but just that i feel indignant to give it to these bastards. Any advise from people here what i should do, or should i just pay up and get them to ensure i have nothing to with this Be2 rubbish anymore. Appreciate anybody's reply here.



I was really beginning to feel so alone in this. But i am glad i have done all these research only to find that there are so many victims out there being harrassed by be2. Sick of getting email from their solicitor
Auer Witte Thiel
Bayerstraße 27
D-80335 München
Telefax: +49 (0)89/ 55 03 871
I have cancelled my credit card and just wont bother doing anything online anymore with purchases or going on any dating sites.
They are asking for 302 EURO in which with be2 it was nothing of anykind of that amount. I am just so sick of all these people scamming everyone.


Quote by: Anonymous

Yes, same experience with Be2 dataing. I have received an leagal claim of just about 12 times the "membership fee" for not having paid the membership fee after having not used the service for these 12 months (changed the credit card). You see I wanted to cancel the Be2 service due them simply not having delivered the said Be2 service to me. Dating partners often appeared to me to be just fakes. I did not find any reasonable possiblity got me yo to contact Be2 Dating to cancel my order with them - i.e. no response to various enquiries made to wanting to cancel. Instead, after that, I could no longer even log back in again to my profile again - but rather just shut out (i.e. password and username no longer working and no opportunity to recet). The company's leagal name and address is: BE2 S.A.R.L c/o Interim Justitia GmbH BE2 S.A.R.L. Pallaswiesnstrasse 180-182, 64293 Darmstadt, GERMANY. I have no launced a criminal investigation to the company, based on me sustepecting them of economical fraud.

Hi Terry.

What you saw with the be2 site i had the same issue. So many regrets having joined in the first place in which was the reason i chose only 3 months to trial it out the bastards. Be2 is a scamming site


Quote by: Anonymous

Hi from Ireland. Had signed up for one month trial for €5. After numerous emails and faxes with all details to cancel, I was told it wasn't received in time. Now I got a threatening email this morning I don't know why it's for €250 , and if not paid by May 3rd, there be debt collectors, and Coirt and I find it hard to sleep and from all other reviews, does anyone know, if they can do this, or any way to Stop this, the bank had to cancel the credit card like so many others, or did anybody have to deal with debt collectors calling, and court and all these threats, as they making me afraid and maybe that's their intention, do I need to ask protection from a Solicitor or as I am worried as they have been extremely ignorant always sending back automated messages.

Please help so I won't have to worry.


To pay would be too easy as they name their price .


Ash to pay them would be so easy but if they cannot reply to any of these so many victims done by their site then we would be fools to abide because they are the ones whom should be paying all of us. Be2 has fooled us all and now these debt collectors in which you email as well and no reply. and no phone number to call them. Scammers


cant you threaten em with a solicitors letter as they will be exposed in the press and on TV consumers affairs programs. a solicitors letter will be cheaper than paying these fraudsters..appalling scammers indeed


where did they get your address to send round debt collectors?? .they will have no proof its you as theyre only using email so you can just send the debt collectors away as they have no proof of address as you never gave your address ..sounds like empty threats to me ..they would need to send a letter to your address to comply with such things ..


i doubt debt collectors would try to enforce a debt if they didnt have proof they had the right address. you havent signed a contract showing your name and address so i cant see how it can be enforceable..if such people should show up just say ''i dont know what your talking about you must have the wrong person and wrong address'' and send them away could take legal advice if your worried and i suspect they would tell you the same.. its all baloney from fraudsters could any debt collectors know they have the right address?? they cant


nobody on this thread has actually received a letter just emails so just ignore them .they could be from any conmen

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