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Termination of the paid contractual relationship purchased via an In-App Purchase in the be2 iOS App has to be exercised exclusively towards the Apple iTunes App Store according to the Apple iTunes App Store rules.
Termination of the paid contractual relationship purchased via the be2 Android App follows the chosen payment method:
-for payments via the be2 payment system termination follows the rules in Condition 8. (1) above
-insofar as payments via the Google Account of Customer have been offered and chosen, termination has to be exercised exclusively towards the Google Play Store according to the Google Play Store rules

Note: A paid contractual agreement cannot be terminated simply by deleting the profile. If a customer of a paid service deletes his/her profile, the paid contractual relationship shall remain unaffected by this. If a service has been paid for but not used and the customer deletes his/her profile, he/she is merely refusing to use the service. This means that the customer will receive no refund for the payment already made. As described above, the written form is always an absolute necessity for the termination of a paid contractual relationship purchased via the website. For be2 iOS/Android App the rules mentioned above are applicable.

The form can also be accepted as an attachment to an email in PDF, JPG, or DOC format.


let them argue about it in court then in each country and get a default notification first... as is the rule before sending in debt collectors.


These guys are threatening me too. Received many emails from their solicitors and I told them to bring it on. I have emails as proof where I had tried to cancel my membership but the website makes it absolutely impossible to do so. I emailed them eventually and up until today..... no response. Next thing these solicitors are hounding me. I told them that I am also working for solicitors and they can proceed to sue me. They just keep asking for money to be paid by a certain date and I ignore them. Then I get another mail giving a further extension of time. Shame, they can go an jump. I think they make the cancellations of membership impossible so that they can intimidate and bully people into paying. They can kiss my ......


these guys are the worst of the scumbags ,AFAICS nobody ever gets a visit from the debt collectors just the threatening emails..

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